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2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 Editor’s Note , Welcome to the Q3 edition of EU Business News, providing youwith all of the latest news, features, and informative pieces fromacross the European Union. After another successful quarter,manycompanies are standing strongwithin their industries. Someof these businessesmayhave startedduring thepandemic and somehavebeenworking for years –but all of themhave managed toweather the stormamongst their competitors. Despiteall theodds, these entitieshavenot onlywithstood theharshrealities of theirmarketplaces, but theyhave expandedandbuilt upon their past endeavours. Gaining more experience is necessary, as no business can survive in this fast-paced world without constantly learning and adapting. Transforming themselves, these companies have turned a difficult hand into pure gold. Herewould like to explore how they are doing this, for the benefit of the present time and for future generations to come. Not only dowewish to understand out of curiosity, but wewould like to learnnewways thatmay influence our ownwork – so that wemay expertly conceptualise and transmogrify our experience into action. It is evident that all of these businesses have come a long way and we are proud to celebrate their extraordinary achievements. We truly hope you enjoy perusing this issue and we wish you a great quarter ahead. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: www.business-news.eu AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Merz Dental GmbH: Most Innovative Dental Technology CEO 2022: Friedhelm Klingenburg 7. Rathcore Golf Club: Golf Club of the Year – Leinster 8. MM Interior Design: Best Luxury Interior Design Studio - Munster 9. LEADaktiv: Most Innovative Agile Transformation MD 2022: Anke Heines 10. Crew Barber Class for Men: Best Regional Traditional Men's Barbering Enterprise 2022 11. Inspire 3D: 3D Printer Supplier & Support Provider of the Year 2022 12. Lifeness: Most Dedicated Lifestyle Disease Virtual Health Platform - Norway 14. Joyful Living – Praxis für Klarheit & Entspannung: Living With Joy! 15. Portugal Green Travel: Most Dynamic Sustainable Tour Operators - Portugal

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 NEWS , UK Government ESOS Phase 3 Consultation Outcome Published Following a Government consultation last year, The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published the long-awaited outcome detailing how they are planning to strengthen the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Formal guidance for how the changes to the scheme should be implemented by ESOS Lead Assessors is expected to be published in due course. Recognising the variation in ESOS reporting from Phases 1 and 2, the consultation’s aim was to explore how to raise the quality of ESOS audits from Phase 3 and beyond. This included helping participants take action to reduce their energy and carbon emissions and ensure ESOS recommendations are supportive of the UK’s Net Zero 2050 commitments. Organisations that comply with ESOS will be pleased to know that some of the big-ticket recommendations are being saved for later phases. However, there are some changes to Phase 3 that will impact the shape of your audits and reporting. As we are currently in Phase 3 of ESOS, it is advisable to make sure that your Lead Assessor is aware of the new guidelines. What is changing in ESOS Phase 3? Some of the proposals we expect will be implemented ahead of the Phase 3 compliance deadline in December 2023. Many of the proposals for Phase 3 are being carried through as non-mandatory guidance, with a view to make them mandatory for Phase 4. Here are some of the key additions for Phase 3 organisations need to be aware of: • The reporting will be standardised to improve the audit quality. Assessors will be required to use a new template that will be designed with stakeholders and made available in time for participants to make the necessary changes to reporting. • With this, proposals for a standardised ESOS recommendations template will also be taken forward. • Changing the de minimis exemption to up to 5% of total energy consumption, to help participants realise greater energy savings from areas of the organisation previously not included in audits. • One of the proposals included mandatory thresholds for site sampling, however this has been delayed until Phase 4. However new guidance on site sampling will be provided for Phase 3 audits. • Where available, an analysis of half-hourly energy data to be included in reporting. • ESOS reports will need to include an overall energy intensity metric within the overview section of the report in terms of kWh/m2 for buildings, kWh/unit output for industry and kWh/miles travelled for transport. • There will be a requirement for additional data to be collected for monitoring and enforcement in ESOS reporting. • And finally, the requirement to set a target or action plan to be submitted after Phase 3, which organisations will be required to report on during Phase 4. What will happen with Phase 3 audits that have already been completed? BEIS has said they will delay the changes that will significantly impact the number of site visits needed to be carried out, but in the interest of ensuring parity across participants, they are implementing changes that ‘may require some additional site visits…or alter the requirements for the ESOS report… or information reported to the Environment Agency’ as detailed above. It is most likely that when the details of this are published, for anyone who has already completed their Phase 3 audits, changes will need to be made to the reports