Q3 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 7 , Mar22188 A scenic location tucked away in Leinster has managed to capture the beauty andmystique of ancient local history with… golf! Rathcore Golf Club has successfully incorporated ancient monuments into a challenging and rewarding course anyone who visits can’t get enough of. All whilst ensuring all of it remains in beautiful condition. Rathcore Golf Club is the result of the shared dream of Michael and Austin Lyons, who were looking to build a course on the gorgeous landscape of Rathcore, Ireland. That dream came together in 2004 after years of work and detailed planning, design, and construction. A 130-acre golf course was born where the Dun Cuair monuments and the ancient, untilled farmland remain mostly untouched. The Club is a stunning coalition between an open-air historical site and a golf course. It contains two ringforts and a motte, dating back to Anglo-Norman times, carefully and cleverly incorporated as part of the course. An incredible effort has been made to do so delicately to ensure the historical monuments remain fully preserved and its historical significance can be appropriately appreciated. Even the archaeological surveys from the National Monuments Service have been used in the site’s official descriptions of the monuments, highlighting the passion for history that permeates the team. Although a lot has been done to preserve local history, that has not meant the team have skimped on providing a tremendous golfing experience. One way it provides this is via the amenities and extras it provides for a next-level golfing experience. The club offers custom fittings for drivers, irons, and wedges with SkyTrak using all major brands, as well as repairs and re-grippings. It even throws in two grips for free for every complete set done. All whilst offering a full range of golf clothing, shoes, and accessories at great prices. On top of that, the club offers various packages for golf lessons, catering for corporate groups and events down to juniors and children first getting into the game – all ready and available upon request. But a peek at the reviews will show the real magic of Rathcore Golf Club. “Excellent from tee to green, course in top class condition. Each hole has something different to offer on this natural terrain... despite the heavy rain we had a great day there and looking forward to the next time. Rathcore is a top golf course and staff there are providing the best golf experience you could wish for. Well done to everyone.” A review from Terry Bracken, talks up Rathcore’s staff’s incredible customer service. “Great challenging test of golf, for all levels... course follows the natural contours of the land, well laid out with plenty of water guarding a lot of the greens...you will come away having used every club in the bag.” A review from Len Scully highlights a common theme over the majority of the glowing reviews – the course is challenging. The incorporation of the monuments and the steps taken to keep the course natural brings its level of difficulty that meshes well with beginners and the more experienced alike. And Michael O’Connell touches on the other point that permeates through every review, how well maintained and cared for the whole course is, “Course is in terrific condition, a credit to management. Cheap as chips. I got a warm friendly welcome.” Rathcore combines a stunning historical site with a exciting and entertaining golf course, maintained delicately to ensure that the experience of its customers viewing a slice of history and playing the holes is immaculate. Beyond that, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to provide anything and everything for a good time. The Rathcore Golf Club is easily the best Golf Club of the Year for Leinster and is a veritable hidden gem for anyone interested in the sport. Contact: Andy Christie Company: Rathcore Golf Club Web Address: rathcoregolfandcountryclub.com Golf Club of the Year – Leinster