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Welcome to the Q4 edition of EU Business News, providing you with all of the latest news, features, and informative pieces from across the European Union. As we find ourselves in the final quarter of 2022, many companies are ending the year on a high and thriving within their industries. Some of these companies have been in the business for a long time, many have defied the odds by surviving the pandemic, and some are new to the scene and making their business dreams come true. Whatever their situation, these businesses are passionate about their industries and they know what it takes to succeed in such harsh marketplaces. From health supplement companies and jewellery brands to tour operators and travel websites, we are proud to be celebrating businesses that show everyone else just how it is done. They know how to create an outstanding product and how to deliver extraordinary service, and most important of all, they care about their customers and doing an excellent job. Indeed, we are proud to celebrate the spectacular achievements of these businesses. Join us as we take a closer look at what makes them so special. We wish you all the best for the coming months and look forward to welcoming you back for our 2023 Q1 issue. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: www.business-news.eu Q4 2022 AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. Annette Welander AB: Best Swedish Design House 2022 7. Pintrip ApS: Experience Extraordinary Exploration 8. The Travel Franchise: Best Bespoke Travel Consultancy – UK 9. Seek+See: Best Family-Friendly Copenhagen Tour Operator 2022 10. Fibona Acoustics: Best Technology Development Company - Capital Region of Denmark 12. Vadehavets Oplevelser: Best Photo Safari Experience - Denmark 13. Arctic Systems: Get Rid of That Rodent! 14. Travel In Culture: Best Cultural Heritage Travel Website – Denmark 15. Health Tribe: Most Innovative Health Supplements Brand 2022 - Netherlands 16. Nano-Bin: Best Eco-Friendly Ashtray Company 2022 18. Appetite for Production AS: Best Live Stage Production & Corporate Events Company – Norway 19. IDD-Xpert: Pharmaceutical Development CEO of the Year 2022: Laurence Benissan 20. ACI Groupe: Aerospace CEO of the Year 2022: Philippe Riviere 22. Winners Listings Contents

NEWS UK set to double investment into climate tech in 2022, surpassing general UK tech investment growth ech Nation, the UK’s leading growth platform for tech scaleups, has today published its Climate Tech Report 2022, to shed light on the state of UK climate tech ahead of COP27 this month. UK is a world leader in climate tech Tech Nation’s Climate Tech Report 2022 has revealed that international investment into UK climate tech companies has almost doubled, rising from $4mn in 2021 to $7.5bn so far in 2022. While the trend is increasing for the UK and on a global level, this is not the case for all countries. Investment in the US, Germany and Sweden seems to be slowing down; receiving $2.139bn, $4.458bn and $2.173bn less investment in 2022 so far (compared to 2021) respectively. The UK is on track to see climate tech companies raising nearly $20bn per year by 2030. This means that UK climate tech investment is ahead of overall UK tech investment, as despite a strong start to 2022 (with a record first quarter for tech VC investment at $12.1bn), the rest of 2022 has been significantly down on 2021 figures. Q2 2021 saw $11.4bn placed into UK tech overall, Ahead of COP27, Tech Nation today publishes its Climate Tech Report 2022. • Report reveals investment into UK climate tech is growing exponentially and is set to double in 2022, with UK climate companies raising $7.5bn in 2022 so far (up from $4bn in 2021). • Meanwhile, investment in the US, Germany and Sweden is slowing. • The UK is second only to the United States for the number of companies working to address the climate crisis. • However, continued growth of the sector would be threatened by R&D cuts; Tech Nation calls for Government recommitment to R&D spend. • 2022 is set to be another record year for investment into climate tech companies globally. Already at $73.86bn (compared with $111.24bn in 2021), investment is being driven by large rounds (of $185mn+) into later stage companies. T while Q2 2022 was $9.9bn, and Q3 dipped even further in comparison to last year, just $4bn in 2022 compared to $11.9bn in 2021. R&D spending must be protected for continued climate tech innovation The UK’s climate tech ambitions are dependent on policy to fuel continued innovation. Amidst concerns that R&D might be cut, Tech Nation is urging the Government that R&D funding must be protected to help drive us towards net zero, and an innovationled economic recovery. A report from the IPPR suggests the UK lags £62 billion behind in R&D, with investment falling by a fifth since 2014 and with the UK now placing just 11th in the OECD in terms of total R&D investment as a percentage of GDP - well behind countries like Austria, Switzerland and the USA. Climate techcompanies arecrucial todriving down carbon emissions across theworld Tackling the climate crisis has become a top priority for the majority of developed countries across the world. Globally, the quantity of emerging technology companies tackling the climate crisis has increased nearly 4 times by over 35,000 companies since 2010, to reach 44,595 in 2022. The emission reduction potential of technologies represented by the 44,000+ climate tech companies applying 191 different technologies across the world is predicted to surpass 2019 emissions in 2036. It is also predicted to grow to 1.4x further by 2050, equalling 599,000 MMtCO2e per year. This means that by 2036, climate tech companies will be removing more carbon from the atmosphere than the world produced in 2019. The rapid scaling up of these firms is essential to accelerate this progress, as significant change will need to be made before this time. Tech Nation programmes to accelerate UK climate tech Tech Nation is currently running its Net Zero and Net Zero X growth programmes for earlystage and late-stage climate tech companies respectively, and these trends are reflected in the newest company cohorts. Among their latest cohorts are companies who are working on algae engineering (such as Kelpi, Phycobloom and Phycoworks), and half of the companies joining each programme are working to decarbonise the UK’s energy sector (such as Filia, Electric Miles and Equiwatt). Tech Nation’s Net Zero programme has seen its first cohort of companies increase their collective funding by over £150 million since completing the programme (an average increase of £5 million each), while its second cohort has increased their collective funding by over £100 million in the past 6 months. Since joining Net Zero, these early-stage companies have grown so rapidly that over half of them (11 of 20) have been accepted into Tech Nation’s Net Zero X programme for late-stage climate tech businesses.