to include additional information and to standardise the report format. What will ESOS Phase 4 look like? In support of the Net Zero 2050 target, the Government has outlined how ESOS Phase 4 will be refocused to cover both energy efficiency and net zero. The current suggestion is that this will include identifying potential risks to organisations in moving to net zero, as well as emission reduction trajectories, and information to help organisations put together a net zero plan or help them meet existing plans. This is a significant change to the ESOS scheme which will require Assessors to have advanced knowledge of carbon reduction methods. It may then be beneficial for participants to choose ESOS Lead Assessors that have experience of working on net zero and carbon reduction strategies to ensure the validity and quality of the report. What else will Phase 4 include? • Increased clarity and guidance on site audit sampling is likely, including a minimum threshold for both the number of buildings audited and percentage of total energy consumption sampled. • Reports will need to meet either ISO 50002 or EN 16247 auditing standards. Currently, this is only a recommendation in Phase 3 guidance. • Display Energy Certificates (DEC) and Green Deal Assessments will be removed as a route to compliance. • For organisations not in scope of SECR, a reporting function on the ESOS web portal will be developed to allow for annual progress reporting. While this will not be mandatory for Phase 3 participants, from Phase 4 onwards a requirement will be introduced that if the goal has not been met, the participant must explain why. • From Phase 4 onwards, the Government will change the ESOS balance sheet and turnover thresholds to align with SECR, bringing more organisations into scope. • Following Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), it will become mandatory for some data, such as a minimum energy or carbon reduction targets and net zero assessments to be made public.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 5 NEWS , The Digital CooperationOrganization (DCO) welcomed the Republic of Cyprus as the latest member state as it becomes the first European Union country to join the DCO, an international organization that aims to accelerate the inclusive growth of the digital economy to drive sustainable growth and empower nations. The Republic of Cyprus, represented by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (DMRID), will become the 11th nation to join DCO. The accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the DCO was marked in a ceremony at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Cyprus The accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the DCO was marked in a ceremony at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Cyprus, attended by government officials, Ambassadors, industry representatives and business organizations, and local media. H.E. Kyriacos Kokkinos, the Deputy Minister to the President for Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy said: "The Republic of Cyprus is very pleased to be joining the DCO and becoming a part of this great effort to accelerate the growth of the digital economy and build a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future for all», adding that "In the face of many challenges, and while socioeconomic global developments and technological evolutions continue to take place and evolve, international cooperation in the digital sphere is a powerful investment in our shared future." According to the Deputy Minister, Cyprus' national ambitions and strategic objectives fully align with the DCO's mission and expressed the government's great pride in being part of this exciting journey, sharing knowledge and experience with the global community. "As the first EU member state to join the DCO, and a natural crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa", said Mr. Kokkinos, "Cyprus aspires to act as a bridge between nations, people, and ideas, facilitating communication, collaboration, and knowledge transfer." Deemah AlYahya, Secretary-General of the DCO welcomed Cyprus as a new member state: "We are very pleased that the Republic of Cyprus has chosen to become the eleventh member state of the DCO, today with the leadership of Cyprus, marks a major milestone for DCO, where the 1st European nation has joined the DCO. We are focused on fostering an international ecosystem for knowledge sharing and cooperation to promote digital prosperity for all, and the accession of Cyprus is an important milestone as we grow the DCO's reach into a global organization with member states that reflect a diversity of experience and strategic approaches. "Many of the strategic initiatives that have been undertaken by Cyprus are in alignment with the DCO's own objectives, such as programs to reduce barriers for digital startups and to foster entrepreneurship; and initiatives to advance inclusion for women, youth, and other underrepresented populations in the digital economy. Cyprus is also a good example of how nations can use smart policies and strategies to create a solid foundation for an equitable digital economy, and we look forward to engaging Cypriot expertise with the rest of the DCO to share knowledge, experience, and best practice on driving digital prosperity." Republic of Cyprus becomes the first EU member state to join the Digital Cooperation Organization

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , Feb22402 Most Innovative Dental Technology CEO 2022: Friedhelm Klingenburg For over 16 years, FriedhelmKlingenburg has beenCEOofMerz Dental GmbH, a company that has been producing dental technology in Luetjenburg, Germany for 70 years. As amedical devicemanufacturer and specialist in prostheticmaterials, acrylic teeth, and CAD/CAM technologies, Merz Dental offers aesthetic and sustainable prosthetics for dental practices and laboratories. In light ofMr Klingenburg’s awards success, we take a closer look at the company. As an innovation leader in acrylic materials and technology for use in dentistry, Merz Dental has been researching, developing, and producing top quality products at its headquarters in Luetjenburg for seven decades. With great passion and competence, the company continues to innovate and grow to help shape the dental market, now selling its products in 40 markets around the world, with a strong position in Europe, and reaching Australia, Asia, Japan, USA, and Canada. Merz Dental’s dental products are some of the best and safest in the world, including acrylic teeth, denture base materials, veneers, and more; from an aesthetic point of view, it creates some of the most beautiful, naturallooking, and long-lasting prosthetic teeth in the world. Then there are its digital solutions, which include scanners and 3D printers, which are tailored to the needs of dentists so they can deliver precise results with reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. These products are a result of customer experience, with the company being devoted to the wishes and needs of those who use them. Since 2015, Merz Dental ranks amongst the top companies in the dental industry providing a digital workflow to design and manufacture all kind of full dentures with many benefits for dental offices, dental laboratories and finally for the patients. The innovative technology of Merz Dental’s solution called “BDS – Baltic-DentureSystem”, is covered by several patents providing the company a unique position in a growing market with an aging population. That is why it has achieved and maintains a leading position as a medium-sized company within the German dental industry. It takes more than just the best experts to bring top products onto the market. Top quality performance is always the result of big dreams, passionate motivation, and bold visions of the future. And there are often a lot of questions at the very beginning of a journey towards creating new products and exclusive patents, asked by Merz Dental’s dentists and dental technicians who collaborate with the desire for improvement and optimisation. Friedhelm Klingenburg and his team are proud of how far the company has come over the years and the milestones it has accomplished, from the first fully anatomical tooth to the Baltic Denture System. At the same time, the course for the future is already being successfully set today: to continue innovating to achieve the greatest levels of precision and efficiency in its products. Merz Dental has a clear Mission: “Becoming a leading company in digital denture workflow with innovative materials” supporting the advancing digitisation in dental practices and laboratories. Company: Merz Dental GmbH Contact: Friedhelm Klingenburg Email: [email protected] Website: www.merz-dental.de

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 7 , Mar22188 A scenic location tucked away in Leinster has managed to capture the beauty andmystique of ancient local history with… golf! Rathcore Golf Club has successfully incorporated ancient monuments into a challenging and rewarding course anyone who visits can’t get enough of. All whilst ensuring all of it remains in beautiful condition. Rathcore Golf Club is the result of the shared dream of Michael and Austin Lyons, who were looking to build a course on the gorgeous landscape of Rathcore, Ireland. That dream came together in 2004 after years of work and detailed planning, design, and construction. A 130-acre golf course was born where the Dun Cuair monuments and the ancient, untilled farmland remain mostly untouched. The Club is a stunning coalition between an open-air historical site and a golf course. It contains two ringforts and a motte, dating back to Anglo-Norman times, carefully and cleverly incorporated as part of the course. An incredible effort has been made to do so delicately to ensure the historical monuments remain fully preserved and its historical significance can be appropriately appreciated. Even the archaeological surveys from the National Monuments Service have been used in the site’s official descriptions of the monuments, highlighting the passion for history that permeates the team. Although a lot has been done to preserve local history, that has not meant the team have skimped on providing a tremendous golfing experience. One way it provides this is via the amenities and extras it provides for a next-level golfing experience. The club offers custom fittings for drivers, irons, and wedges with SkyTrak using all major brands, as well as repairs and re-grippings. It even throws in two grips for free for every complete set done. All whilst offering a full range of golf clothing, shoes, and accessories at great prices. On top of that, the club offers various packages for golf lessons, catering for corporate groups and events down to juniors and children first getting into the game – all ready and available upon request. But a peek at the reviews will show the real magic of Rathcore Golf Club. “Excellent from tee to green, course in top class condition. Each hole has something different to offer on this natural terrain... despite the heavy rain we had a great day there and looking forward to the next time. Rathcore is a top golf course and staff there are providing the best golf experience you could wish for. Well done to everyone.” A review from Terry Bracken, talks up Rathcore’s staff’s incredible customer service. “Great challenging test of golf, for all levels... course follows the natural contours of the land, well laid out with plenty of water guarding a lot of the greens...you will come away having used every club in the bag.” A review from Len Scully highlights a common theme over the majority of the glowing reviews – the course is challenging. The incorporation of the monuments and the steps taken to keep the course natural brings its level of difficulty that meshes well with beginners and the more experienced alike. And Michael O’Connell touches on the other point that permeates through every review, how well maintained and cared for the whole course is, “Course is in terrific condition, a credit to management. Cheap as chips. I got a warm friendly welcome.” Rathcore combines a stunning historical site with a exciting and entertaining golf course, maintained delicately to ensure that the experience of its customers viewing a slice of history and playing the holes is immaculate. Beyond that, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to provide anything and everything for a good time. The Rathcore Golf Club is easily the best Golf Club of the Year for Leinster and is a veritable hidden gem for anyone interested in the sport. Contact: Andy Christie Company: Rathcore Golf Club Web Address: rathcoregolfandcountryclub.com Golf Club of the Year – Leinster

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , Best Luxury Interior Design Studio - Munster With 20 years’ interior design experience behind her, MariolaMiałkowska, alongside her teamof qualified architects and interior designers areMM Interior Design (MM), crafting functional, convenient living and commercial spaces adorned in timeless style. We explore the outstanding firmand its impressive work. Mariola Miałkowska’s philosophy is that architecture should fit around our unique lifestyles and be spaces in which we feel comfortable, happy, and secure. Our private lives, family lives, and public lives each begin and end each day in our homes, and as such, those spaces and the way they look should be carefully considered and designed to meet every need of those who live in them. Mariola states, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” The interior design firm that Mariola has created in Cork, Ireland embodies this very way of thinking. MM Interior Design is a fullservice interior design agency which employs a team of qualified, talented, and devoted designers, architects, and craftsmen, who go above and beyond to realise each client’s dream home, or their envisioned hospitality or commercial space. The firm carries out complete structural innovations, crafts bespoke furniture, lays down floors and tiling, sources soft furnishings, and so much more, all to create interiors that surpass clients’ expectations and create the ultimate space for them to live, work, and play in. Mariola’s interior design skills and tastes stem from working in roles for the best designers in epicentres of the world of fashion, such as Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Combined with her strong passion and creativity, Mariola’s design experience culminates in daring, pioneering projects which strike a contrast between modern day trends and elegant classicism that will never go out of style. The spaces she creates are entirely functional as well as beautiful, keeping up with busy lifestyles while retaining a sense of calm and necessary stability. Mar22305 An example of one of MM’s completed projects is the popular restaurant, Jacobs on Mall in the city of Cork where it completely renovated the interior set up and decoration. Although the project had tight timescales, Mariola was determined that it would receive the same meticulous attention to detail as every other project. She says, “My mission is to gain knowledge in the field of design. I am constantly improving my qualifications by learning about new trends and implementing that knowledge into my projects.” “I’m not afraid of a challenge,” Mariola continues, “It is a new client every day, and a new and unique interior that reflects the differences of every person.” Her vast experience has equipped her to expertly advise her clients as needed, and handle every element of a project, even the most intricate of details like the textures of the pillows or the energy efficiency of the lightbulbs. It is Mariola’s devotion towards delighting customers that has solidified her position at the forefront of the industry. So, what does the future hold for MM Interior Designs? Throughout the pandemic and into the post-lockdown era, the firm has seen a rise in demand, which Mariola claims is due to increased downtime and people spending more time at home. This growth has secured the firm’s future for the time being, however, Mariola notes, “It is very hard to predict what the future can bring in such uncertain times. I live day by day, happy with what I have.” Ultimately, Mariola hopes the future will bring continued abundance, stability, and sustainability. Company: MM Interior Design Contact: Mariola Miałkowska Email: [email protected] Website: mminteriordesign.ie

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 9 , Apr22433 Growth is achieved throughmany avenues and, as such, organisations must remain flexible and adaptable to take advantage of any new opportunities. Winner of Most Innovative Agile TransformationMD 2022: Anke Heines and her company LEADaktiv specialise in precisely providing the tools, support, and expertise for exactly this. During the last two years she strongly supported BURKHARDT+WEBER by establishing an agile company structure and a newunderstanding of teamwork. BW congratulates Anke Heines on winning the German CEO Excellence Award 2022 BW has now been working with LEADaktiv and its founder Anke Heines for over 2 years. An intensive collaboration that has paid off - because in the meantime BW has a new corporate structure, several interdisciplinary teams and an awareness of being close to the customer that is deeply anchored in the DNA of each BW'ler*in and is perceived by the market. And BW has probably "backed the right horse", because for their vision of leading companies into the future and their work around the topic of Agile Transformation, LEADaktiv has now been awarded as Most Innovative Agile Transformation MD. „In the meantime, this intensive cooperation has almost turned into friendship. That is why a little pride resonates " says Olaf Furtmeier, Managing Director of BURKHARDT+WEBER when asked about the award. "We are very happy for Anke that her valuable work has now been rewarded with this award. Over the past two years we have mutually benefited from each other and embarked on a joint journey, a classic win-win situation. During the various project phases, we have adapted our path several times in order to really pick up all employees on the way to an agile future. Because when it comes to people, you can't follow a strict pattern - and certainly not in complex, high-tech mechanical engineering and a pandemic period in which transformation is even more difficult to implement because the desire for the old familiar is all the more pronounced. And Anke has recognized this wonderfully." A vision becomes a mission - What it means for executives to be a "leader", to lead companies to a joint vision, and to accompany them on the way to an agile company - all of this encompasses the work of LEADaktiv. Encouraging, strengthening and giving impulses, as well as bringing a new understanding of cooperation to life and making employees feel that they are an important part of the big picture, that they bear responsibility and can help shape it - this is also part of the recipe for success, according to Anke Heines. And that's exactly why Anke's concept and her vision of an entrepreneurial future fit BW so well. Listening closely to the customer and their needs, establishing themselves as customer experts, and forging new paths as a unified team with a great deal of passion and a „strong heart“ - this is how both companies want to continue their journey into a successful future. To this end, Anke Heines has also continuously developed her successful concept. In 2023, a new online program will be launched by LEADaktiv, another milestone on the mission towards an agile world. "We want to create a platform to reach even more people and companies and thus also promote the exchange of SMEs among themselves on agile topics," Anke Heines describes her new heart project. And of course BW will be also part of it. In the end, it remains to say: THANK YOU for the good cooperation and congratulations on the award Anke. Contact: Anke Heines Company: LEADaktiv Web Address: leadaktiv.de Most Innovative Agile Transformation MD 2022: Anke Heines

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , May22031 Best Regional Traditional Men's Barbering Enterprise 2022 Described as ‘great’ and a ‘top spot’ by clients, its safe to say that Crew Barber Class For Men is unique, providing an innovative take on barbering. Indeed, no client leaves unsatisfied as the salon provides quality for a price that won’t hurt your pockets. Everyone knows the feeling – you’re sat in the barber’s chair, you look in the mirror, and you hate what you see. The haircut looks nothing like what you envisioned. Yet when asked if you like it, you feel pressured into saying yes. There is another way. Revolutionising men’s haircuts, Crew Barber Class For Men is a barber that prioritises you, the client. Each haircut is of an unbeatable standard and will leave you looking fresh, sophisticated, and stylish all for an affordable price. The company’s founder, Avinash Sohorye, explains, "Crew Barber Class for Men started with a passion for styling hair and a dream to provide a service where clients can come for an experience, not just a haircut. People need to walk out of our salons feeling renewed and transformed, but most importantly, feeling confident in the know-how on how to maintain their style themselves." Its journey began in Trim, Co. Meath, when Avinash established the first Crew Barber salon in 2011. There, he also founded the Grooming Room, which has been described as the ‘ultimate mancave.’ Due to the rising demand for barbering services, Avinash began to expand the company’s range, and founded a second salon in Athboy in 2012. Subsequently, this was followed by openings in Old Johnstown Village, 2014; Beechmount Shopping Centre, 2016; The Crew Academy Barbering School, Navan, 2018; Enfield in 2021; and, finally, the Crew Barbers Kids Club, Railway St., Navan, in 2022. The Crew Academy Barbering School provides a plethora of training courses, including industry leading, VTCT accredited, level two and three barbering programs. Many of its graduates go on to work at one of the Crew Barber salons, ensuring that the Crew Barber Class For Men’s team boasts a great amount of experience, expertise, and barbering knowledge. Such barbering skills have earned the salon several awards, such as Corporate Live Wire’s 'Barbers of the Year', which it has acquired for two consecutive years. In addition, it has been awarded accolades at the Republic of Ireland Prestige awards. Adding Best Regional Traditional Men's Barbering Enterprise 2022, the company plans to continue on this path of success and hopes to leverage the aforementioned achievements to bolster its profile. "We are deeply grateful for our dedicated staff as well as the continued support from my family and of our loyal customers,’ Avinash concludes. ‘We couldn't have done this without them." Contact: Avinash Sohorye Company: Crew Barber Class for Men Web Address: https://crewbarber.ie/

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 11 , Apr22199 Founded in 2011, Inspire 3D is Ireland’s leading professional 3D printing systems provider. Headed up by manager, Mark Rowan, the company regularly attends trade shows across Ireland, promoting the latest developments in the world of 3D technology. Although 3D printing may seem a recent invention, its first iteration dates back to the 1940s. The 3D printing we know today, also called additive manufacturing, began to evolve in America in the early 1980s. Essentially, it’s the process of making 3D objects from a digital file and involves layering thin slices of material up to form a solid object. The technology is perfect for making complex and intricate shapes. And, as there is little to no waste, it uses less material than traditional manufacturing methods. One company that is at the forefront of 3D printing technology is Inspire 3D. Based in Rathnew, County Wicklow, the company supplies professional-grade 3D printers to a range of clients across Ireland. Mark tells us, “We help and encourage our customers to adopt additive manufacturing. We offer training, applications development, consultancy, support, and installation.” Inspire 3D is a reseller for many well-known 3D printing brands. Stockists of equipment and consumables from the likes of Flux, Formlabs and Ultimaker, the company also sells Laser cutters, 3D scanners and software. As an expert in its field, Inspire 3D is only too happy to support its clients with any questions or issues they may encounter. One example of this is Urban Scale Interventions (USI), who worked on a project with Belfast City Council to transform areas of the city at night. USI designed and produced 3D printed light installations to breathe life into some of the ‘forgotten’ places in the historical city. The company was able to test out many different ideas before deciding on a final design. Having the 3D printers on site allowed the team to move directly from design to creation. White’s, one of the oldest taverns in Belfast, was the site chosen to showcase the largest installation. As the range of industries that use 3D printing continues to grow, so does the demand for expertise such as that of Inspire 3D. With that in mind, the company recently gained status as an Engineers Ireland Approved Registered Training Provider. Mark says, “We’re delighted to have achieved this. We’d love to hear from anyone looking for hands-on training courses in additive manufacturing.” If you’d like to learn more about training opportunities or any of the other services Inspire 3D offers, please contact the team via the website. Or look out for the company at a trade show near you. Contact: Mark Rowan Company: Inspire 3D Web Address: https://www.inspire3d.ie/ 3D Printer Supplier & Support Provider of the Year 2022

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , As a Cloud-based medical platform, Lifeness helps people to deal with lifestyle diseases related to conditions such as obesity and depression. Lifeness believes that motivation is most definitely at the core of lifestyle changes – without motivation there can be very little to absolutely no change. However, it can be difficult to find the motivation without a health professional or technology that will understand how we work – as individuals. One of Lifeness’ Founders and Leaders, Maria Arlén Larsen shares, “Following a patient’s entire health journey across healthcare providers has so far been virtually nonexistent. But how can you successfully treat a chronic condition like obesity or depression without seeing your patient as a whole.” This is what makes Lifeness’ technology proven to work five times better than traditional methods, Lifeness’ development has been well thought out as well as expertly followed through – with each patient treated like they’re the last person on the planet. It is this kind of service that has contributed to Lifeness’ success, and we want to go much deeper than that. And Maria backs this up. She tells us, “We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being as user-friendly as possible when it comes to both design and functions, in addition to be backed by science and Most Dedicated Lifestyle Disease Virtual Health Platform – Norway Cloud-based systems are really expanding the way we experience healthcare at the moment; cloud-based healthmonitoring is a huge help for patients and their medical professionals and Lifeness has tailor-made a brilliant piece of technological art that allows this. This is all within a revolutionary app that is promoting better lives for all. Here we explore its vision and its achievements as it wins yet another award. Join us as we speakwith Co-Founder and Co-Leader, Maria Arlén Larsen, who also has a background inmedical doctor with PhD in obesity and lifestyle diseases. extensive testing with our users. Our unique selling point is that we are the only mHealth solution that focuses on both mental and physical wellbeing for the patient, at the same time as being a friendly assistant for the health professionals, so that it is easier to prioritize patients and treat more efficiently. We think this might be one of the reasons why a pilot study done by UiT - The Arctic University of Norway has shown that Lifeness gives five times more weight-loss and 80% more motivation than other e-health solutions.” Lifeness guarantees a better solution for everyone, all around the world. Its technology and services don’t stop at its app, it acts as a relatable team of individuals all looking to advance in technological experience and – perhaps most importantly – empathy. When it comes to what Lifeness faces, Maria tells us that “in general, for SaaS, one challenge is to make the customers use the product in the best possible way to gain the best results. This is why we work every day with userfriendly design and extensive test ing. This makes it easy for us to know what works best and why, so that we are making it as easy and fun as possible to use Lifeness.” By making its app user-friendly, accessible, simple – yet complex enough to handle intricate data – Lifeness’ vision comes into focus. Its mission is to change people’s lives, in a way that will impact and motivate them forever. “I believe this is one of the reasons that an external report done by Menon Economics shows that 60% of Lifeness users achieved their goal of losing weight after 12 months and 71% experienced an improvement in rehabilitation, increased motivation indicating a positive impact on the burden of the disease irrespective of the age, work or education,” Maria adds. As a two-way treatment hub, Maria says it “takes away the worries from health check-ups – for both the patient and the health professional. It lets doctors, nurses, therapists, and coaches easily follow up with their patients while helping the patients make sustainable progress with all their health data at their fingertips.” This not only means that patients can be more in control of their own health, but medical professionals reap the benefits too – they find this a new way to manage patients with a full picture of their mental and physical wellbeing. Both patients and professionals can rely on Lifeness to improve their lives every day – forever. Through Lifeness’ site https://lifeness.no/ we can easily learn that “a pilot study from UiT – The Arctic University of Norway – shows that six months of treatment with Lifeness provides five times as good treatment results for patients with obesity than usual follow-up.”

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 13 Most Dedicated Lifestyle Disease Virtual Health Platform – Norway B SI S N S / Q3 2 Lifeness is due to stay on its course of deep success and high achievement statistics. Its goal is to keep the team strong, gain more employees wanting to make a difference, and scale to new markets. By broadening the app’s horizons – by adding more features – the app is due to skyrocket in this industry. It will change the entire cloud-based lifestyle technology. 2022 and beyond has a lot in store for Lifeness as it “continues randiomized controlled trial studies with Unicare rehabilitation clinic in Norway.” It “seeks collaborators for other international clinical studies. And, as Lifeness is a social entrepreneur with a triple bottom line, we have ambitious goals for the coming years. Our overall goal for the next five years is to help over 680,000 people to better overall health and increased quality of life,” Maria adds. As a female-started, organised, and run business, Maria Arlén Larsen and Solvor Øverlien Magi are both setting an incredible example for all of us. With a background as a medical doctor with a PhD on obesity and lifestyle diseases, Maria teamed up with Solvor, a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of leadership and technology experience to build Lifeness. Maria adds, “There are not many female tech founders and last year we got the experienced Jeanette Roede on our leaderteam, she has built the biggest lifestyle company in Norway, Roede AS (former Grete Roede AS) and is also a physiotherapist and coach.” These female connections have benefitted the business and have helped to push women to the forefront of the industry. Together, these intelligent, bold, and highly empathetic women have created something that can change people’s lives. Claiming their place up high, Lifeness “won the prestigious Social Entrepreneur of the year 2020, and the Arctic Accelerator 2021, as the most promising investment opportunity in the arctic,” Maria enthuses. With all of this in mind, it is clear to see how Lifeness has become one to watch in the industry. Supporting people, and improving their lives, is Lifeness’ goal – always. It is obvious that it has come very far, extremely quickly, and we are proud to present it with such a fantastic award for its life-changing, unique technology. Winning Most Dedicated Lifestyle Disease Virtual Health Platform – Norway, Lifeness has earned itself a title that truly reflects how hard it has worked to help others with its technology, vision, and dedication. We look forward to seeing what it does next. Contact: Solvor Magi Company: Lifeness Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://lifeness.no/

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , Living With Joy! Stress has become a commonplace feeling for many, but joyful living should be an option for all. Shifting your inner perspective to embrace positive thinking is no easy task however. Yvonne Hayward has proven to be an expert in the field and in the German Business Awards 2021 fromEU Business News, she was awarded the title of Best Wellbeing Therapist 2021 (Köln): Yvonne Hayward. We take a closer look to uncover precisely howYvonne managed to achieve such success. Opened in 2017, Joyful Living was designed as a space where people could shift from a life of stress and suffering to one where life was filled with joy and meaning. Clients at this incredible practice have been able to access various sessions such as intuitive therapy, intuitive massage, reiki, yoga and quantum and matrix healing. Those who turn to Yvonne are often looking for solutions to the various challenges that are stopping them from celebrating the joyous things in life. Typically, these clients are looking to align themselves with joy, are Jul22059 suffering from stress-induced illnesses and need someone to help them back on track, are businesses looking to support their employees cope with stressful situations or are other people working in the field who wants to work in synergy. At the heart of Joyful Living is the innovative technique, Intuitive Therapy developed by the founder, Yvonne Hayward. Through this leading technique, she has been able to support people to be open to more joy within their lives. Each client receives an individual offer that is unique to them, and allows them the best possible chance of success in the long run. It’s this commitment to intuition and creativity which allows Yvonne from Joyful Living to stand apart from the competition, helping her clients to find a way back to a more relaxed and joyful state – and the higher quality of life that comes as a result of this. Yvonne had been kept spectacularly busy in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with everyone being impacted on a mental health level in one way or another. More individuals than ever have started to seek support with the fallout of this global event and Yvonne has found herself at the frontline when it comes to responding to this rising need. Thanks to the innovative streak that has long defined her business, she has been able to meet both inperson and online where appropriate. Looking ahead, the future seems bright in every respect. The launch of more online products will allow the team to help more clients than ever before, ensuring that the practice will remain relevant at all times. The practice has committed to leading the way as far as possible, with a new “Shine Your Light” programme coming soon in English. It is presently available in German, but the need to cross borders to help everyone with their mental health has inspired the current push from within the business. Wellness is a topic which has become incredibly important to many over the last few years, offering an outline of what the industry should provide as a standard. The range of options available to Yvonne make her stand out as exceptional. We cannot wait to see what she does next. Company: Joyful Living – Praxis für Klarheit & Entspannung Name: Yvonne Hayward Email: [email protected] Web Address:/www.yvonnehayward.com

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 15 , Aug22044 Having found its feet in 2019, Portugal Green Travel has been able to hit the ground running with exemplary, sustainable, and well-designed tour operations that show the clients the best of Portugal. Allowing them to truly immerse themselves in its dramatic landscape, exemplary cuisine, incredible history, and diverse culture, it and its staff are always excited and raring to go when it comes to showing its guests the hidden gems and landmarks of its region. Portugal Green Travel, a sustainable tour operator, has grown renown in its industry with its focus on being the best and most environmentally friendly tour sustainable tour operator in the country . Nominally, its sustainable tour options have endeared it to a wide range of people within the travel market, appealing to the more conscientious traveller whilst promising that a dedication to sustainability does not mean that they must sacrifice quality. Indeed, Portugal Green Travel takes great pride in the quality and content of its tours, and it makes sure that each of its tour programmes is a beneficial cornerstone of the regions it takes its clients through so that it can show them the true heart of such places. By working with such an empathic, sensitive, and people-focused ethos behind it, and a team of dedicated staff who make this happen, it is proud to say that is efforts have been allowing it to achieve its goal of changing how the travel industry sees Portugal, one client at a time. Critically, it works hard to make every moment memorable, and has become a well-loved element of the European tour circuit for several international people. Moreover, it serves a diverse client base: with travellers from France and the Netherlands to Northern Europe, its sustainable tour offerings are being launched across Europe as it continues to reach out to and partner with the peers of its market segments, companies that it sees as friends to the business, not rivals. Training each of its staff well to know its offering like the backs of their hands, it looks for people with the right attitude first and foremost. Education, it can handle, and its processes, it can teach, but the crux of what makes a Portugal Green Travel employee is the empathy and enthusiasm they have for their work, with an ability to make a client feel special and to get them excited for the upcoming adventure. With the pandemic having caused struggles across its industry, it is happy to be back to full swing this year, having launched its Portugal Green Travel consultancy services as a part of a strategic pivot during the years of tumult; something that is still a thriving element of the business today. Opening new tour programmes in new countries soon, 2023 looks like it will be the year of implementing many of the bold new things it is currently creating, and so – put simply – watch this space. Company: Portugal Green Travel - DMC Contact: Hugo Teixeira Francisco - Chief Marketing Officer Website: portugalgreentravel.com Most Dynamic Sustainable Tour Operators - Portugal