Q3 2022

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , Living With Joy! Stress has become a commonplace feeling for many, but joyful living should be an option for all. Shifting your inner perspective to embrace positive thinking is no easy task however. Yvonne Hayward has proven to be an expert in the field and in the German Business Awards 2021 fromEU Business News, she was awarded the title of Best Wellbeing Therapist 2021 (Köln): Yvonne Hayward. We take a closer look to uncover precisely howYvonne managed to achieve such success. Opened in 2017, Joyful Living was designed as a space where people could shift from a life of stress and suffering to one where life was filled with joy and meaning. Clients at this incredible practice have been able to access various sessions such as intuitive therapy, intuitive massage, reiki, yoga and quantum and matrix healing. Those who turn to Yvonne are often looking for solutions to the various challenges that are stopping them from celebrating the joyous things in life. Typically, these clients are looking to align themselves with joy, are Jul22059 suffering from stress-induced illnesses and need someone to help them back on track, are businesses looking to support their employees cope with stressful situations or are other people working in the field who wants to work in synergy. At the heart of Joyful Living is the innovative technique, Intuitive Therapy developed by the founder, Yvonne Hayward. Through this leading technique, she has been able to support people to be open to more joy within their lives. Each client receives an individual offer that is unique to them, and allows them the best possible chance of success in the long run. It’s this commitment to intuition and creativity which allows Yvonne from Joyful Living to stand apart from the competition, helping her clients to find a way back to a more relaxed and joyful state – and the higher quality of life that comes as a result of this. Yvonne had been kept spectacularly busy in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with everyone being impacted on a mental health level in one way or another. More individuals than ever have started to seek support with the fallout of this global event and Yvonne has found herself at the frontline when it comes to responding to this rising need. Thanks to the innovative streak that has long defined her business, she has been able to meet both inperson and online where appropriate. Looking ahead, the future seems bright in every respect. The launch of more online products will allow the team to help more clients than ever before, ensuring that the practice will remain relevant at all times. The practice has committed to leading the way as far as possible, with a new “Shine Your Light” programme coming soon in English. It is presently available in German, but the need to cross borders to help everyone with their mental health has inspired the current push from within the business. Wellness is a topic which has become incredibly important to many over the last few years, offering an outline of what the industry should provide as a standard. The range of options available to Yvonne make her stand out as exceptional. We cannot wait to see what she does next. Company: Joyful Living – Praxis für Klarheit & Entspannung Name: Yvonne Hayward Email: [email protected] Web Address:/www.yvonnehayward.com