Q3 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 15 , Aug22044 Having found its feet in 2019, Portugal Green Travel has been able to hit the ground running with exemplary, sustainable, and well-designed tour operations that show the clients the best of Portugal. Allowing them to truly immerse themselves in its dramatic landscape, exemplary cuisine, incredible history, and diverse culture, it and its staff are always excited and raring to go when it comes to showing its guests the hidden gems and landmarks of its region. Portugal Green Travel, a sustainable tour operator, has grown renown in its industry with its focus on being the best and most environmentally friendly tour sustainable tour operator in the country . Nominally, its sustainable tour options have endeared it to a wide range of people within the travel market, appealing to the more conscientious traveller whilst promising that a dedication to sustainability does not mean that they must sacrifice quality. Indeed, Portugal Green Travel takes great pride in the quality and content of its tours, and it makes sure that each of its tour programmes is a beneficial cornerstone of the regions it takes its clients through so that it can show them the true heart of such places. By working with such an empathic, sensitive, and people-focused ethos behind it, and a team of dedicated staff who make this happen, it is proud to say that is efforts have been allowing it to achieve its goal of changing how the travel industry sees Portugal, one client at a time. Critically, it works hard to make every moment memorable, and has become a well-loved element of the European tour circuit for several international people. Moreover, it serves a diverse client base: with travellers from France and the Netherlands to Northern Europe, its sustainable tour offerings are being launched across Europe as it continues to reach out to and partner with the peers of its market segments, companies that it sees as friends to the business, not rivals. Training each of its staff well to know its offering like the backs of their hands, it looks for people with the right attitude first and foremost. Education, it can handle, and its processes, it can teach, but the crux of what makes a Portugal Green Travel employee is the empathy and enthusiasm they have for their work, with an ability to make a client feel special and to get them excited for the upcoming adventure. With the pandemic having caused struggles across its industry, it is happy to be back to full swing this year, having launched its Portugal Green Travel consultancy services as a part of a strategic pivot during the years of tumult; something that is still a thriving element of the business today. Opening new tour programmes in new countries soon, 2023 looks like it will be the year of implementing many of the bold new things it is currently creating, and so – put simply – watch this space. Company: Portugal Green Travel - DMC Contact: Hugo Teixeira Francisco - Chief Marketing Officer Website: portugalgreentravel.com Most Dynamic Sustainable Tour Operators - Portugal