Q4 2022

Jul22493 19. Jul22493 Ethics and professionalism serve as the foundation upon which IDD-Xpert has been built. Led by CEO Laurence Benissan, the company is at the forefront of the pharmaceutical development industry, and has been the catalyst for several ground-breaking innovations. IDD-Xpert is a research and development platform for managing the life cycle of pharmaceutical, new chemical, and biotech products. The company oversees the pre-clinical development, manufacturing, and the release of both clinical and pilot batches of respiratory, oral, and sterile pharmaceutical forms. Its work is therefore highly diverse, and since its genesis, it has produced 915 development reports and manufactured over 1,421 batches, cultivating a clientele of more than 300 international customers. Founded in 2012, IDD-Xpert has become adept in transforming products into something tangible and marketable, with its know-how and expertise extending from the laboratory to the industry on a whole. It boasts skills in the physical characterisation of powders and mixtures, formulation using DOE/ QbD, manufacturing process scale-up/ down, validation, transfer, trouble-shooting, analytical method development, validation, transfer, QC, and stability studies. As such, with IDD-Xpert, clients can expect to receive a highly-professional service that strives to understand their needs and their products. IDD-Xpert’s dedication to professionalism and client-centricity knows no bounds – and this is reflected in the hightech manufacturing area that the company has created. Fitted with single use isolators to handle cytotoxic and lyophilised products under a Class A and Class B environment, the manufacturing area has been built in a way that ensures both efficacy and efficiency. For example, its freeze dryer equipment has a capacity of 1,000 vials, and the single use products found throughout the process allow for lyophilisation, sterile filtration, and aseptic filling. Moreover, the creation of this area provides exceptional levels of quality, resulting in a valuable service. It is clear that social, societal, and environmental responsibility is at the heart of IDD-Xpert. The company prides itself on its devotion to sustainability and good practices; it believes that ethics should be upheld in every way possible. Consequently, IDD-Xpert chooses to invest in the development of activities that benefit culture, sport, youth, and health, because by investing in such areas, IDD-Xpert is investing in the future. It is through a combination of each of these factors that EU Business News is pleased to name Laurence Benissan Pharmaceutical Development CEO of the Year 2022, as they have created an organisation that is building a better and more sustainable future. Contact: Laurence Benissan Company: IDD-Xpert Web Address: http://www.idd-xpert.com/ Pharmaceutical Development CEO of the Year 2022: Laurence Benissan Aug22663