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2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 Contents , Welcome to the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 EU Business News is delighted to announce that the Scandinavian Business Awards is returning for its second year to recognise the outstanding achievements of leading companies and individuals operating within the diverse region of Scandinavia. Despite the hardships posed by COVID-19, businesses throughout Scandinavia have weathered the storm and demonstrated unmatched levels of resilience when faced with uncertainty. As a result of such determination, the Scandinavian economy remains robust and is expected to continue to grow further; a testament to the efforts of business owners and their staff who have continued to work hard and ensure that customer service remains at the forefront of their efforts. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 3 Editor’s Note , Contents: 4. Zone Denmark: Most Innovative Kitchen Utensils Design Company - Denmark 6. Nordic Gin House: World’s most awardwinning gin range comes from Nordic Gin House 8. SC Nordic A/S: Best Smart Grid & Demand Response Solutions Developer 2022 10. Cool Creative Company: Best Iced Coffee Brand 2022 12. Triple X Adventures AB: Best Emerging Travel Company - Sweden 14. Danish Blockchain Lab: Emerging Cyber Security Firm of the Year 2022 & Innovation Award for Blockchain Security Analysis 2022 16. Curry Leaves: Best Indian Restaurant 2022 - Denmark 18. Freetrailer: Most Innovative Removals Start-Up - Norway 20. NexGen A/S: Telecom Solutions Provider of the Year - Denmark 22. Shineth Trading: Most Dedicated Jewellery & Accessories Business - Western Sweden 24. Global Nordics Management AB: Best Payroll & Employment One Stop Shop - Sweden 25. Manna Regulatory: Regulatory Affairs Consultancy of the Year 2022 26. Podbike AS: eBike of the Year 2022: Frikar e-bike 27. Brudehuset Tromsø AS: Bridal Boutique of the Year - Norway 28. Danesian Audio ApS: Best Audio Industry Product Development Specialists 2022 29. LECA International: Most Innovative Multi- Use Construction Product 2022: LECA® LWA 30. Louis Abel AB: Best Nature Inspired Jewellery Collection - Sweden 31. Greentech Innovators AS: Best Sustainable Waste Management Biotech Company 2022 32. Paracosmic Studios ApS: Best Documentary Film Production Company - Denmark 33. Human Factor ApS: Most Trusted HR Business Partner 2022 - Denmark 34. Rightly: Best LegalTech Solutions Provider 2022 35. Cornerstones A/S: Excellence Award in ERP Implementation 2022 and Best Digital Transformer 2022 36. Higher: Best Mobile Recruitment Tool Company – Stockholm 37. Terntank Rederi A/S: Ship Management Company of the Year 2022 38. Trontveit ApS: Best Hair Care Products Distributor- Europe 39. Birk Denmark ApS: Best Eco-Friendly Hair Care Brand 2022 – Denmark 40. Lade AS: Most Innovative Sustainable Naval Architecture Studio 2022 & Sustainable Merchant Vessel Design of the Year 2022: Vindskip® 41. Hydrodip Industrial Coating & WTP Ab: Best Water Transfer Printing Facility 2022 42. Noise Studio ApS: Most Innovative Branding Agency 2022 43. mesoskinline: Mesotherapy Company of the Year 2022

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22580 Zone Denmark is a Scandinavian success story. It has been indulging its passion for interior design for 20 years, picking upmore than 50 international awards along the way, with a presence inmore than 30markets, and generating growing interest and sales tomatch. But first and foremost, the Zone Denmark story is one about passion as a business strategy. Tomark the occasion of Zone Denmarkwinning the EU Business Prize 2022 for theMost Innovative Kitchen Interior Design Brand, we’re going to tell you the story. Simple form of expression that makes an impression Zone Denmark, as its name suggests, is a brand rooted in Danish design. Taking a closer look at the design of everything from dishwashing sets and waste bins to trivets and soap dispensers, what you clearly see is: pure Scandinavian lines, subtle minimalism, and convivial organic shapes. These are the hallmarks of Zone Denmark which have won over homes and hearts in an ever-increasing number of countries around the world. Passion translated into design At Zone Denmark, they believe in the effect of curiosity and positive energy. So much so, that it has been adopted as a business strategy. The entire team behind Zone Denmark has been handpicked, from the designers and manufacturers to the marketing executives. What they all have in common is a genuine enthusiasm for the brand and a desire to develop it in a changing world. They simply believe that positive energy is key to flourishing as an innovative design brand nowadays. The ambition behind all new products from Zone Denmark is that they should not only be pleasing to the eye of the beholder, but also pleasant for the hand to touch. They should successfully combine aesthetic value with practical use. Every time. Getting the balance right enables Zone Denmark to deliver designs Most Innovative Kitchen Utensils Design Company - Denmark that are broadly appealing in terms of both their appearance and price but, most importantly, that are also a pleasure to live with. Life must be beautiful During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were forced to stay at home more, which resulted in a rising interest in home decor and furnishings. All of a sudden, the home became an office, school, fitness zone, eatery, and news hub all rolled into one, as well as a personal safe zone amidst all the uncertainty. Zone Denmark developed a need to be surrounded by reassurance and beauty. For the company, this had a direct and positive impact on sales of sensor soap dispensers as well as bath and wellness products. The brand provides, in this way, a snapshot of what life is like for people living in the modern world. “Our designs are infused with heart and soul. They are targeted at consumers living in a modern world full of big dreams, small practical challenges, good intentions, and dubious habits. We strive to make living life slightly easier, a bit more fun, and a lot more beautiful,” says Michael Bruun, Design and Brand Manager at Zone Denmark. Multi-level sustainability Zone Denmark interprets the trends of the times in close collaboration with innovative Danish designers and design teams. Over time, a handful of designers have become inextricably linked with the brand and are now responsible for the design profile they are known and loved for across much of the globe. Sustainability is naturally a part of their agenda. This involves finding new and more environmentally friendly types of materials, but it is just as much about the designs themselves. “What is typical of the best designs is that you never tire of looking at them, using them, and living under the same roof as them. On the contrary,” explains Michael. Therefore, material selection and long-term aesthetic value are two key aspects in the

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 5 effort to ensure the brand’s sustainability. But what is important to Zone Denmark is also the ability to design furniture and home accessories that can be used in more than one place in the home and serve multiple functions. For instance, a stylish, movable bookcase can be used as a bedside table, hallway furniture and a plant pedestal in the living room. Multifunctionality has long been a hallmark of Zone Denmark, and an increased focus on usage value and sustainability is strengthening the brand further. The future is green Zone Denmark has long since stopped using plastic bags in its packaging. 100% FSCcertified cardboard is used, all printed material is made with soy, and great strides have been made in terms of sorting and recycling individual components. But it’s not going to stop there. “Our planet is crying for help, and the future belongs to the brands that listen. Like many other brands, we are in the midst of a process where we need to get better. Fortunately, we will very soon – in 2023 – be presenting new innovations that will make a positive difference to the environment, and also to how end-users feel when purchasing them,” reveals Michael. The company’s ambition is to take the green mindset to a new level as Zone Denmark develops its brand and moves into new areas. Want to find out more? If reading about the Zone Denmark brand has intrigued you, you can find out more by visiting the company website. About Zone Denmark Address: Gl. Skivevej 70, Viborg, Denmark Ownership: Part of F&H Group A/S Size: Nine-figure revenue Set-up: Own subsidiaries in selected markets. Global profile promoted via sales agents, distributors, direct retail and B2C customers. Prizes and awards: 50+ recognized international design awards Contact Details Company: Zone Denmark Email: [email protected] Website:

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22580 Nordic GinHouse is a collaboration between the best small, local distilleries and the most renowned sommeliers, master distillers andmixologists. They come with different backgrounds from different Nordic countries, but they share the same ambition: To bring out the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin from the Nordic Gin House brings its unique distinction with local spices and a sense of national taste. Only 4 years old and already a global renowned range In Europe alone, there are over 17.000 distilleries that produce gin and many of them with several brands in their bottling hall. Nordic Gin House was established in 2018. The company’s unique Nordic gin saw the light of the day for the first time at the world premiere 4th April 2018 in Denmark at the head office of the local distributor. The customers are mainly specialty shops, high-end Supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cocktail clubs. But at the same speed as the awards keep coming in, Nordic Gin House is expanding with local sales and marketing representatives in EU, US, Canada, South Africa, and Asia turning the range into a global super premium spirit’s brand. The range has expanded into 4 different variants: The Classic, a Navy strength, a Pink gin and a milder version called Lounge københavn klassisk gin. The great taste comes from a great collaboration. With more than 35 years of experience in the Wine and Spirits industry, Jakob Vallentin has an excellent product and market knowledge and a comprehensive network among the operators in the market. Jakob Vallentin founded the Nordic Gin House in year 2017 based on an ambitious vision:” Create World’s most popular Nordic Gin Concept”. A task that demanded just that: Experience, ambition and the best network. To make a unique Nordic gin as a tribute of Danish capital, the Nordic Gin House developing team: Jeppe Nothlev (European best bartender, Ruby), Jakob Kocemba (Sparkling tea, member of London Sommelier Society), Steinar Jensen (Cocktail Expressen, Diageo head trainer), Jon Bertelsen (Master Distiller, Det Norske Brenneri), Patrik Axelsson (Master Distiller, Nordic Distiller ), David Asmussen (Creative Director, Market Square) all teamed up with CEO, Jakob Vallentin. Working intensely for 7 months with several quality distillations and combinations the team had no doubts when they presented the final result. They had crafted the most potent classic gin in the world. “We wanted to produce a gin, which was a tribute to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. A city that is potent in many ways. With respect for the London Dry Gin history, København Klassisk Gin is a potent gin with one of the highest amounts of juniper “. Balanced with coriander, angelica root, thyme, cardamom, and something so distinct as pine and liquorice root. But most importantly: distilled with a remarkably high quality of alcohol, which brought our product all the way to the top end of high-quality gin. Minimalist design, maximum taste. With one of the highest levels of juniper berries in the world, københavn klassisk gin is delivering flavor the original way. The creatively craft small batch gin is a modern variation over a classic theme, the distillation process and its micro vaporization brings out the best of the Nordic spruce, juniper, citrus and licorice root in a unique combination. World’s best base makes the world’s best range. Regardless of you want to try the original classic, the potent Navy Strength perfect for mixing, the milder Lounge with Rose Hips or the contemporary Pink gin you will notice that the quality is sublime. The bottle is inspired by traditional pharmacy bottle, a premium and distinct look that capture the simplicity and minimalist design heritage of Denmark. A design that does not go unnoticed. Award winning taste and a range of four that has already won three international design awards. World’s most awardwinning gin range comes from Nordic Gin House

