Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 11 , Noise & Vibration Experts of the Year - Sweden The Scandinavian Vibration Society, SVIB, is the largest organization of experts in the field of vibrations in Scandinavia. The association has members in all of Scandinavia, with the largest concentration in Sweden. Jul21302 SVIB was founded as an extension of the work in the IVA Vibration Committee from 1976-1982 and in 1997, SVIB became the Scandinavian Vibration Association. The purpose of SVIB has been to work within the vibration area with respect to information dissemination and knowledge development. SVIB members are primary engineers, researchers and academics as well as industrial professionals from Scandinavia who are working or doing research in the field of noise and vibration. By working with interesting and innovative projects and products, SVIB contributes to society by reducing the effect of noise and vibration in daily life. The main activities of SVIB are to increase knowledge and information exchanged by organizing scientific meetings, events, workshops, publishing journals and newsletters to support experts in the field of noise and vibration. The main objective is to provide a platform for researchers and engineers to present their research results and development activities in the field of noise and vibration and the activities of SVIB are conference with theme vibrations in wool made buildings. In this way, it hopes it can reach multiple international audiences as a motivating factor that makes SVIB different and unique. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on its conferences and many times the industry meetings and events have been postponed or canceled. Positively, COVID- 19 has provided an opportunity for SVIB to think toward a more international online program and events with fellow members. For SVIB, online events and scientific conferences will be a trend that will likely continue as it helps researchers and engineers gather to discuss the latest news in the area. SVIBA works within an internal culture of integrity, thriving within a company with open, honest professionalism and committed to doing its best by working with members who are passionate about the work. When recruiting new team members, SVIB often looks for people who are willing to go the extra mile and share its purpose. During 2020, SVIB started to focus on using social media managed by a board elected by the members of the association. SVIB news (SVIB Nytt) is the member magazine, where its members are informed about the latest projects in the field, and products, research and development as well as education. The key focus areas of SVIB Nytt include vibration measurement and analysis, vehicle and machine vibration, traffic, ground and building vibrations, physiological effect of vibrations, research and education in the field of vibration. Scientific research blogging is its next step in 2021 to share knowledge with members. SVIB is creating a platform to encourage young researchers to take an interest in science, discuss personalised work or to be used as a peer-reviewed paper. Its purpose could be used to express opinions, talk about new research, discuss and explore topics beyond an area of expertise or to explain a difficult concept in the filed area. In addition, 2021 has also seen the company launch its latest concept in online conference themes. Later in the year, SVIB will hold its first theme Noise &Vibration Experts of the Year - Sweden for online programs, virtual conferences and knowledge sharing to reach international audiences. SVIB is also interested in expanding its collaboration with researchers in academia and industries outside of Scandinavia. Using a blog in professional practices is a major part of its plans for 2021 to reach other audiences interested in its work. An academic blog is an obvious place for connecting people from academia and indstrties together as it can be a helpful in developing ideas, knowledge sharing and exchange motivations. It benefits both writers and readers alike. The blogging tool can also be a useful source for a much wider audience, which gives the possibility to combine intellectual discussion with a personal touch. Overall, the future is brighter and quieter with SVIB at the top of its industry, winning Noise & Vibration Experts of the Year – Sweden at the Scandinavian Business Awards 2021. Company: SVIB Scandinavian Vibration Society Name: Marina Brandt Email: [email protected] Web Address: