Q4 2022

10. As the creator of streamlined, lightweight, easily incorporated sound systems, Fibona Acoustics has made itself a front-runner in modern acoustic technology perfect for convenience without sacrificing quality. Nominally, its hard work and outstanding achievements have propelled it into the spotlight of its industry, continuously gaining traction for how well-suited its sound systems are for such a wide variety of different uses, for example electrical cars, for which it has designed full 15-unit audio speaker sets weighing less than 6kg including a large 10 inch subwoofer. Excited about what it has achieved and what it plans to achieve in the future, Fibona Acoustics makes full use of its impeccable team and incredible powers of innovation to continue pushing the limits of what is possible in lightweight, spatially conservative technologies. Best Technology Development Company - Capital Region of Denmark Fibona Acoustics is a technology development and sourcing company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which specializes in electro-acoustics and loudspeaker systems. Fibona Acoustics offers a solution for those who have space or weight constraints but still want HiFi sound. Its innovative flat loudspeakers require less materials, are very lightweight, and thereby minimize freight impacts on the environment compared to other technologies. This means reduction of the audio industry's carbon footprint without compromising the sound quality and durability of the membranes. Fibona Acoustics has earned a Scandinavian Business Award for its endto-end electro acoustic solutions. For people who don’t want to compromise on sound quality despite various constraints, Fibona Acoustics makes itself an exemplary solution. Jul22546 Thus, it has recently been bringing its designs to brands and manufacturers all over the world, and it is pleased to announce that the interest it has received in the innovative technologies it boasts has been hugely positive, allowing it to confidently forecast a bright future ahead and hit the ground running. The founder, Milad Kahfizadeh, is especially proud of this as the culmination of years of work in the acoustic industry. Having earned an electro-acoustics Master of Science from the Technical University of Denmark and holding multiple international patents covering the EMCT and other transducer technologies, this reputation has been cultivated from the buzz surrounding his electro-acoustic and transducer design, manufacturing its own transducers and complete systems in-house. Having been prototyped across six different sizes and models, its proof of concept showed the sheer level of commitment to innovation that has followed it from the very beginning. Indeed, even today, with its products being clamoured for, Fibona Acoustics is not ready to rest on its laurels, always hoping to improve itself and make the EMCT truly scalable for all manner of different and highly specific projects. Most applications, it understands, are different – much like the customers themselves – and thus will require different sizing and dimensional data, which it can provide on a consultancy basis, as well as assisting in the identification and auditing of a sustainable facility in order to convert soft tools to hard, high-volume tools. For every new version of its transducer being a new part, every bespoke sound system and transducer it delivers must