Q2 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Best International PR Agency 2021 Developed to support clients in promoting, expanding, and establishing their brand's reputation, Simon&Co was launched with the mission to create tailor-made strategies and client-orientated consultancy to help its customer's business development at any stage. Established as the Best International PR Agency, Simon&Co is highly regarded and recognised for its vast experience with start-ups, SME's andmultinational corporations and is active in the B2B and B2C sectors and NGOs and associations. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Simon&Co is renowned for its excellence in PR. The agency believes firmly in building rewarding relationships with key opinion leaders, core customers and partners – developing tailor-made strategies to make the most out of its clients to broaden awareness and stimulate engagement. The agency offers several services from strategic counsel, reputation management, external and internal communication strategies, crisis communication, launches, media relations, public affairs, and influencer marketing. Additionally, with these services, Simon&Co often work in partnership with national and international professional networks from appropriate sectors to deliver the finest integrated services for its clients' bespoke strategy. Since the company's establishment, the agency's core values, principles and founding ethics have not changed. In fact, they have remained an integral role in the launch of Simon&Co. Director and Founder Virginie Simon lead on from this point, stating, "I think that because I always remained true to myself, advising clients for their own well-being and not my wallet has let me get their trust. When I say that I have always been true to myself, I mean that I am not afraid of saying 'no' when I don't believe in what the client would like to implement, or I am not afraid of proposing strategies/ actions that the client has not even thought about." With over 13 years of proven experience in PR and even more so in the field of Dec21191 communication, Virginie has been able to differentiate herself from other agencies and, because of this, has been able to grow Simon&Co into a genuinely remarkable PR firm. To ensure that the company can flourish adequately and provide continuous excellence, Simon&Co carefully surrounds itself with the right people. Thus, Virginie expands on this, explaining the importance of her staff, stating, "My staff supports me daily, and I wouldn't be here, growing without them. They all come from different fields and have other types of expertise. One of my junior consultants, for instance, was an entrepreneur with a great marketing approach. The other is amazing in creating content and storytelling. A great sense of humour is also a huge requirement at Simon&Co as we like our jokes and a relaxed environment. This is essential when dealing with tough projects such as crisis management or when the topic is complex." For Simon&Co, the industry has gone through several changes and trends over the past few years, and for the agency, one of the most significant issues has been that companies are reducing their costs. To combat these challenges, Simon&Co has taken it upon itself to propose additional coaching and workshops to make the most of their staff. Additionally, another change in the industry has been how clients work. Virginie explains this progression in detail, stating, "They need budgets and proposals very quickly and then come back to you a few months later with another strategy in mind, meaning that you work on another proposal that has to be implemented right away. So the deadlines are tighter than before." As an entrepreneur, Virginie was weary of the effects of Covid-19 on the business, the industry, and her clients. Therefore, she tried to reduce the spending to support as many clients as possible before hiring members. "It was strange, as after the world was paralysed, then everything started again like crazy. I haven't stopped since then and have grown during that time. I explain this with the fact that I am well known for being a crisis communication specialist, having managed the most important redundancy Geneva has ever experienced. Companies also started to valorise more the power of a good reputation to stand out of the crowd." For now, Simon&Co is working on several diverse workshops for companies. However, as the world is beginning to open up again, clients have realised they have missed the humanised and personalised side of the agency's work efforts. Now, Simon&Co is accompanying new clients, getting prepared for greater launches, communications, development plans, and counselling to come forward in the new year. Keeping up with surging expectations of the industry and creating continuous success for its clients, it is no wonder that Simon&Co has been regarded as the Best International PR Firm of the year. Company Name: Simon&Co Sàrl Contact Name: Virginie Simon Web Address: www.simon-and-co.com Contact Email: [email protected]