Q4 2022

11. Best Technology Development Company - Capital Region of Denmark be individually validated. This shows the company’s dedication to quality checking and sense checking, ensuring that every product leaving its workshop only does so when the product is at its best, basing many of these validations on simulation in the case of most products – especially larger ones – where smaller ones are tested by prototype and physical tests. Indeed, it has therefore been able to attract the kind of customers who are in tune with its own commitment to ingenuity in sound. Attracting those with the capability to manufacture their own transducers and complete systems, it aids its clients in vetting the best place possible, influencing a new movement in acoustic technology that makes sound an intensely personal and specific endeavour. Fundamentally, by taking its clients on these journeys to find their ‘best sound experience’, it makes itself a deeply unique and impeccably realised part of their lives, proud to be something that the clients are happy to pass on the word about their referrals and recommendations. Fibona Acoustics is recognized as a trusted partner, able to operate alone, it is the entire value chain, from design, simulation, prototyping, manufacture sourcing and solution delivery. Indeed, by investing in clean energy, environmental impact testing, and social responsibility, the company has been able to put its money where its mouth is in terms of thinking outside of the box. As it trains new employees, it makes it clear that it is not in the business of reproducing sound; it wishes, instead, to foster a new experience and to show its clients that the enjoyment of their sounds of choice can be an intensely personal and incredible experience when done right. In short, it hopes that once it’s shown its clients how sound should be, they won’t want to go back. Many clients do have this experience with Fibona Acoustics, after all. Allowing it to remain playful, idea-oriented, ecstatic in innovation, and able to learn from mistakes, it is excited that it is once again able to travel all over the world in order to showcase and demonstrate the technology that is slowly but surely making it a huge name in its industry, and a champion of bespoke listening. Fundamentally, having been working on and preparing for presentation of its compact and low weight car sound system, this electric car specific technology is enjoying its debut this year, and it is this – alongside many other incredible achievements – that has earned it the award we celebrate it for today. With experience as a senior transducer engineer for Peerless and DST, a partner and CTO for Avance International and Gamut International, a Director of Application Engineering for Tymphany Denmark, an Audio Project Manager for SB Acoustics, and many other positions, the founder has always displayed a huge level of commitment to his industry. Nominally, with such a deeply ingrained sound expert at the help, such a solid foundation of research as its bedrock, and a trajectory towards success as its future status, Fibona Acoustics is on a sure-fire track to greater success, and it encourages peers, partners, and clients alike to ‘watch this space’ as it moves forward. Company: Fibona Acoustics Contact: Milad Kahfizadeh Website: fibona-acoustics.com