Q3 2022

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , Feb22402 Most Innovative Dental Technology CEO 2022: Friedhelm Klingenburg For over 16 years, FriedhelmKlingenburg has beenCEOofMerz Dental GmbH, a company that has been producing dental technology in Luetjenburg, Germany for 70 years. As amedical devicemanufacturer and specialist in prostheticmaterials, acrylic teeth, and CAD/CAM technologies, Merz Dental offers aesthetic and sustainable prosthetics for dental practices and laboratories. In light ofMr Klingenburg’s awards success, we take a closer look at the company. As an innovation leader in acrylic materials and technology for use in dentistry, Merz Dental has been researching, developing, and producing top quality products at its headquarters in Luetjenburg for seven decades. With great passion and competence, the company continues to innovate and grow to help shape the dental market, now selling its products in 40 markets around the world, with a strong position in Europe, and reaching Australia, Asia, Japan, USA, and Canada. Merz Dental’s dental products are some of the best and safest in the world, including acrylic teeth, denture base materials, veneers, and more; from an aesthetic point of view, it creates some of the most beautiful, naturallooking, and long-lasting prosthetic teeth in the world. Then there are its digital solutions, which include scanners and 3D printers, which are tailored to the needs of dentists so they can deliver precise results with reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. These products are a result of customer experience, with the company being devoted to the wishes and needs of those who use them. Since 2015, Merz Dental ranks amongst the top companies in the dental industry providing a digital workflow to design and manufacture all kind of full dentures with many benefits for dental offices, dental laboratories and finally for the patients. The innovative technology of Merz Dental’s solution called “BDS – Baltic-DentureSystem”, is covered by several patents providing the company a unique position in a growing market with an aging population. That is why it has achieved and maintains a leading position as a medium-sized company within the German dental industry. It takes more than just the best experts to bring top products onto the market. Top quality performance is always the result of big dreams, passionate motivation, and bold visions of the future. And there are often a lot of questions at the very beginning of a journey towards creating new products and exclusive patents, asked by Merz Dental’s dentists and dental technicians who collaborate with the desire for improvement and optimisation. Friedhelm Klingenburg and his team are proud of how far the company has come over the years and the milestones it has accomplished, from the first fully anatomical tooth to the Baltic Denture System. At the same time, the course for the future is already being successfully set today: to continue innovating to achieve the greatest levels of precision and efficiency in its products. Merz Dental has a clear Mission: “Becoming a leading company in digital denture workflow with innovative materials” supporting the advancing digitisation in dental practices and laboratories. Company: Merz Dental GmbH Contact: Friedhelm Klingenburg Email: [email protected] Website: www.merz-dental.de