Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

34 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 35 , Best Protective Children's Eyewear Designer 2021 The providers of modular, highly innovative eyewear solutions for children, Mokki AS has become a front-runner when it comes to protecting its client’s kids’ vision. With its ‘click and change’ kit allowing for a one-stop solution for a variety of different protection needs, sizing options, and styles, parents can rest assured that they will always be able to find something both they and their little ones love. May21705 Mokki AS was a company designed in Norway over 25 years ago that has since experienced a naturalistic and highly scalable growth spurt. Fundamentally, it is one of the most notable best- selling eyewear brands in the region, present in hundreds of stores throughout Norway and in other parts of Europe, designed to combine contemporary Nordic style with top-of-the- line style and high-standard of eye protection that denotes uncompromising quality across the board. Providing these for kids in particular, its clients can rest assured that their young ones’ eyes will be protected and that their investment will be one that pays for itself, both in what it offers their children and in how much their children will love the fun and colourful designs of Mokki. ever to screens for both leisure and education, necessitated even further by the pandemic and the need for remote teaching. Its screen safe lenses protect against harmful levels of blue light impacting children’s eyes as a result of being in front of screens, specifically designed to be comfortable and lightweight for long-term comfort and daily use in front of any type of screen. Its accessory kit, allowing its clients to change up the style of glasses in an instant, also comes in a variety of different colours from green to black, teal, pink, and orange. Presently, it has 12 distributors of its products in Europe, and has big plans to be represented all over the world by the end of 2021. This goal is more and more in sight by the day thanks to its exemplary team and stunning dedication to its Additionally, its click and change kits allow for a modular approach to eyewear like no other. Coming with an outdoor frame fitted with polarised lenses, an urban frame fitted with blue-block lenses, side shields, bendable temple arms, a stretchy headband, neck strap, microfiber cloth for cleaning, and protective pouch, this kit is a revolutionary new step in providing truly comprehensive eye protection for kids. The Mokki team’s dedication to quality and fitting its products to its purpose and consumer is evident in every element of the design. First and foremost, they are able to adapt to all sorts of environments and challenges that a young one might face, and able to withstand all sorts of adventures. Mokki’s products even include a screen-safe option. Nowadays, and especially in the past year, children are more exposed than Best Protective Children's Eyewear Designer 2021 customers’ satisfaction, taking on board client reviews and comments in order to constantly better itself, bringing the best eyewear to kids all over the world on a level no one has before. In essence, this has been helped further by the sheer level of personality in its brand, helping it become a voice for kids and parents everywhere. It is informative regarding its products and what they offer, playful with its designs and colours to ensure that it appeals to kids, and brave with its unfiltered transparency in client interactions. At present, the click and change system can handle multiple varieties of protection for its clients’ kids, from daily use to use by snow, use by water, and screen use, able to withstand being pulled, thrown, or otherwise played with by even the most adventurous child. It does all this whilst ensuring the child’s comfort when wearing the glasses. Mokki knows that the child’s comfort whilst wearing its products is just as important as the look and protective capabilities, and so its click and change kit also ensures through offering different sizing options that its glasses will always fit well. Consequentially, Mokki has made itself the brand of choice for parents across Scandinavia – and soon, will make this true in many other countries, too. Company: Mokki AS Contact: Moshe Ohana Website: