Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 13 , Best Hair Care Products Distributor Europe Trontveit is an international company that focuses on bringing innovative and professional hair products to the market as well as providing the best service to its customers. In a highly demanding and competitive industry, it has been thriving and will continue to do so even after the global pandemic. Katerina Pesoutova, who is responsible for marketing in Trontveit, tells us about its journey and future aspirations in the beauty industry. Jun21127 Located in Denmark, Trontveit focuses on designing and generating inventive hair products for an international market. It does this whilst nourishing its relationships with its customers. The company was founded in 2010 by a former hairdresser, Tomas Trontveit Jensen, who created both brands, Attitude by Trontveit and Pure Attitude. Both brands use green ingredients meaning that they are accepted by eco-friendly salons everywhere. Katerina tells us that their “current portfolio contains innovative styling line, vegan haircare Pure Attitude, throughout all parts of the world, whilst reinforcing and strengthening its connections with the Scandinavian market. It’s not solely about the products - it is the customers experience that really matters to Trontveit. Katerina says, “When recruiting a new member of our team, there are two main things topping the list. The most important one is the right attitude. The person needs to show skills, passion, and willingness to learn to do their job”. Katerina also explains how important it is to find someone with the right values, ones that align with this ever-evolving business. As this is a challenging complete colour system with Plex technology and machines/ tools for the professional salons”. Trontveit’s mission is to craft fresh and unprecedented products that will inevitably change the global market, whilst still maintaining and forming relationships with its customers. It means to present original products that also have a positive impact on the environment. Katerina says that they are always “bringing new products and concepts to the market, instead of fighting our competitors”. It lets its products speak for themselves. Its vision is to produce unique products and extend its work Best Hair Care Products Distributor Europe and changing industry, it is essential that its staff have the right views and aspirations. The pandemic has inevitably had an impact on the industry in Scandinavia. Global and local lockdowns or restrictions have severely reduced the work that Trontveit has been able to do. Now that the situation is improving, Trontveit is picking up where it left off and rocketing into the atmosphere. It hopes to become a part of Cosmoprof, the most prestigious worldwide trade show for the beauty industry. Katerina says that this will allow Trontveit to “present our work, meet clients from all over the world, find new business connections and remind us, why we do what we do”. Throughout its endeavours, there has been a lot of hard work involved. It has succeeded in winning the Best Hair Care Products Distributor in Europe award and it will only continue to develop and expand in the future. Contact: Katerina Pesoutova Company: Trontveit Aps Web Address: