Q2 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 9 , Mar22127 enterDATA GmbH is a premium IT software solutions provider. The company has numerous products and services in its arsenal, each of whichmaintaining a place within the elements that have pushed the company to success. Join us as we delve into the industry-leading brand… enterDATA GmbH serves as a recognised IT system service provider that specialises in RTLS (real time locating systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and classic IT services. Indeed, enterDATA’s clients refer to it as a ‘digital gamechanger.’ Its primary goal surrounds ensuring that companies enter a new era of digitisation, and its philosophies surround this aim – for example, enterDATA makes digital solutions accessible, usable, and, above all, affordable for its clients. Henceforth, enterDATA has built a diverse portfolio that’s filled with both small- and medium-sized companies up to large scale corporations. Its customers simply cannot be defined by a ‘type.’ In the same way that its clients come from a plethora of different sizes, its customers also stem from a range of industries, including the fashion industry and mechanical engineering. enterDATA endeavours to build sturdy relationships with its clients and it credits these relationships with spawning its unique selling point – no matter whether the company is providing RTLS software or ERP consulting, its solutions are tailored to its customer's industry and lead to success in the fastest and most sustainable way. The company uses enhanced digital marketing techniques in order to bring in new customers – this involves utilising tools such as LinkedIn, XING, and website and email campaigns. Moreover, the company receives the majority of its inquiries due to its good reputation, transparency, and prior successful projects. Of course, a further contributor to this approach is the company’s team. enterDATA notes that its team are its greatest asset, commenting that ‘without the team spirit and absolute commitment of our employees, the company would not be where it is today in 2022.’ It takes pride in the fact that its team are the leading cause behind the company’s growth in 2021. In essence, enterDATA boasts an innovative and collaborative culture that thrives upon transparency, with a large focus upon continued learning. Furthermore, the company works on a flat hierarchy, which has enabled effective communication between departments and at a decisionmaking level, for example in meetings, resulting in the optimised implementation of internal decisions. Additionally, enterDATA is home to a young and creative team with an innate drive to succeed. Led by Michael Georg Schmitt, the company and team benefit from a CEO that is devoted entirely to the company’s success. He is creative, hands-on, and highly experienced. Schmitt has a background that spans across numerous industries and around the globe, including experience in manufacturing, investing, distribution, and digital and social media. If anyone will understand the intricacies of growing a brand, it’s Schmitt. Not only does he bring knowledge surrounding launching businesses, PR, and sales, but he also offers up a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a deeprooted passion for making a difference. Subsequently, this energy and overall mindset has transgressed Schmitt’s person and has infused itself within each member of the team. ‘In our eyes, the COVID-19 pandemic is both a blessing and a curse for companies in the IT sector,’ states enterDATA, noting that consulting and interpersonal aspects often get neglected during remote working. In addition, its team typically prefer working alongside its clients within the office – however, enterDATA does recognise the comfort of working at home, adding that ‘it’s certainly a nice thing in the IT sector.’ Moving away from the team, the company benefitted on a whole due to the pandemic. Digitisation became a growing priority for companies across Germany, which cultivated an influx of demand for enterDATA, rendering its books full. In 2022, the company plans to integrate its new IT Service and Managed IT Solutions business unit into the wider company, with healthy, and above all, sustainable growth. For both the company and its employees, remaining up to date with trends and digitisation is imperative – consequently, enterDATA is working to ensure that it remains of the cutting-edge of technology. In turn, it will be expanding its training programmes. enterDATA is currently recruiting team members for its ERP-Consulting team. Such positions are being advertised through the company’s LinkedIn page, in which it exclaims that it is ‘looking forward to receiving numerous and meaningful applications!’ Contact: Michael Schmitt Company: enterDATA GmbH Web Address: https://enterdata.de Most Innovative Software Solutions: Michael Schmitt