Q2 2023

Jul22546 6. EUBN Q2 2023 n business, it’s all about increasing profits or reducing costs, but identifying ways to do that when you’re so close to your own operation isn’t always easy. Getting a fresh pair of eyes on the subject can be invaluable, even more so if those eyes belong to a business optimisation expert with more than 15 years’ experience. Working for global companies including Amcor, Eaton, IMI PLC, and Norgren, Bassey Duke gained a deep understanding of logistics, operations, sourcing, and strategy. In August 2017, the procurement and supply chain expert founded Pruune Consulting Ltd. Having lived in five European countries and held senior positions at multinational companies, Bassey’s ambition was to provide clients with sustainable and ethical improvement processes. By taking his knowledge forward into Pruune, he’s able to offer guidance and training to companies of all sizes from SMEs to large corporations. He tells us, “Pruune is about helping companies maximise profits by reducing their operating costs. We achieve this by removing process waste, applying lean principles, and reducing costs. At Pruune, we are a team of dedicated procurement practitioners passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations.” The company’s services include supply chain management, logistics and warehouse management, project and procurement management, and low-cost country sourcing. So far, Pruune has saved its clients over 30 million euros by analysing their operations and offering practical and affordable solutions. Demonstrating to its clients how to save money through ethical procurement processes, Pruune is helping more companies become sustainably profitable. We delve into some of the services that Pruune provides. Through ongoing market analysis, Pruune is able to make informed recommendations on how to improve business logistics. Partnering with asset-based freight providers, Pruune provides its clients with access to competitive rates and service-level guarantees. The company’s extensive customs expertise gives clients peace of mind that nothing is missed. When it comes to procurement, Pruune advises its client on everything from sourcing raw materials to managing contracts and supplier relations. Best Procurement Management Consultancy 2023 Dublin-based Pruune Consulting Ltd (Pruune) is challenging the status quo to help companies unlock profit in a sustainable way. The company provides its clients with a range of consulting, training, and outsourcing services to help streamline and optimise business operations. We take a look at Pruune in more depth with founder and CEO, Bassey Duke. Bassey says, “Procurement often accounts for 70% of a company’s revenue. That means that even small reductions can have a huge impact on profits. We put our clients’ procurement plans under the microscope. We use an eight-step process that helps minimise costs and optimise consumption whilst maintaining positive relationships with suppliers. Our aim is to achieve consistent, significant, sustainable growth. I’m pleased to say that it’s typical for us to exceed our clients’ expectations.” Pruune has heaps of experience in sourcing suppliers. The company often delivers savings of over 50% by managing supplier key performance indicators such as quality and lead time. Regularly engaging with suppliers in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and China, Pruune has also developed its own robust new product introduction programme. Bassey shares some wise words about supplier negotiations with us: “First of all, know your numbers. It’s imperative that you have a clear understanding of your company’s budget and what you’re willing to pay for each item. Then, research the supplier you want to do business with. Find out as much as you can about them before you meet. Once you’ve done that you can define your goals and make a plan.” “Before you go into negotiations, it’s important to define a ‘walkaway’ point too. It helps you to stay focused and avoid making concessions you don’t want to make. But, at the same time, understand where you’d be happy to make a compromise. And, if the negotiations don’t go where you want them to, be prepared to actually walk away – there’s no point in making a bad deal.” Pruune’s supply chain management strategy is based on the ADKAR® Change Management Methodology. This guides clients through the various stages of change classified as Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. Bassey explains, “We start by creating a value stream map. This helps us to understand the current situation and what success would look like for the client. We then work together to determine the steps necessary to reach this ideal future. The ADKAR® method is effective in ensuring success for everyone as the business changes.” If you need more help, the team at Pruune is more than willing to roll up its sleeves and lead on your behalf in the realms of its expertise — procurement, logistics, or supply chain. In 2019, Pruune received a sought-after Business All-Star Accreditation and became a member of The Register of Irish I Contact: Bassey Duke Company: Pruune Consulting Ltd Website: www.pruune.com Dec22254