Q4 2022

20. Aug22676 Aerospace CEO of the Year 2022: Philippe Riviere ACI Groupe is an ETI with a global offer, participating in the development of industrial territories and aiming to support French manufacturers at each stage of their manufacturing process. The team are committed to innovation, outstanding quality of products, and meeting deadlines, all through simple, fast, and sustainable processes that meet the most demanding of needs. While the group may only be three years old, it is steeped in rich industrial history of almost 100 years. It oversees 17 companies/industrial sites, across which there are 600 employees, having achieved a turnover of €65 million in 2021. Its aim is not to change the DNA of the companies it buys, but to provide them with support and manage risks. Indeed, Philippe Riviere is CEO and a cofounder of this cutting-edge business, alongside COO, Patrice Rives. Philippe has extensive experience, having managed Aubert & Duval for 15 years where he was responsible for production sites. He also contributed to the creation of Prismadd, a major player in additive manufacturing, and is ex-CEO of WeAre International. With Philippe knowing WeAre International so well, it has even joined ACI Groupe’s subsidiary. Rabourdin, Comefor, and CARBON are also among its companies. As an insight into the work it does, ACI Groupe is supporting start-up CARBON as an “industrial facilitator”, helping it to establish a fully integrated solar gigafactory in France. CARBON is benefiting from ACI Groupe’s broad knowledge and financial stability, enabling it to fully realise its vision of a fully integrated photovoltaic panel production unit in France. Not only this, but Founded in 2019, ACI Groupe is a leading ETI of industrial subcontracting which brings together complementary technological know-how. Manufacturing subassembly parts, as well as providing a range of services and maintenance, it is a tier 1 supplier for the aeronautics, automotive, rail, defence, energy, and medical industries. In light of the company’s CEO, Philippe Riviere’s awards success, we learn more. ACI Groupe has agility as a major industrial group with high quality French production being one of its main commitments. CARBON aims to reach a capacity of 500 MW by 2024 in a pilot facility, then 5 GW by 2025, and 15 GW to 20 GW by 2030. It will source low-carbon, European polysilicon for the production of silicon ingots to be sliced up into wafers, then made into PV cells and assembled into solar modules. The project entails billions of euros in investments. CARBON’s ambition is to be among the top 10 solar cell makers by 2030. ‘Know-how’ is a keyword when it comes to what makes ACI Groupe so efficient in leading all its industrial sites. Philippe uses his rich experience and passion for the industry to lead the ACI Groupe team and industrial sites with vigour. Because niche technological expertise is what plays such a key part in ACI Groupe’s success and its growth strategy, able to meet the needs of several markets while guaranteeing French quality parts and sub-assemblies. Now ACI Groupe is focused on the future, where by 2025, it is aiming to expand to 25 industrial sites, made up of 800 employees, with an expected turnover of €160 million. On way towards this growth, the group is recruiting across all of its production sites. If you are interested in joining the dynamic and growing ACI Groupe team, please email your CV over to [email protected]. If you think ACI Groupe can help with your projects in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, rail, defence, energy, or medical, you can request a quote via the following link and a technician will contact you as soon as possible: www.acigroupe.com/demande-de-devis Company: ACI Groupe Contact: Philippe Riviere Email: [email protected] Website: www.acigroupe.com ACI Groupe is an ETI with a global offer, participating in the development of industrial territories and aiming to support French manufacturers at each stage of their manufacturing process.