Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 17 , Best Bespoke Restroom Hygiene Solutions Company 2021 As a high-quality supplier, consultant, manufacturer and product developer, DANDRYER has become a business to look out for. Susanne Eden, Managing Director at DANDRYER, talks to us about their journey and what they do. Jun21184 Hygiene solutions have in general been known to focus mostly on functionality, but DAN DRYER has added a design dimension which sets them apart from the industry. Their latest product line – LOKI has taken the market by storm. DAN DRYER has positioned itself internationally as one of the most innovative suppliers of washroom equipment, and the viking logo is easily recognisable in public and commercial washrooms all over the world. Susanne says, “DAN DRYER is well-known worldwide, not only for our hand dryers but also for our complete ground-breaking hygiene solutions embodying classic Danish design traditions. industry. Susanne says, “The demand for products for the train industry is increasing. DAN DRYER has gained great expertise in this area during the last decades. Our core competence is custom-made hand dryer solutions, produced according to customers’ specific requirements”. The demand for high-quality hygiene equipment has increased remarkably during the pandemic, and hand sanitising is now more important than ever. Obviously, this is an advantageous position to DAN DRYER, and the company has seen an increase in sales during the crisis. Susanne says, “We do expect a small decline in demand as the situation normalises. But we We are recognised as a trend- setter in new product design, and we are proud to have been awarded several coveted international design prizes". The latest product addition is the LOKI line, which was launched in early 2021, and already awarded several notable design prizes. The LOKI series has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, and various international awards have been given to both LOKI hand dryer and hand sanitiser dispenser e.g iF Design Award, German Innovation Award, German Brand Award and German Design Award. Besides supplying innovative hygiene solutions for public and commercial washrooms, DAN DRYER also supplies a range of products to the railway Best Bespoke RestroomHygiene Solutions Company 2021 believe that demand for these types of products is here to stay. There is no doubt that the increased focus on especially hand hygiene has spawned a giveaway effect on virus spread in general”. Contact: Susanne Eden Company: DAN DRYER A/S Web: