Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 15 , Most Progressive Self- Management Services - Southern Sweden Future of Organizing is a Swedish company that helps organisations tomove into newways of organizing. Founder AliciaMedina walks us throughwhat it stands for and how it has won this award. Jun21103 Founded in 2019 by researchers and entrepreneurs, Alicia Medina and Rolf Medina, together with digital expert and innovator, Claudio Dabiri, Future of Organizing is a people- centred business that supports organizations in moving towards becoming self-organized and democratized workplaces. It aims to pave the way for employers and employees on their journey to becoming successful together. Alicia says that its mission is “to make research results applicable and accessible and to become one of the most impactful companies within the support of new ways of organising”. Essentially, FoO promotes and helps to develop Teal and FoO promotes freedom, equality, and self-determination with all its rights and responsibilities. As a promotor of Teal, FoO doesn’t believe in hierarchy. Instead, it believes in wholeness that enables employees to put their full values and opinions across rather than just living through their work personas. It practices an evolutionary purpose of developing the natural evolution of each organization. FoO deals with self-management techniques by approaching each organization with a bespoke process, to suit the needs of each client. Its services include self- organizing with the Distributed Power model that evolved from the extensive research that Alicia and Rolf performed since 2018 and that included more that 350 interviews and a study of more that 100 organisations. Alicia explains: “The name of the model is based on what we realize to be the common denominator for all the progressive models and theories we have delved into”. FoO digital solution for competence management and liberation of competence is HEP- online. It can be used to assign the correct person to a role as well as to enable individuals to own their unique competence journey within an organization. These services encourage performance management, engagement sociocracy within its clients. Sociocracy is a social ideal that values equality and rights to determine the conditions under which individuals live and work. It is an effective method for businesses to explore. By using aspects of Teal and sociocracy, FoO aids businesses in organizing in a subtanable way. These organizations include associations, governments, as well as businesses large and small. In business, sociocracy is a method of distributed decision making, and good business practice which depends on its own values, implemented throughout each organization. This is where it moves businesses away from command and control to an environment of trust and teamwork. Most Progressive Self-Management Services - Southern Sweden predictions and collaboration over organizational borders. By providing tailored learning experiences, FoO simplifies the complex and ever-changing environment that requires organizations to be resilient and engaging. It teaches us how businesses need to adapt to operate in more productive and effective ways. Alicia says, “With the help of workshops where participants are active, organizations can make a move towards a better culture and way of being”. For example, one of the methods and tools that it teaches is Non-Violent Communication. This is a widespread and well- known method that involves using language that is free of manipulative or coercive terms. This is quintessential for any relationship, business or otherwise. For the future, FoO is releasing a book, TEAL.TRUST. TRANSPARENCY (first in Swedish and will in the near future be translated to English), in September and continuing its monthly web/radio program called Tiden är NU! (Time is Now). These things are expanding and enriching the experience that businesses can gain from working with FoO. Contact: Alicia Medina Company: Future of Organizing Web: DP-Model