Q4 2022

18. Best Live Stage Production & Corporate Events Company – Norway Creative content and positive energy, this is the promise of the event planning agency Appetite for Production AS! Boasting a bespoke service with a wholly unique presence, Appetite has spent 20 years forging the perfect atmospheres and experiences for customers using top-notch production and technical strategies and equipment. The Norwegian-based business exploded onto the scene with an infectious energy and approach towards the provision of its services. Appetite for Production AS (Appetite) produces corporate events, partnering with a variety of production companies, travel agencies, political organisations, and corporate business clients whilst providing unforgettable experiences. Combining creative content with contagious positivity is a task that Appetite takes to with zeal. To every project, it brings over 20 years of premium event experience to the fore, collaborating closely with the teams and businesses it partners with to bring their visions to life. Appetite prides itself on being able to complement, contribute, and collaborate with anyone it works with, getting to know a client’s vision down to the minutia, leaving nothing to interpretation. Yet, Appetite still has its creative spin. The key to its success, and the success of the events it produces, is the transparency and communication it fosters. It takes what its clients provide and brings its own ideas to the table based on what it is given, in a true mutual fashion. From here, Appetite and its clients can build the next steps together, combining their knowledge of their services and ideas with Appetite’s decades of experience and expertise. The combination leads to spellbinding events and productions that leave all involved impressed. Appetite brings more than great ideas and a cheerful outlook to the table. From technical preproduction and live stage production, the company has a wide array of available services that stretch over an even wider range of mediums. From webinars, content creation, video production and interactive meetings on the more technical end to studio productions and concerts – complete with set design and other production work – Appetite has such a vast portfolio that it stands far above many of its competitors. However, its strategy is to complete – not to compete. Appetite’s sole focus is on utilising creative storytelling and the latest technical production techniques to meet and exceed its customer’s dreams and expectations. With the creative themes, visual content, scenographic design, and set pieces at its disposal, it retains all the elements it needs to surprise and engage its clients and their audiences, and that focus is what makes it stand out so clearly. In the end, it all draws back to Appetite’s central mission; to generate positive energy. Appetite seeks to dazzle and impress and allows success to roll in naturally, because of its arduous work and investment into projects. Norway’s Best Live Stage Production & Corporate Events Company continues to bring the same passion for its craft that it has for over 20 years, and Appetite for Production AS is certain to bring even more positivity throughout 2022 and beyond. Contact: Erlend Syltevik Company: Appetite for Production AS Web Address: https://appetite.no/ Jun22488 Creative - Open - Reliable - Enthusiastic