Q3 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , May22031 Best Regional Traditional Men's Barbering Enterprise 2022 Described as ‘great’ and a ‘top spot’ by clients, its safe to say that Crew Barber Class For Men is unique, providing an innovative take on barbering. Indeed, no client leaves unsatisfied as the salon provides quality for a price that won’t hurt your pockets. Everyone knows the feeling – you’re sat in the barber’s chair, you look in the mirror, and you hate what you see. The haircut looks nothing like what you envisioned. Yet when asked if you like it, you feel pressured into saying yes. There is another way. Revolutionising men’s haircuts, Crew Barber Class For Men is a barber that prioritises you, the client. Each haircut is of an unbeatable standard and will leave you looking fresh, sophisticated, and stylish all for an affordable price. The company’s founder, Avinash Sohorye, explains, "Crew Barber Class for Men started with a passion for styling hair and a dream to provide a service where clients can come for an experience, not just a haircut. People need to walk out of our salons feeling renewed and transformed, but most importantly, feeling confident in the know-how on how to maintain their style themselves." Its journey began in Trim, Co. Meath, when Avinash established the first Crew Barber salon in 2011. There, he also founded the Grooming Room, which has been described as the ‘ultimate mancave.’ Due to the rising demand for barbering services, Avinash began to expand the company’s range, and founded a second salon in Athboy in 2012. Subsequently, this was followed by openings in Old Johnstown Village, 2014; Beechmount Shopping Centre, 2016; The Crew Academy Barbering School, Navan, 2018; Enfield in 2021; and, finally, the Crew Barbers Kids Club, Railway St., Navan, in 2022. The Crew Academy Barbering School provides a plethora of training courses, including industry leading, VTCT accredited, level two and three barbering programs. Many of its graduates go on to work at one of the Crew Barber salons, ensuring that the Crew Barber Class For Men’s team boasts a great amount of experience, expertise, and barbering knowledge. Such barbering skills have earned the salon several awards, such as Corporate Live Wire’s 'Barbers of the Year', which it has acquired for two consecutive years. In addition, it has been awarded accolades at the Republic of Ireland Prestige awards. Adding Best Regional Traditional Men's Barbering Enterprise 2022, the company plans to continue on this path of success and hopes to leverage the aforementioned achievements to bolster its profile. "We are deeply grateful for our dedicated staff as well as the continued support from my family and of our loyal customers,’ Avinash concludes. ‘We couldn't have done this without them." Contact: Avinash Sohorye Company: Crew Barber Class for Men Web Address: https://crewbarber.ie/