Q4 2022

14. Aug22346 Based in Denmark, Travel In Culture is a travel website with a focus on cultural heritage, both when it comes to well-known destinations and places off the beaten track exuding authenticity and local history. As a unique feature the website uses an AI approach to provide readers with additional travel-related country info such as price level, road safety, crime rates, and more, comparing these rates with the corresponding rates in their own country. Travel In Culture has recently gained recognition in the European Travel Awards 2022. Travel In Culture (travelinculture. com) is a travel website that has been created to provide inspiration to travel with a focus on cultural heritage, as well as the history behind people and places at destinations all over the world – both well-known and lesser-known destinations. The website contains a mix of travel-related articles ranging from travel guides & itineraries to articles describing the local culture, as well as local curiosities. Taking Denmark as an example, you can, for instance, read about the traditional fishing community at Nr Vorupør, Thy, which is one of the few places in Denmark where you can still experience the extraordinary and authentic ‘west coast way of fishing’ where the fishermen pull their boats right onto the beach when they come in. As inspiration for island hopping in Denmark, you can read about the fascinating history of the Rømø islanders’ whaling expeditions back in time when the flat marsh island was used as a base for Dutch and German expeditions to the polar oceans around Svalbard and Greenland. When returning the commanders used whalebones as timber for their houses. On Ærø you can explore 17th-century crooked house façades, iconic beach huts, and Marstal’s maritime heyday, whereas Lolland features old sugar factories built in the 1870s and 1880s, as well as a modern Stonehenge. The trend today is that people want to experience the authentic local culture. Through the articles, the readers gain some insight into local customs and the cultural heritage, whether it is the Sami culture in Norway or the Catalan Modernism and Antoni Gaudí’s influence on Barcelona in Spain. Currently, you can find travel inspiration on the Travel In Culture website across four continents – Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania – with articles covering everything from anime and traditional Japanese sumo wrestling in Tokyo, Māori culture in New Zealand, and Aboriginal art in the Blue Mountains in Australia, to the history behind the Easter Island moai statues, the vibrant Witches’ Market in La Paz, and the unique Uros community at the Lake Titicaca Floating Islands in Peru. Moreover, the website contains useful travel information and planning tools to prepare for and make the most of your own trip. Applying an AI approach to the website adds an extra layer of country specific, travel relevant information on top of the articles. This feature can be accessed through the Compare menu item, or directly on the specific country pages. Making use of Business Intelligence, rates and indices can be compared across countries. You can view comparisons between your own country (based on the user’s IP address) and the countries described in the articles – providing an overview of differences in price levels, traffic safety rates, crime Best Cultural Heritage Travel Website – Denmark rates, corruption indices, real-time pollution indices, Covid-19 status, vaccinations and other health info – all useful travelrelated information. In this way, getting an overview of the place you are going to visit, you can plan, be prepared, and solve practical issues before going, such that you can focus on experiencing the local culture, once arriving at the destination! So, what is the next step for Travel In Culture? In addition to cultural travel articles, there are many ideas on the drawing board to take the website to the next level. Further development could involve including more travel-related facts, more intelligence, and smart features, and maybe development of an app – so stay tuned! However, there is no doubt that whatever functionality may be added, it will always be the culture that is the focal point and the core of Travel In Culture. Contact: Annelise Nyvold Lundbye Company: Travel In Culture Web Address: travelinculture.com