NEWS Nearly 97% of UK employers still unable to sponsor EU or non-EU workers despite talent shortages • Only 5% of employers currently hold a sponsor licence - even with skills shortages and falling unemployment • This represents just a 1.5% increase since Migrate UK’s last analysis - seven months before Brexit • News comes as Suella Braverman returns as Home Secretary in Rishi Sunak’s new cabinet Latest Government data analysed by immigration law firm, Migrate UK, reveals that only 3.5% of UK employers currently possess a licence to sponsor EU or non-EU workers - despite widespread talent shortages nationwide. With unemployment now at its lowest level since 1974, according to latest ONS figures, many organisations - from large PLCs to privately owned businesses - are still failing to use sponsor licences to aid recruitment. This is despite the fact that for the vast majority of EU workers, employers need to hold a sponsor licence from the Home Office to employ them following Brexit. Jonathan Beech, Managing Director of Migrate UK, said: “Our analysis of government data of active businesses found there are 1.4 million private sector employers in the UK. While the Government's own list of current registered sponsors shows that only approximately 50,000 hold a licence, which means that just around 3.5% are currently in a position to employ new EU or non-EU arrivals. “Shockingly, since our last analysis prior to Brexit in May 2020, there has only been about a 1.5% increase in sponsor licence holders among businesses – even though this was the biggest change to the UK immigration system in nearly 45 years. When new clients come to us they often say they have delayed this process due to the perceived cost, complexity and amount of red tape needed to do so.” Adds Jonathan: “This is not only worrying for the individual UK businesses having sufficient talent in place to provide products and services effectively, but also UK plc. We’re hearing day in and day out of the issues firms are having in recruiting sufficient staff, especially those in the hospitality, science and engineering sectors. “With the Home Secretary returning less than a week after resigning from the role, some businesses may be living in hope for some mooted changes to the shortage occupation list. The key problem - aside from including some much needed ‘less’ skilled occupations such as care workers or chefs - is that this list isn’t attractive as it once was to employers. To really benefit from this list certain jobs should be exempt from the Immigration Skills Charge (between £364 and £1,000 per year of sponsorship, payable by the employer), plus the costs of the NHS Surcharge (between £470 and £624 per person per year), normally covered by the employee. So this is a large undertaking for overseas recruits especially for lower paid roles.” With sponsor licence applications currently taking 2-3 months to process on average, Migrate UK is advising businesses suffering from persistent skills shortages to apply for a sponsor licence now to support their recruitment. (Bearing in mind that the type of skills a firm requires and previous recruiting experience will dictate potential sponsorship costs). Once a business has a licence in place it can be used as needed. While for potential overseas candidates those employers who already have a licence will be more attractive than companies without - as they know the business is already approved by the Home Office for up to four years at a time*, and it will minimise delays to their onboarding. Jonathan adds: “Those businesses with a licence in place are not only able to recruit more readily now to help deal with their present skills shortage, but will also be better prepared when the economy takes off again following current UK and worldwide challenges.”

6. Best Swedish Design House 2022 From Sweden to Japan, Annette Welander’s impressive jewellery collections have made an impact. Indeed, the brand is at the forefront of Sweden’s jewellery industry, and has been featured in internationally renowned publications, such as British Vogue. Whilst the brand has achieved enviable success over the past few years, it craves more – join us as we learn more about the ambitious brand and unveil its future plans! As Sweden’s leading design house Annette Welander AB has an outstanding reputation to uphold. It is perhaps best known for its minimalistic, luxury-infused designs that combine modern technology with traditional Swedish craftmanship. Moreover, its signature – a diamond hidden within every piece – has helped to increase Annette Welander’s international profile. The company, quite simply, embodies opulence, offering refined cuts and understated sculptural elements that utilise sustainable 18k gold and diamonds. The type of gold Annette Welander uses, 18k Swedish red gold, has become integral to the brand’s identity. Exclusively found in Sweden, the treasure-like alloy offers a highly attractive colour which is loved by both men and women and lends a rarity and a nuance to the brand’s designs. Annette Welander is one of the first brands to showcase Swedish red gold on an international scale, and it is this that makes the brand truly unique. However, outside of this rare metal, the brand offers all of its pieces in 18k white, rose, and yellow gold, meaning that there is something available for all tastes. Annette Welander is a champion of its Swedish background; it is a design house that not only produces its designs in Stockholm, but every piece of jewellery has its origins and heritage in Sweden. As such, each product boasts the Town Mark for Stockholm, the crowned head of the patron saint St. Erik, and the Fineness Mark for 18k gold (750) that guarantees the purity of the metal. Evidently, the brand goes the extra mile in order to ensure that its work is of a premium standard, even completing each gold piece with a clear Convention’s Control Mark, which is also known as the Common Control Mark (CCM). Further amplifying its excellence, the brand is devoted to sustainability, echoing Sweden’s ambitious sustainability goals. Sweden is one of the greenest countries on the planet, and as a result, eco-awareness is ingrained within Annette Welander’s DNA. With respect to the natural world, the Annette Welander brand is committed to slow, conscious, made-to-order production, localising its sourcing and manufacturing to leave a minimal footprint. It is with this in mind that the brand utilises sustainably-sourced metals and diamonds, ethical distributors, and green logistics. It is, therefore, unsurprising that the luxury brand has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines, with publications including British Vogue, Wallpaper, and Elle, to name a few. This is something that Annette Welander takes great pride in, as what was once a small Swedish brand has blossomed into an international powerhouse, and more importantly, into a figurehead for Swedish-made jewellery. Its presence on the international stage can only be attributed to the aforementioned elements and the devotion of the brand’s hardworking team. Keen to continue spreading Swedish ingenuity across the globe, Annette Welander plans to continue collaborating internationally with like-minded retailers that share its values. There is a particular desire to work in tandem with more innovative concept stores and galleries, such as the renowned Tayloe Piggott Jewelry Gallery in the USA; London, England’s leading Scandinavian and Japanese concept store Pantechnicon; and the luxury fashion retailer, SSENSE, in Montreal. In addition, the brand is gearing up for the launch of its new collection, Ondulation, which stars sustainably sourced, glistening pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Australia. Wrapped in glamorous rose gold, the pink diamonds are some of the rarest in the world as the mine closed in 2020, which means that the Ondulation collection will be in great demand from the second it launches. Comprised of earrings, rings, and a bracelet, the collection takes its influences from 20th Century Scandinavian architecture, resulting in both structural and aesthetic pieces. Of course, in true Annette Welander style, each item will include the trademark hidden diamond! Company: Annette Welander AB Website: www.annettewelander.com Email: [email protected] Aug22096

Jul22493 7. Jul22493 Pintrip is a travel experience guide for motorhome enthusiasts, providing access to local experiences that are off the beaten track. We find out more from Founder, Henriette Rask, as the company gains the prestigious title of Best Motorhome Travel Guide – Denmark. Pintrip offers unique experiences to motorhome tourists in Denmark through its tour guide, updated yearly, which introduces its network of more than 300 hosts all over the country. This includes farm shops, wineries, small museums, and inns, to name but a few. Pintrip’s goal is to introduce motorhome owners to these local hidden gems, and in this way also show its support to the small businesses. “One of our goals with Pintrip is to show motorhome owners that there are so many wonderful places to visit and explore just around the corner,” explains Owner and Managing Director, Henriette Rask. “You don´t have to travel far to taste wonderful wine or to park in a beautiful spot.” Each host in the network offers between 1-3 pitches to the motorhome tourists, so they can stay overnight for free. With Pintrip, the important meeting between host and guest can take place so visitors can really get to know the people behind the business. “Another important goal for us has been to support small businesses because, in this fast-changing world, where everything grows big and rapidly, we want to support the farmer with his small farm shop and the small brewery, which produces only a small amount of craft beer.” With a typical client of Pintrip’s being a motorhome owner aged 50+ who enjoys exploring new places, the company aims to differentiate itself from competitors in a number of ways. Namely, offering unique experiences where travellers get the chance to personally meet their hosts, take advantage of safe overnight parking and enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip. Pintrip