Q4 2022

Aug22136 Most Innovative Health Supplements Brand 2022 – Netherlands Creating grand opportunities for people who wish to improve their lifestyle, appearance, and overall wellbeing, Health Tribe has been striving to better its clients’ quality of life with their top of the range consumable products. Complying with the highest levels of quality natural supplements, its nutritional supplements are without synthetic additives or harmful extras, putting the future back in the total control of the client by bringing people together. Health Tribe’s products are ones fuelled by the concepts of community. Above all else, this company’s ethos is putting a client’s future back in their hands, helping them to create a healthier, more confident, and more sustainable lifestyle free from additives and preservatives by giving them access to healthy food supplements. A business dedicated to transparency, honesty, professionalism, and heart, its high-quality food supplements cover a wide range of different products and lines that give clear insight through its online platform as to what each product contains. GMO free, vegan, and clean label in nature, it is best to buy its products in segments in order to allow it to provide the best results over a period. Championing innovation in every sense of the term, it is constantly up to date with the latest and greatest insights of its peer and wider industry. Nominally, it has used the exemplary pedigree that it has developed over time to grow in scale, becoming fully registered across Europe, the USA, the UK, the GCC, and the Middle East, shopping its products from the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates in order to reach its international clientele in good time. It has also developed its own app for the distribution and marketing of its products, sensitive to the current financial demands that the economy is placing upon everyone and keeping that in mind when it comes to price points. Accessibility, affordability, and excellence in mind, it seeks to make ‘a new difference’ in business, securing itself at the top of the leader board in international supplement provision in order to adapt to a digital future. Indeed, by keeping itself well-informed and passing all relevant knowledge onto its customers in order to keep education as its primary cornerstone, its annual revenue has been on the constant up-and-up, allowing it to continue to support all its clients in their wellness journeys. Today, a cornerstone of successful Dutch start-ups – one that has withstood the tumult of the pandemic – tomorrow, an emboldened international presence, with plans to begin trading in Turkey, as well as expanding its language portfolio to include Arabic, Farsi, and more. Its e-commerce is slated to be the beating heart of this expansion, with all manner of developments, events, and corporate outreach planned for the near future in order to further ingratiate it with its wider industry. Company: Health Tribe Contact: Sandra Deira, Global Director Website: www.wearehealthtribe.com 052