Q2 2023

EUBN Q2 2023 7. Business Excellence (also known as TRIBE). In the same year, as part of the John Maxwell Team, Pruune added leadership training to its portfolio of services. As a John Maxwell certified leadership speaker, coach and DISC consultant, Bassey is a member of the largest leadership development programme in the world. Understanding that effective leadership is the foundation of every successful business, Bassey and the team are keen to train both new and existing managers to increase performance and engagement. Delivering training either at the client’s premises, at the Pruune HQ in Dublin or online, Pruune offers a range of leadership programmes and short courses. These include Communicating to Connect, Being a Person of Influence, Developing Leaders Around You, and Building Successful Teams. Bassey is also a certified DISC method consultant. In December last year, Bassey was invited to become a Fellow of the All-Ireland Business Foundation (FAIBF). He says, “I’ve been recognised for the impact I’ve made on Irish commerce. It was a significant and humbling acknowledgement of my career and achievements.” Bassey and the team are thrilled to receive this Best Procurement Management Consultancy 2023 award.