Q4 2022

Jul22546 16. ith Nano-bin, smokers now have a convenient way to dispose of their cigarette butts with this mobile nonflammable, airtight ashtray, which empowers smokers to both enjoy their vice and to care about the world around them. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Alice Hertz Dahl found a way to combine her passion for the environment and all things ecofriendly with her vast experience as a manager for European Food companies – such as Scan, Starbucks and W&A – and her gift for accurately evaluation and understanding consumer needs. It all began when Alice, a farmer’s daughter, was a new resident in Stockholm. Late one night, whilst waiting for the bus, she began to count how many cigarette butts she could see littering the streets and was surprised when she reached a staggeringly high number. Alice pondered that surely there must be a better way to dispose of our cigarette butts and keep the streets cleaner – and Nano-bin was born! “Roughly 540,000,000 cigarette butts are thrown on the ground per hour around the world,” exclaims Alice. “If placed in a row, it would take us around the equator in just three hours. Something needed to happen!” The Berlin-based start-up is now the third company that Alice has founded and, as a report from the EU shows that in Europe alone we spend £13 billion a year to clean up cigarette butts, meaning every EU citizen pays €20 per year towards this, it could not have come soon enough. “This money is better spent elsewhere.” she elaborates. “We shall not blame or shame smokers, but this has created high costs for our society along with harm to the environment. It takes approximately seven years for a cigarette butt to dissolve and, in the meantime, it contaminates the surrounding water and soil.” Alice’s handy solution, Nano-bin, is a fully recyclable and biodegradable tube that will hold up to 20 cigarette butts. Designed to make it easier for smokers to dispose of their cigarettes correctly, patent applied, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and completely odourless pocket ashtray can be filled with butts, stored, and disposed of along with other waste at a convenient time. Currently the only product on the market of its kind, Nanobin incorporates some clever technology to ensure that it is ecofriendly. For example, it is produced from well paper and also has Best Eco-Friendly Ashtray Company 2022 It doesn’t matter which city you travel to, be it Rome, Paris, London or Stockholm, litter is a very real issue, with one of the biggest culprits being cigarette butts. Tired of seeing the streets lined with rubbish, one woman took it upon herself to change it all. We find out more in the wake of pioneering company, Nano-bin, being recognised in the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022. W Contact: Alice Hertz Dahl Company: Nano-Bin Jun22703