is also the only company of its kind in Denmark. When it comes to spreading the word, Pintrip markets itself on social media, as well as sending out a monthly newsletter to customers and potential customers. It also regularly visits trade fairs and travel exhibitions to introduce itself to travellers who are looking for something a little bit different. “The feedback we have received is usually always positive because people have been so surprised by what they have discovered,” Henriette enthuses. “They have visited places just around the corner that they did not know existed, and the hosts have been getting the support that they otherwise wouldn't.” As a very small team, every member in the Pintrip family plays a significant role in the firm. A collaborative internal culture, focused on participation and being team-orientated, means that it is often all hands on deck so working well together is imperative when taking on new recruits. “I look for qualities that are different from mine when recruiting, so now we complement each other in the best way,” says Henriette. “It is very important that we work well together and, in turn, this contributes to our company´s success because, while we internally focus on the team and collaboration, these are also our core values externally in terms of our hosts and our clients. We believe our clients can feel and understand that.” Henriette tells us that the pressure from competitors is felt all the time, which is something that will likely never change, but Pintrip has a huge sense of belonging within its community, which has only strengthened and further developed during the last two years. The Covid-19 pandemic, which effectively saw the travel industry grind to a halt, was actually beneficial for the company in many ways, and it increased in popularity, with more than a third of the Danish motorhome market had a copy of last year’s guide. “Slowly the pandemic actually turned out to benefit us and the hosts, as Danes stayed in Denmark. They travelled around and kept the small businesses alive. The hosts made creative solutions, such as bringing food to the step of the motorhome, so that people still could support them.” Recently, Pintrip was recognised in the Scandinavian Business Awards for its innovative and unique experiences and crowned with the title of Best Motorhome Travel Guide in Denmark, something of which Henriette and the team are very proud. Now, as the firm plans for the 2023 season, it seems that it is very much business as usual. “We will have several new initiatives for next year,” says Henriette. “It is still early days, so we cannot say too much, but we will be working on our membership and how to improve it. Plus, something completely new, we are also planning to create some events at our hosts’ homes for our community. It is very exciting times.” Contact: Henriette Rask Company: Pintrip ApS Web Address: www.pintrip.eu Experience Extraordinary Exploration

8. Jul22575 Launched in 2001, The Travel Franchise is one of the UK’s largest travel consultancies. Indeed, as one of the UK’s fastest-growing franchises, beating the likes of Burger King and Subway in terms of forward momentum, it enables anyone to start their own travel business, giving them the support, resources, and guidance that they need to hit the ground running even if they have never worked in travel before. As the most popular choice for people with no travel experience to train as fully qualified travel agents and entrepreneurs, The Travel Franchise, enables anyone to launch their own agency in under a week. Consultants operate under the customer-facing Not Just Travel brand and can sell a variety of fully protected holidays from over 400 different suppliers. On the day they finish training, agents are given a ready-made infrastructure for their business and the ability to make bookings immediately. Not only do they get a personalised website, but access to marketing materials, mentoring, and a full support structure with the ability to call a business development manager to discuss any problems or goals. Agents also have access to ongoing training and development. This reflects its entire business model in the macro scale; being a company that prizes innovation and thrives on the success of its clients, it encourages franchisees to specialise in areas such as luxury travel and cruising, giving them the tools they need to become experts. Moreover, being the only homeworking agency with a MoneyBack Challenge, where franchisees can get their franchise fee refunded if they sell a certain number of holidays in a specific timeline, many get their business for free. Franchisees also get the chance to travel with its unique overseas Millionaires Retreat and Elite Experience giving a valuable first-hand experience of resorts and destinations abroad, whilst being educated by travel experts and its cofounders, serial entrepreneurs who have built a multitude of multi-million-pound businesses. The company also adapts and develops its franchise packages alongside industry changes and fluctuations, allowing it to achieve its own goals. Such goals include becoming voted one of the UK’s best workplaces, helping people switch careers, doubling in size in the next few years, and attracting the best talent, much of which it is already making impressive headway as it continues to pioneer new training opportunities such as within the cruise sector. The company managed to not only withstand Covid-19 but grow during the pandemic. Thanks to its team and consultants working with ironclad will and tenacity, it is on track to double the size of its enterprise by the end of the year in terms of sales and recruitment. Inviting clients and peers alike to ‘watch this space, 2022 is set to end on an exciting note with its continued push towards sustainability, updated training and ever-improving incentives all ensuring it can remain a front-runner of international travel. Company: The Travel Franchise Contact: Jenny Farenden Website: https://www.notjusttravel.com/ Best Bespoke Travel Consultancy – UK Working closely with Hays Travel and key trade partners, it sells a huge variety of holidays through its customer-facing brand, Not Just Travel, providing a variety of deals and packages often not available to the public anywhere else. Consultants aren’t just known for deals, however, but for the incredible personal service, they provide.

