Q3 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 9 , Apr22433 Growth is achieved throughmany avenues and, as such, organisations must remain flexible and adaptable to take advantage of any new opportunities. Winner of Most Innovative Agile TransformationMD 2022: Anke Heines and her company LEADaktiv specialise in precisely providing the tools, support, and expertise for exactly this. During the last two years she strongly supported BURKHARDT+WEBER by establishing an agile company structure and a newunderstanding of teamwork. BW congratulates Anke Heines on winning the German CEO Excellence Award 2022 BW has now been working with LEADaktiv and its founder Anke Heines for over 2 years. An intensive collaboration that has paid off - because in the meantime BW has a new corporate structure, several interdisciplinary teams and an awareness of being close to the customer that is deeply anchored in the DNA of each BW'ler*in and is perceived by the market. And BW has probably "backed the right horse", because for their vision of leading companies into the future and their work around the topic of Agile Transformation, LEADaktiv has now been awarded as Most Innovative Agile Transformation MD. „In the meantime, this intensive cooperation has almost turned into friendship. That is why a little pride resonates " says Olaf Furtmeier, Managing Director of BURKHARDT+WEBER when asked about the award. "We are very happy for Anke that her valuable work has now been rewarded with this award. Over the past two years we have mutually benefited from each other and embarked on a joint journey, a classic win-win situation. During the various project phases, we have adapted our path several times in order to really pick up all employees on the way to an agile future. Because when it comes to people, you can't follow a strict pattern - and certainly not in complex, high-tech mechanical engineering and a pandemic period in which transformation is even more difficult to implement because the desire for the old familiar is all the more pronounced. And Anke has recognized this wonderfully." A vision becomes a mission - What it means for executives to be a "leader", to lead companies to a joint vision, and to accompany them on the way to an agile company - all of this encompasses the work of LEADaktiv. Encouraging, strengthening and giving impulses, as well as bringing a new understanding of cooperation to life and making employees feel that they are an important part of the big picture, that they bear responsibility and can help shape it - this is also part of the recipe for success, according to Anke Heines. And that's exactly why Anke's concept and her vision of an entrepreneurial future fit BW so well. Listening closely to the customer and their needs, establishing themselves as customer experts, and forging new paths as a unified team with a great deal of passion and a „strong heart“ - this is how both companies want to continue their journey into a successful future. To this end, Anke Heines has also continuously developed her successful concept. In 2023, a new online program will be launched by LEADaktiv, another milestone on the mission towards an agile world. "We want to create a platform to reach even more people and companies and thus also promote the exchange of SMEs among themselves on agile topics," Anke Heines describes her new heart project. And of course BW will be also part of it. In the end, it remains to say: THANK YOU for the good cooperation and congratulations on the award Anke. Contact: Anke Heines Company: LEADaktiv Web Address: leadaktiv.de Most Innovative Agile Transformation MD 2022: Anke Heines