Q4 2022

Jul22493 7. Jul22493 Pintrip is a travel experience guide for motorhome enthusiasts, providing access to local experiences that are off the beaten track. We find out more from Founder, Henriette Rask, as the company gains the prestigious title of Best Motorhome Travel Guide – Denmark. Pintrip offers unique experiences to motorhome tourists in Denmark through its tour guide, updated yearly, which introduces its network of more than 300 hosts all over the country. This includes farm shops, wineries, small museums, and inns, to name but a few. Pintrip’s goal is to introduce motorhome owners to these local hidden gems, and in this way also show its support to the small businesses. “One of our goals with Pintrip is to show motorhome owners that there are so many wonderful places to visit and explore just around the corner,” explains Owner and Managing Director, Henriette Rask. “You don´t have to travel far to taste wonderful wine or to park in a beautiful spot.” Each host in the network offers between 1-3 pitches to the motorhome tourists, so they can stay overnight for free. With Pintrip, the important meeting between host and guest can take place so visitors can really get to know the people behind the business. “Another important goal for us has been to support small businesses because, in this fast-changing world, where everything grows big and rapidly, we want to support the farmer with his small farm shop and the small brewery, which produces only a small amount of craft beer.” With a typical client of Pintrip’s being a motorhome owner aged 50+ who enjoys exploring new places, the company aims to differentiate itself from competitors in a number of ways. Namely, offering unique experiences where travellers get the chance to personally meet their hosts, take advantage of safe overnight parking and enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip. Pintrip is also the only company of its kind in Denmark. When it comes to spreading the word, Pintrip markets itself on social media, as well as sending out a monthly newsletter to customers and potential customers. It also regularly visits trade fairs and travel exhibitions to introduce itself to travellers who are looking for something a little bit different. “The feedback we have received is usually always positive because people have been so surprised by what they have discovered,” Henriette enthuses. “They have visited places just around the corner that they did not know existed, and the hosts have been getting the support that they otherwise wouldn't.” As a very small team, every member in the Pintrip family plays a significant role in the firm. A collaborative internal culture, focused on participation and being team-orientated, means that it is often all hands on deck so working well together is imperative when taking on new recruits. “I look for qualities that are different from mine when recruiting, so now we complement each other in the best way,” says Henriette. “It is very important that we work well together and, in turn, this contributes to our company´s success because, while we internally focus on the team and collaboration, these are also our core values externally in terms of our hosts and our clients. We believe our clients can feel and understand that.” Henriette tells us that the pressure from competitors is felt all the time, which is something that will likely never change, but Pintrip has a huge sense of belonging within its community, which has only strengthened and further developed during the last two years. The Covid-19 pandemic, which effectively saw the travel industry grind to a halt, was actually beneficial for the company in many ways, and it increased in popularity, with more than a third of the Danish motorhome market had a copy of last year’s guide. “Slowly the pandemic actually turned out to benefit us and the hosts, as Danes stayed in Denmark. They travelled around and kept the small businesses alive. The hosts made creative solutions, such as bringing food to the step of the motorhome, so that people still could support them.” Recently, Pintrip was recognised in the Scandinavian Business Awards for its innovative and unique experiences and crowned with the title of Best Motorhome Travel Guide in Denmark, something of which Henriette and the team are very proud. Now, as the firm plans for the 2023 season, it seems that it is very much business as usual. “We will have several new initiatives for next year,” says Henriette. “It is still early days, so we cannot say too much, but we will be working on our membership and how to improve it. Plus, something completely new, we are also planning to create some events at our hosts’ homes for our community. It is very exciting times.” Contact: Henriette Rask Company: Pintrip ApS Web Address: www.pintrip.eu Experience Extraordinary Exploration