Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 19 , Most Innovative MedTech Solutions Provider - Sweden Developeration AB develops innovative surgerymethods and devices for better treatment of its patients. Its team inspires new innovative ideas and improvement of ordinary operations, developing surgery for life. Jul21131 Developeration AB was founded by the Swedish surgeon, Johan Ungerstedt, in 2016. Its primary focus is to develop a new innovative device, PeaxyEazy® for treatment of haemorrhoids. PexyEazy® enables minimal invasive surgical treatment without the need of anaesthesia in less than 10 minutes, which lowers the cost by 70%. Johan explains, “Our mission is to develop new innovative devices that enable better and faster treatment of common general surgical diseases at a lower cost for the customer and better outcomes for the patient. PexyEazy® is our first device that we develop and is a good contribution to our mission as it is estimated to give better results at a lower cost, and less pain. Our goal is that PexyEazy® will become the new golden standard for surgical treatment of haemorrhoids.” Overall, the haemorrhoid cushion is something everyone in the industry recommends for its efficacy. Haemorrhoidal disease occurs when the mucosal tissue of the rectum gets slopy and slide down, which allow the haemorrhoids to swell up, causing problems like pain, bleeding, itching and leakage (incontinence). Over the years, several methods have been haemorrhoids in developing countries. While other companies develop technical advanced solutions with smartphone connections and artificial intelligence, we strive for simplicity - because sometimes simple, is simply better.” Other than haemorrhoid cushions and minimal invasive surgery, trends within the industry are to perform surgery as an office procedure without anaesthesia in order to decrease the cost, to increase the efficiency and maximize the amount of treated patients per day. Johan states, “The mucopexy treatment method is also increasing in popularity, since it gives equally good results as competing methods like THD/ HAL-RAR, stapled anopexy and haemorrhoidectomy, but it is less invasive, takes less time and is less expensive. The PexyEazy®-method gives further improvement as it is standardized which gives perfect depth and distance of the sutures in every procedure.” The team at Developeration AB is strong, but small. Johan states, “Our small, but competent team is very tight, time efficient and saves a lot of time and money and is extremely productive. However, we also have a well-established collaboration with our introduced that are focused on restoring the normal position of the haemorrhoid by lifting the mucosa above the haemorrhoid, which eases swelling and reduces symptoms. While existing methods requires anaesthesia, take a long time (30-60 minutes), have high frequency of recurrence or are associated with postoperative pain, PexyEazy enables surgery without the need of anaesthesia, is expected to give better results and takes less than 10 minutes. Johan explains, “PexyEazy® is based on a well- documented treatment method, called mucopexy, where the haemorrhoids are lifted back to their normal position by sutures (stiches). The key to success is the small diameter of the device (like an ordinary proctoscope), which is tolerated by an awake patient.” Johan continues, “PexyEazy® positions the lifting sutures in a semi-automatic and unique way so that the lifting sutures are straight (and not curved), which ensures maximum lifting effect with minimal stretch and strain of the tissue. Furthermore, PexyEazy® is a single use device that is designed in a simple, but smart way so that no advances equipment is necessary, only access to vacuum suction, which also enables surgical treatment of Most InnovativeMedTech Solutions Provider - Sweden manufacturers, all within the EU region, which guarantees a tight and easy communication, which ensures a good collaboration.” Johan continues, “In a small start-up company, you need to have several competences and responsibilities, which we believe stimulates an efficient and friendly working environment. We are looking for good team players that are willing to take several responsibility areas, apart from the one you are recruited for.” During 2021, Developeration AB has been in the process of settling serial production and in 2022, it is planning for clinical investigations with a goal to receive a CE-mark and an EU- market introduction by 2023. “We are planning to recruit a sales force and business developer for the planned market introduction in Q3/Q4 2022,” states Johan. With the award of ‘Most Innovative MedTech Solutions Provider – Sweden’ under its belt, it is expected that Developeration AB will continue to lead the future of innovation within the MedTech industry for many years to come. Company: Developeration AB Name: Johan Ungerstedt Email: johan.ungerstedt@ Web: