Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 11 as an important staple of the everyday little pleasures that a customer can enjoy, its creativity has been greatly emboldened by fulfilling the wants and needs of its clients, after all. Much of the time, when it creates a new product, the driving force behind this product will always have been the customer. Whether it’s filling a newly emerging demand in the market or directly responding to a piece of feedback, its internal culture is one of hard work, discovery, and an undaunted approach to challenge that has allowed it to establish an incredible rate of growth. Constantly, it gathers its staff in order to have them all put their heads together and come up with ways to rethink products and develop new ideas. This results in a culture wherein everyone’s ideas are heard and valued in equal measure, its flat organisational structure ensuring that no singular person’s opinion is put above anyone else’s. Cool Creative Company’s commitment to working in this manner has allowed it to cultivate a business that values different backgrounds, perspective, and ambitions – whilst still maintaining a cohesive business goal – ensuring that whilst everyone is on the same page, everyone has made different contributions to the current chapter of Cool Creative Company’s story. Lastly, with a lot of plans for its future expansion into Europe, it promises that the Scandinavian countries will soon not be the only countries wherein it is a household name. Planning on becoming a big European name within a relatively short time period, it forecasts great success for its upcoming campaign by using its German and Swedish market footholds as a springboard towards enlarging said market segments. From Germany and Sweden, it is looking to expand into France, Finland, and the Netherlands, as well as increasing its line of products to include chai tea, cacao, and even bubble tea in the very near future, all of which will be serving growing demands for such beverages in Europe. Company: Cool Creative Company Contact: Steffen Kastbjerg Clausen Website: