Q3 2022

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , As a Cloud-based medical platform, Lifeness helps people to deal with lifestyle diseases related to conditions such as obesity and depression. Lifeness believes that motivation is most definitely at the core of lifestyle changes – without motivation there can be very little to absolutely no change. However, it can be difficult to find the motivation without a health professional or technology that will understand how we work – as individuals. One of Lifeness’ Founders and Leaders, Maria Arlén Larsen shares, “Following a patient’s entire health journey across healthcare providers has so far been virtually nonexistent. But how can you successfully treat a chronic condition like obesity or depression without seeing your patient as a whole.” This is what makes Lifeness’ technology proven to work five times better than traditional methods, Lifeness’ development has been well thought out as well as expertly followed through – with each patient treated like they’re the last person on the planet. It is this kind of service that has contributed to Lifeness’ success, and we want to go much deeper than that. And Maria backs this up. She tells us, “We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being as user-friendly as possible when it comes to both design and functions, in addition to be backed by science and Most Dedicated Lifestyle Disease Virtual Health Platform – Norway Cloud-based systems are really expanding the way we experience healthcare at the moment; cloud-based healthmonitoring is a huge help for patients and their medical professionals and Lifeness has tailor-made a brilliant piece of technological art that allows this. This is all within a revolutionary app that is promoting better lives for all. Here we explore its vision and its achievements as it wins yet another award. Join us as we speakwith Co-Founder and Co-Leader, Maria Arlén Larsen, who also has a background inmedical doctor with PhD in obesity and lifestyle diseases. extensive testing with our users. Our unique selling point is that we are the only mHealth solution that focuses on both mental and physical wellbeing for the patient, at the same time as being a friendly assistant for the health professionals, so that it is easier to prioritize patients and treat more efficiently. We think this might be one of the reasons why a pilot study done by UiT - The Arctic University of Norway has shown that Lifeness gives five times more weight-loss and 80% more motivation than other e-health solutions.” Lifeness guarantees a better solution for everyone, all around the world. Its technology and services don’t stop at its app, it acts as a relatable team of individuals all looking to advance in technological experience and – perhaps most importantly – empathy. When it comes to what Lifeness faces, Maria tells us that “in general, for SaaS, one challenge is to make the customers use the product in the best possible way to gain the best results. This is why we work every day with userfriendly design and extensive test ing. This makes it easy for us to know what works best and why, so that we are making it as easy and fun as possible to use Lifeness.” By making its app user-friendly, accessible, simple – yet complex enough to handle intricate data – Lifeness’ vision comes into focus. Its mission is to change people’s lives, in a way that will impact and motivate them forever. “I believe this is one of the reasons that an external report done by Menon Economics shows that 60% of Lifeness users achieved their goal of losing weight after 12 months and 71% experienced an improvement in rehabilitation, increased motivation indicating a positive impact on the burden of the disease irrespective of the age, work or education,” Maria adds. As a two-way treatment hub, Maria says it “takes away the worries from health check-ups – for both the patient and the health professional. It lets doctors, nurses, therapists, and coaches easily follow up with their patients while helping the patients make sustainable progress with all their health data at their fingertips.” This not only means that patients can be more in control of their own health, but medical professionals reap the benefits too – they find this a new way to manage patients with a full picture of their mental and physical wellbeing. Both patients and professionals can rely on Lifeness to improve their lives every day – forever. Through Lifeness’ site https://lifeness.no/ we can easily learn that “a pilot study from UiT – The Arctic University of Norway – shows that six months of treatment with Lifeness provides five times as good treatment results for patients with obesity than usual follow-up.”