Q4 2022

12. Best Photo Safari Experience - Denmark Providing memorable, ecologically friendly, client-focused, and relaxing photo safari tours and excursions all over the Southern Jutland region of Denmark, Vadehavets Oplevelser has being showing its clients the hidden gems of its region since its inception. With impeccable natural beauty, rich culture, and a landscape steeped in historical relevance, this company is committed to showing a guest all that there is to love about its area, giving them an immersive and in-depth experience that they will never forget. The purveyor of the best Wadden Sea experiences, Vadehavets Oplevelser takes great pride in its duties, showing its guests the true beauty, majesty, and might of the Southern Jutland region. Nominally, this photo safari experience promises to take guests far from the beaten path, allowing them to enjoy nature as nature intended with its respect for each individual guest ensuring that everyone comes back with huge smiles and magical memories, with the marsh farm of Højergård as the gathering point. Passionate about the unique environment that is Tøndermarsken's, everything from the native plants and wildlife to the dramatic scenery and exemplary local culture promises to immerse a guest in a world of beauty and quiet natural dignity. Out exploring the landscape, it allows clients to experience black sun, oyster picking, and herb foraging. Each of these activities ensures that the visitor falls in love with the land, forging a connection with it that is hard to establish and maintain in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, giving them a place to retreat to where they can rest, recuperate, and recharge amongst the incredible natural beauty of the Wadden Natural Park. Moreover, with food, drink, and local life to explore, a client is sure to always be able to find something they love in the diverse environment that opens to them. Whether they’re explorers looking for a challenge, or simply looking for a natural retreat to welcome them with open arms, Vadehavets Oplevelser can fit itself to suit all comers. With the best natural and cultural guides always ready and willing to help, its guests’ holidays are bolstered by the information provided by its highly qualified biologists and historians. Each of these people are highly educated, incredibly passionate, and massively enthusiastic souls who will always operate with the client in mind, helping them to chase the objects of their interest, introducing them to the unique nature and singular biodiversity of the Scandinavian region. Fundamentally, with the message of ‘working together for the Wadden Sea’ in mind, its efforts are carried out with the best results for client and environment both in mind, excited to welcome on board its new employees and roll out its bold new packages in the near future. Company: Vadehavets Oplevelser Contact: Morten Riis Website: Vadehavetsoplevelser.dk VA D E H AV E T S O P L E V E L S E R Jun22568