Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 9 , Best Electrical Sockets Protective Covering Solutions Provider - Sweden RDS EL & TELE AB has many years of experience in service, new installation and refurbishment of offices, real estate and industry, within Electricity, Tele, Brand, Fiber, Data, Antenna and Alarm facilities. We find out more about how the firm’s extensive knowledge has earned success at the Scandinavia Business Awards 2021. Jun21401 Founded in 2006, RDS EL & TELE AB is a basic electrical installation company that has developed a protective cover for electrical outlets. Roger Strand, innovator at RDS EL&TELE AB states, “We work mainly with private and commercial companies in electrical installations however, we also have some contract customers. When it comes to the sale of protective caps, we have customers in real estate companies, painting shops, painting companies and private customers via our website. We strive to ensure that our employees have a safe and good work environment. We want our customers to feel a good environmental awareness in our way of running projects.” Roger continues, “We want to reach out to retail companies with this product where the need exists, so right now we are working to find partners for a long and mutual business relationship based on trust and openness.” In any industry, there must be a unique selling point, or an advantage given by companies to ensure they are or can be the best in their own field. RDS EL & TELE AB is a distinguished company that exceeds its competitors when it comes that is needed in a professional execution, but I think ordinary people think more about safety now than a few years ago.” Roger continues, “I think that Scandinavian countries have a high standard when it comes to a safe way of working, both at work and at home, but I can probably only comment on Sweden in this case.” However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses have been crippled by the after effect. Fortunately for RDS EL & TELE AB, however, the effects were minimal. Roger explains, “We have been lucky that our installations have not been affected by COVID-19. Though, when it comes to the progress and sale of the protective caps, I do not know how this has been affected, as I have nothing to refer to. My hope is that this pandemic comes to an end soon, so this company can have a better and brighter future.” An expansion in a business is always considered a bold and necessary step in order to reach more clients. Roger states, “while our market at the moment is based in Scandinavia, we are still investigating an approach to the market outside of Scandinavia.” to its undeniably outstanding products and reputable services. Roger states, “When it comes to electrical installations, we are the same as any other company, however, when it comes to the protective cover, we are the only company in Europe that has this product. This protective cover is a 100% contact protection against live parts in a socket that can be used for renovations at home and both professionally for painting and wallpapering.” Roger continues, “the protective cover also protects the socket against external influences such as dirt, paint and glue, but mainly against electric shocks for the worker and family members.” In any industry, trends are bound to shift due to the economy, the nature of one’s business, the innovations with social and technological advances and can also be changed by its location of business. RDS EL & TELE AB is based in Scandinavia and as a result, will notice a difference in trends in the industry constructed on this fact. Roger states, “What I see and what the development is about is an awareness of good work ergonomics and for a safe job, so everyone comes home whole and clean after a working day. There are several renovations at home where people perform certain work without a certificate Best Electrical Sockets Protective Covering Solutions Provider - Sweden Regarding its business ethic, internal moral and the future of RDS EL & TELE AB, Roger explains all three, stating, “We maintain a good work ethic within the company and in terms of our future, we will see what it holds. However, this year my plans are to tie business partners and to reach out to my target group who are private individuals who shop at retail companies.” Roger continues, “all I want is for everyone to feel safe and secure when renovating at home or at work. Electric shocks occur at home and at work, but not everyone is reported. Always contact healthcare in the event of an electric shock,” he concludes. With its innovation, dedication and pure passion and care for the work, employees and customers of the company, it is easy to understand how RDS EL & TELE AB is proving to be the best in the industry, having just won Best Electrical Sockets Protective Covering Solutions Provider – Sweden. No doubt we can expect to see continued success in the years to come. Company: RDS EL&TELE AB Contact Name: Roger Strand Address: Sörbyvägen 8 15591 Nykvarn Web Address: Email: [email protected]