Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Best Emerging Travel Company - Sweden Swedish Lapland, or Lappland in the native language, is an incredible place to visit. It is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun or the Northern Lights, and it boasts a rich culture that is integral to the nation’s identity. As a result, Triple X Adventures AB is hoping to make exclusive trips to this fascinating location more accessible to travellers from across the globe. Forget beach holidays, they’re a thing of the past. Adventure is the new trend. People are searching for vacations that will reinvigorate their souls, provide them with new experiences, and supply them with an abundance of special memories. Therefore, Lapland, Sweden, complete with its midnight sun, has become an incredibly popular tourist destination. Home to the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, a rich culture, and a diverse landscape, for a remote getaway, there’s no better place than Swedish Lapland. Triple X Adventures AB is the area’s leading travel company, offering a unique and personalised experience to every traveller. Nestled at the heart of the environment, the Jun22033 company provides action-packed, culture infused programmes, that are inspired by the world that surrounds it. Simply, Triple X Adventures hopes to show its clients that it truly lives and breathes its events. As a result, this represents the authenticity of the company’s offerings – it knows first-hand what Swedish Lapland has to offer and strives to implement its magic into every holiday. In effect, it is no ordinary travel company. Its adventures are centric to three key elements – action, discovery, and experience – and can come in the form of pre-existing packages or bespoke experiences. Specialising in creating memories that will last a lifetime, such trips include activities like ice fishing, the chance to meet reindeer, or even explore the landscape from above through a helicopter ride. The packages begin at 2,700 EUR and include direct flights from Germany or connecting flights from Stockholm, hand-picked experiences, premium accommodation and meals, and much more. Indeed, the Project X package is Triple X Adventures’ most inclusive option, boasting an impressive range of treats and activities. From the moment the guest arrives, they will be treated to an exciting and attentive service. This package includes all meals, a VIP on-site shuttle, and professional advice and coaching. Moreover, with this option, it is guaranteed that the client will have the opportunity to partake in popular activities such as snowmobile safaris, husky safaris, ice-kart racing, and a trip to the Arctic Spa. However, not only does Triple X Adventures supply these unique holidays, but it also supplies leading car manufacturers with ice tracks and development centres, aiding in the improvement of vehicular safety. In essence, from developing ice track designs to operating in event logistics, Triple X Adventures offers a full-service package for brands and businesses that want to undertake driving experiences, events, or tests in the cold, icy conditions. The team, which acts as a large family, utilises their local expertise to make these journeys all the more special. They possess a love for the area – one that spills into each guest’s adventure – and want to promote it through sustainable methods. In turn, the team works collaboratively, and bolsters its connection through regular team outings. Triple X Adventures prioritises maintaining a positive, enthusiastic, and sociable team as it believes that this results in the best possible