Aug22136 Best Family-Friendly Copenhagen Tour Operator 2022 Guiding an alien around Copenhagen to fix its spaceship sounds like something out of a dream, but in all actuality, it is the premise behind Seek+See’s family-friendly guided tour of the historic city. Sustainable, fun, and educational, the tour truly showcases a quirky yet authentic side of Denmark’s capital. When Skyla, a purple alien, crash-landed in Højbro Plads, Copenhagen, it became clear that she wouldn’t be able to complete her mission alone – she needs your help! The unique character is the lead in Seek+See’s vibrant treasure hunt tour of the city, during which families are encouraged to complete tasks and find spare parts to fulfil Skyla’s mission and help her build a new spaceship. Throughout the tour – which fills approximately two to three hours and is entirely self-guided – families have the opportunity to visit some of Copenhagen’s must-see sites and a number of hidden gems, such as the harbour, colourful houses, and fun bike paths. Suitable for children of all ages, with a particular focus on those between ages three and ten, Seek+See’s tour promotes exploration and sustainability at a child’s level. The treasure hunt has a low CO2 footprint thanks to the fact that the tour can be completed on foot, and it educates children on green practices, for example, it informs families about why the harbour is clean enough to swim in. Families receive the treasure hunt clues via the smartphone, solve small tasks, and find the answers in the city. This makes it an adventure for all. Consequently, Seek+See’s genesis has filled a significant gap within the guided tour market; most tours focus upon adult participants and tourist spots. The family audience has often been overlooked and left behind, with other attractions being pushed to fill this niche – such as aquariums, playgrounds, and zoos. Henceforth, the development of Seek+See’s guided tours has provided a greater amount of accessibility for families to e x p e r i e n c e a charming and authentic C o p e n h a g e n in a way that is sustainable, educative, and fun for all ages. As a mother of three young children and a keen traveller, Inga Stein Burgaard – the founder – knows exactly what struggles families experience when exploring the world. It is her devotion and expertise that have propelled Seek+See to success over the past year. Furthermore, she has managed, motivated, and inspired a team of passionate supporters that have helped her build the business to its current stage, where it has a leading position in the market and a vision to offer treasure hunts in 25+ cities around the world by 2026. Following Inga’s lead, the Seek+See team is infused with an intrinsic passion and entrepreneurial spirit, which means that the team are driven by a shared vision, put in hard work, and wear many different hats simultaneously. However, due to the small size of the team, it also means that Seek+See undergoes steep learning curves – the team are curious, take initiative, and strive to constantly improve. After all, things can change very quickly in a start-up, so it is important to be open and adaptable and not shy away from trying something new and unconventional. The team are currently developing a Fall and Winter treasure hunt for Copenhagen, and this will go live later in the year, with the update providing a fresh and seasonal take on the popular original. On a broader scale, Seek+See is working towards its global vision, for which it hopes offer treasure hunts in 25+ cities by 2026, inspiring little ones and families on an international scale. Suitable for children of all ages, with a particular focus on those between ages three and ten, Seek+See’s tour promotes exploration and sustainability at a child’s level. The treasure hunt has a low CO2 footprint thanks to the fact that the tour can be completed on foot, and it educates children on green practices, for example, it informs families about why the harbour is clean enough to swim in. Contact: Inga Stein Burgaard Company: Seek+See Web Address: https://seeknsee.com/

10. As the creator of streamlined, lightweight, easily incorporated sound systems, Fibona Acoustics has made itself a front-runner in modern acoustic technology perfect for convenience without sacrificing quality. Nominally, its hard work and outstanding achievements have propelled it into the spotlight of its industry, continuously gaining traction for how well-suited its sound systems are for such a wide variety of different uses, for example electrical cars, for which it has designed full 15-unit audio speaker sets weighing less than 6kg including a large 10 inch subwoofer. Excited about what it has achieved and what it plans to achieve in the future, Fibona Acoustics makes full use of its impeccable team and incredible powers of innovation to continue pushing the limits of what is possible in lightweight, spatially conservative technologies. Best Technology Development Company - Capital Region of Denmark Fibona Acoustics is a technology development and sourcing company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which specializes in electro-acoustics and loudspeaker systems. Fibona Acoustics offers a solution for those who have space or weight constraints but still want HiFi sound. Its innovative flat loudspeakers require less materials, are very lightweight, and thereby minimize freight impacts on the environment compared to other technologies. This means reduction of the audio industry's carbon footprint without compromising the sound quality and durability of the membranes. Fibona Acoustics has earned a Scandinavian Business Award for its endto-end electro acoustic solutions. For people who don’t want to compromise on sound quality despite various constraints, Fibona Acoustics makes itself an exemplary solution. Jul22546 Thus, it has recently been bringing its designs to brands and manufacturers all over the world, and it is pleased to announce that the interest it has received in the innovative technologies it boasts has been hugely positive, allowing it to confidently forecast a bright future ahead and hit the ground running. The founder, Milad Kahfizadeh, is especially proud of this as the culmination of years of work in the acoustic industry. Having earned an electro-acoustics Master of Science from the Technical University of Denmark and holding multiple international patents covering the EMCT and other transducer technologies, this reputation has been cultivated from the buzz surrounding his electro-acoustic and transducer design, manufacturing its own transducers and complete systems in-house. Having been prototyped across six different sizes and models, its proof of concept showed the sheer level of commitment to innovation that has followed it from the very beginning. Indeed, even today, with its products being clamoured for, Fibona Acoustics is not ready to rest on its laurels, always hoping to improve itself and make the EMCT truly scalable for all manner of different and highly specific projects. Most applications, it understands, are different – much like the customers themselves – and thus will require different sizing and dimensional data, which it can provide on a consultancy basis, as well as assisting in the identification and auditing of a sustainable facility in order to convert soft tools to hard, high-volume tools. For every new version of its transducer being a new part, every bespoke sound system and transducer it delivers must

11. Best Technology Development Company - Capital Region of Denmark be individually validated. This shows the company’s dedication to quality checking and sense checking, ensuring that every product leaving its workshop only does so when the product is at its best, basing many of these validations on simulation in the case of most products – especially larger ones – where smaller ones are tested by prototype and physical tests. Indeed, it has therefore been able to attract the kind of customers who are in tune with its own commitment to ingenuity in sound. Attracting those with the capability to manufacture their own transducers and complete systems, it aids its clients in vetting the best place possible, influencing a new movement in acoustic technology that makes sound an intensely personal and specific endeavour. Fundamentally, by taking its clients on these journeys to find their ‘best sound experience’, it makes itself a deeply unique and impeccably realised part of their lives, proud to be something that the clients are happy to pass on the word about their referrals and recommendations. Fibona Acoustics is recognized as a trusted partner, able to operate alone, it is the entire value chain, from design, simulation, prototyping, manufacture sourcing and solution delivery. Indeed, by investing in clean energy, environmental impact testing, and social responsibility, the company has been able to put its money where its mouth is in terms of thinking outside of the box. As it trains new employees, it makes it clear that it is not in the business of reproducing sound; it wishes, instead, to foster a new experience and to show its clients that the enjoyment of their sounds of choice can be an intensely personal and incredible experience when done right. In short, it hopes that once it’s shown its clients how sound should be, they won’t want to go back. Many clients do have this experience with Fibona Acoustics, after all. Allowing it to remain playful, idea-oriented, ecstatic in innovation, and able to learn from mistakes, it is excited that it is once again able to travel all over the world in order to showcase and demonstrate the technology that is slowly but surely making it a huge name in its industry, and a champion of bespoke listening. Fundamentally, having been working on and preparing for presentation of its compact and low weight car sound system, this electric car specific technology is enjoying its debut this year, and it is this – alongside many other incredible achievements – that has earned it the award we celebrate it for today. With experience as a senior transducer engineer for Peerless and DST, a partner and CTO for Avance International and Gamut International, a Director of Application Engineering for Tymphany Denmark, an Audio Project Manager for SB Acoustics, and many other positions, the founder has always displayed a huge level of commitment to his industry. Nominally, with such a deeply ingrained sound expert at the help, such a solid foundation of research as its bedrock, and a trajectory towards success as its future status, Fibona Acoustics is on a sure-fire track to greater success, and it encourages peers, partners, and clients alike to ‘watch this space’ as it moves forward. Company: Fibona Acoustics Contact: Milad Kahfizadeh Website: fibona-acoustics.com

12. Best Photo Safari Experience - Denmark Providing memorable, ecologically friendly, client-focused, and relaxing photo safari tours and excursions all over the Southern Jutland region of Denmark, Vadehavets Oplevelser has being showing its clients the hidden gems of its region since its inception. With impeccable natural beauty, rich culture, and a landscape steeped in historical relevance, this company is committed to showing a guest all that there is to love about its area, giving them an immersive and in-depth experience that they will never forget. The purveyor of the best Wadden Sea experiences, Vadehavets Oplevelser takes great pride in its duties, showing its guests the true beauty, majesty, and might of the Southern Jutland region. Nominally, this photo safari experience promises to take guests far from the beaten path, allowing them to enjoy nature as nature intended with its respect for each individual guest ensuring that everyone comes back with huge smiles and magical memories, with the marsh farm of Højergård as the gathering point. Passionate about the unique environment that is Tøndermarsken's, everything from the native plants and wildlife to the dramatic scenery and exemplary local culture promises to immerse a guest in a world of beauty and quiet natural dignity. Out exploring the landscape, it allows clients to experience black sun, oyster picking, and herb foraging. Each of these activities ensures that the visitor falls in love with the land, forging a connection with it that is hard to establish and maintain in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, giving them a place to retreat to where they can rest, recuperate, and recharge amongst the incredible natural beauty of the Wadden Natural Park. Moreover, with food, drink, and local life to explore, a client is sure to always be able to find something they love in the diverse environment that opens to them. Whether they’re explorers looking for a challenge, or simply looking for a natural retreat to welcome them with open arms, Vadehavets Oplevelser can fit itself to suit all comers. With the best natural and cultural guides always ready and willing to help, its guests’ holidays are bolstered by the information provided by its highly qualified biologists and historians. Each of these people are highly educated, incredibly passionate, and massively enthusiastic souls who will always operate with the client in mind, helping them to chase the objects of their interest, introducing them to the unique nature and singular biodiversity of the Scandinavian region. Fundamentally, with the message of ‘working together for the Wadden Sea’ in mind, its efforts are carried out with the best results for client and environment both in mind, excited to welcome on board its new employees and roll out its bold new packages in the near future. Company: Vadehavets Oplevelser Contact: Morten Riis Website: Vadehavetsoplevelser.dk VA D E H AV E T S O P L E V E L S E R Jun22568

Jul22493 13. Arctic Systems provides smart, digital, and sustainable pest control through the use of its monitoring smart trap device RATMO®, saving time while reducing the rodent population in a sustainable manner. We find out more about this innovative solution from one of the company’s Founders in the wake of the firm gaining the title of Leading Innovators of Pest Control Technology 2022. Originally invented and founded in Denmark in 2016 by pest control expert Rune Barslund and Industrial Designer Alistair Morton, Arctic Systems had a vision for a poison free rodent control system. Since then, the company’s aim has been to build the best user focused smart city platform for industries to monitor rodent activities in and around their own sites. After experiencing issues with an increased rat population due to growing cities, Rune and Alistair knew that they needed to act fast, however the issues with the existing rodent control solutions already in place was that they relied heavily on harmful pesticides which pollute the soil and groundwater causing secondary poisoning to birds, cats, dogs, and wildlife. The challenge was to develop something that was pesticide free yet smart and effective. Arctic Systems’ solution was to create the innovative RATMO® system. A digital remote sensor that is mounted on a standard rat trap or cage, transforming any conventional trap into a remote sensor and data collector. RATMO® ensures the rodent is killed instantly and in an ethical and sustainable manner. The smart solution accurately tracks and records rodent activity as well as the performance of the service provider through the Smart City App, providing data and statistics for reporting. Being able to log in online and track in real-time, enables the user to monitor their existing rat traps 24/7 and plan effective routines for cost effective rodent control. This new technology ensures there will be no wasted visits to trap locations, saving time and transportation. The RATMO® system has also undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is durable and up to the task. “During the last years, our RATMO® project has taken us to the USA, Middle East, Africa, and Northern Europe, where we have tested under extreme conditions, including live tests from +50 to -22 ° C,” elaborates Rune. “Back in the lab, our devices are tested with up to 3000 empty snaps to stress the electronics and plastic parts to the limit. A military drop test has been done with 28 drops from 1.2m on a hard surface, on all corners, edges, and sides and the units passed these tests without any problems.” “We believe in a healthy, safe, and pestfree environment, and with Arctic Systems RATMO® solution, industries support several of the official UN Goals for Sustainable Development, including Life on Land and Climate Action”, Rune explains. “RATMO® supports the eco systems and biological diversity due to its non-toxic solution and helps reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to less transportation between sites”. Recently, Arctic Systems was rewarded for its hard work and pioneering creativity by being recognised in the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Leading Innovators of Pest Control Technology 2022. And it seems that Rune and Alistair have their sights set on company expansion as they plan to take on the world… one rat at a time! Contact: Rune Barslund & Alistair Morton Email: [email protected] Company: Arctic Systems Web Address: www.arctic-systems.com Get Rid of That Rodent! Jun22273

14. Aug22346 Based in Denmark, Travel In Culture is a travel website with a focus on cultural heritage, both when it comes to well-known destinations and places off the beaten track exuding authenticity and local history. As a unique feature the website uses an AI approach to provide readers with additional travel-related country info such as price level, road safety, crime rates, and more, comparing these rates with the corresponding rates in their own country. Travel In Culture has recently gained recognition in the European Travel Awards 2022. Travel In Culture (travelinculture. com) is a travel website that has been created to provide inspiration to travel with a focus on cultural heritage, as well as the history behind people and places at destinations all over the world – both well-known and lesser-known destinations. The website contains a mix of travel-related articles ranging from travel guides & itineraries to articles describing the local culture, as well as local curiosities. Taking Denmark as an example, you can, for instance, read about the traditional fishing community at Nr Vorupør, Thy, which is one of the few places in Denmark where you can still experience the extraordinary and authentic ‘west coast way of fishing’ where the fishermen pull their boats right onto the beach when they come in. As inspiration for island hopping in Denmark, you can read about the fascinating history of the Rømø islanders’ whaling expeditions back in time when the flat marsh island was used as a base for Dutch and German expeditions to the polar oceans around Svalbard and Greenland. When returning the commanders used whalebones as timber for their houses. On Ærø you can explore 17th-century crooked house façades, iconic beach huts, and Marstal’s maritime heyday, whereas Lolland features old sugar factories built in the 1870s and 1880s, as well as a modern Stonehenge. The trend today is that people want to experience the authentic local culture. Through the articles, the readers gain some insight into local customs and the cultural heritage, whether it is the Sami culture in Norway or the Catalan Modernism and Antoni Gaudí’s influence on Barcelona in Spain. Currently, you can find travel inspiration on the Travel In Culture website across four continents – Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania – with articles covering everything from anime and traditional Japanese sumo wrestling in Tokyo, Māori culture in New Zealand, and Aboriginal art in the Blue Mountains in Australia, to the history behind the Easter Island moai statues, the vibrant Witches’ Market in La Paz, and the unique Uros community at the Lake Titicaca Floating Islands in Peru. Moreover, the website contains useful travel information and planning tools to prepare for and make the most of your own trip. Applying an AI approach to the website adds an extra layer of country specific, travel relevant information on top of the articles. This feature can be accessed through the Compare menu item, or directly on the specific country pages. Making use of Business Intelligence, rates and indices can be compared across countries. You can view comparisons between your own country (based on the user’s IP address) and the countries described in the articles – providing an overview of differences in price levels, traffic safety rates, crime Best Cultural Heritage Travel Website – Denmark rates, corruption indices, real-time pollution indices, Covid-19 status, vaccinations and other health info – all useful travelrelated information. In this way, getting an overview of the place you are going to visit, you can plan, be prepared, and solve practical issues before going, such that you can focus on experiencing the local culture, once arriving at the destination! So, what is the next step for Travel In Culture? In addition to cultural travel articles, there are many ideas on the drawing board to take the website to the next level. Further development could involve including more travel-related facts, more intelligence, and smart features, and maybe development of an app – so stay tuned! However, there is no doubt that whatever functionality may be added, it will always be the culture that is the focal point and the core of Travel In Culture. Contact: Annelise Nyvold Lundbye Company: Travel In Culture Web Address: travelinculture.com

Aug22136 Most Innovative Health Supplements Brand 2022 – Netherlands Creating grand opportunities for people who wish to improve their lifestyle, appearance, and overall wellbeing, Health Tribe has been striving to better its clients’ quality of life with their top of the range consumable products. Complying with the highest levels of quality natural supplements, its nutritional supplements are without synthetic additives or harmful extras, putting the future back in the total control of the client by bringing people together. Health Tribe’s products are ones fuelled by the concepts of community. Above all else, this company’s ethos is putting a client’s future back in their hands, helping them to create a healthier, more confident, and more sustainable lifestyle free from additives and preservatives by giving them access to healthy food supplements. A business dedicated to transparency, honesty, professionalism, and heart, its high-quality food supplements cover a wide range of different products and lines that give clear insight through its online platform as to what each product contains. GMO free, vegan, and clean label in nature, it is best to buy its products in segments in order to allow it to provide the best results over a period. Championing innovation in every sense of the term, it is constantly up to date with the latest and greatest insights of its peer and wider industry. Nominally, it has used the exemplary pedigree that it has developed over time to grow in scale, becoming fully registered across Europe, the USA, the UK, the GCC, and the Middle East, shopping its products from the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates in order to reach its international clientele in good time. It has also developed its own app for the distribution and marketing of its products, sensitive to the current financial demands that the economy is placing upon everyone and keeping that in mind when it comes to price points. Accessibility, affordability, and excellence in mind, it seeks to make ‘a new difference’ in business, securing itself at the top of the leader board in international supplement provision in order to adapt to a digital future. Indeed, by keeping itself well-informed and passing all relevant knowledge onto its customers in order to keep education as its primary cornerstone, its annual revenue has been on the constant up-and-up, allowing it to continue to support all its clients in their wellness journeys. Today, a cornerstone of successful Dutch start-ups – one that has withstood the tumult of the pandemic – tomorrow, an emboldened international presence, with plans to begin trading in Turkey, as well as expanding its language portfolio to include Arabic, Farsi, and more. Its e-commerce is slated to be the beating heart of this expansion, with all manner of developments, events, and corporate outreach planned for the near future in order to further ingratiate it with its wider industry. Company: Health Tribe Contact: Sandra Deira, Global Director Website: www.wearehealthtribe.com 052

Jul22546 16. ith Nano-bin, smokers now have a convenient way to dispose of their cigarette butts with this mobile nonflammable, airtight ashtray, which empowers smokers to both enjoy their vice and to care about the world around them. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Alice Hertz Dahl found a way to combine her passion for the environment and all things ecofriendly with her vast experience as a manager for European Food companies – such as Scan, Starbucks and W&A – and her gift for accurately evaluation and understanding consumer needs. It all began when Alice, a farmer’s daughter, was a new resident in Stockholm. Late one night, whilst waiting for the bus, she began to count how many cigarette butts she could see littering the streets and was surprised when she reached a staggeringly high number. Alice pondered that surely there must be a better way to dispose of our cigarette butts and keep the streets cleaner – and Nano-bin was born! “Roughly 540,000,000 cigarette butts are thrown on the ground per hour around the world,” exclaims Alice. “If placed in a row, it would take us around the equator in just three hours. Something needed to happen!” The Berlin-based start-up is now the third company that Alice has founded and, as a report from the EU shows that in Europe alone we spend £13 billion a year to clean up cigarette butts, meaning every EU citizen pays €20 per year towards this, it could not have come soon enough. “This money is better spent elsewhere.” she elaborates. “We shall not blame or shame smokers, but this has created high costs for our society along with harm to the environment. It takes approximately seven years for a cigarette butt to dissolve and, in the meantime, it contaminates the surrounding water and soil.” Alice’s handy solution, Nano-bin, is a fully recyclable and biodegradable tube that will hold up to 20 cigarette butts. Designed to make it easier for smokers to dispose of their cigarettes correctly, patent applied, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and completely odourless pocket ashtray can be filled with butts, stored, and disposed of along with other waste at a convenient time. Currently the only product on the market of its kind, Nanobin incorporates some clever technology to ensure that it is ecofriendly. For example, it is produced from well paper and also has Best Eco-Friendly Ashtray Company 2022 It doesn’t matter which city you travel to, be it Rome, Paris, London or Stockholm, litter is a very real issue, with one of the biggest culprits being cigarette butts. Tired of seeing the streets lined with rubbish, one woman took it upon herself to change it all. We find out more in the wake of pioneering company, Nano-bin, being recognised in the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022. W Contact: Alice Hertz Dahl Company: Nano-Bin Jun22703