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 7 “Besides all the taste-awards I am also immensely proud that the range has won three quite different international design & branding awards! This means that the entire range, is awarded for its design, branding efforts and achievements and considered to be exceptional different judges with extensive expertise in the field. Without the close collaboration with our design team this would never be possible. We wanted to display the Nordic simplicity while making it possible to, literally write G I N on the shelves around the world. Quite a fantastic achievement, especially given the increasing number of entries in this category and growing focus on design and branding in the industry”. Jakob Vallentin, Founder & Managing Director of Nordic Gin House. INTERNATIONAL AWARDSWON BY NORDIC GIN HOUSE 2019-2022 Gold World Spirits Award, World Gin Award, China Wine & Spirits Ward, Nordic Spirit Award, Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition, Swiss Spirits Review, Gin of The Year, Gin Guide Award, International Wine & Spirit Competition, SIP Award Silver, Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition, European Wine & Spirit Trophy, The Spirit Business, International Wine & Spirit Competition, International Spirit Challenge Bronze International Wine & Spirit Competition, London Spirit Competition, Bartenders Brand Award, Craft Spirits Berlin International Design Awards IF Design Award, Yellow Line Design Award, Bartenders Brand Award, The Gin Guide Ward Innovative Awards International Drinks Specialist, S.I. P Awards USA, Bartender Brand Award, Gin Guide Award, Scandinavia Business Award. Nordic Gin House – Ved Klædebo 9a – DK2970 Hørsholm - Denmark Contact: Jakob Vallentin – phone: +45 20 65 86 75 [email protected] –

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22580 SCNordic A/S has made itself a pivotal part of demand response in the energy sector since its inception. Having seen the market fluctuate rapidly for reasons social, financial, geopolitical, andmore, it has cut its teeth on keeping abreast of such trends, showing its industry just how demand response is such a vital component in the build-up of renewable energy. This has bee, and will continue to be, absolutely crucial in the fight to wean the world off of the volatile and environmentally damaging fossil fuels it has grown to depend on. With an array of demand response technologies available to its clients, SC Nordic A/S has made itself a household name in complete, holistic, and well-integrated digital solutions. Nominally, its efforts have created some of the best in the business software-as-a-service options when it comes to market integration, integration with existing programmes, and user utility, no matter how experienced or inexperienced the client may be with such software. This is all a part of its commitment to optimisation. In essence, it wishes to see the power grid supply businesses of today become the businesses of tomorrow by offering the optimal setup of both by-the-second to day-ahead services; each of these are emboldened by an aggregate setup that facilitates a true unity of different applications, profiles, and renewable energy types. The platform itself, TrueGreen, is the SC Nordic A/S flagship and foremost point of pride, with dedicated control modules that are implemented to manage all sorts of different appliances for its customers, handling smart grid and demand response with ease, sophistication, and self-sufficiency. The benefit to this is that a client can trust in SC Nordic A/S and its technologies, allowing its own staff to funnel their own efforts elsewhere, making the business more streamlined and productive whilst the TrueGreen platform handles ventilation, EV chargers, heat pumps, cooling compressors, and so much more, making any business that much more future proof. A win-win solution for its clients, SC Nordic A/S is proud to say that its platform has become a household name over the time it has been in operation. Critically, its clients have made use of TrueGreen and the support of this company in order to identify opportunities, calculate and present business opportunities, calculate and present wider business plans or goals, implement each of these well, and manage the resources of the company in a holistic manner. Each of these solutions help to update the internal processes of a client so that the external work they do for their own end customers can be that much more sophisticated, and this has secured SC Nordic A/S its place as the industrial partner for the implementation of demand response solutions across the board. As a part of this, it actively engages with technical resources for the identification of demand solutions, the delivery of complete Best Smart Grid & Demand Response Solutions Developer 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 9 solutions, and the isolation of potential resources. Clients, therefore, can expect a truly comprehensive view of the business landscape with the help of this programme, something that allows both a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture and the ability to narrow down to the tiniest details. It can also handle project management across the implementation of various demand response solutions, the technology for ongoing management, and the integration with existing demand response that a client may already have access to. Of course, with the recent turmoil in the geopolitical state of the world, SC Nordic A/S has had to stick by its clients more staunchly now than ever. Thus, it has been responding to this by upping its efforts in helping clients to develop new revenue streams and saving by engaging with demand response, supporting the use of renewable power instead of the traditional fuel for the grid that is currently under immense pressure due to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, such as carbon resources like natural gas. TrueGreen’s use in the management of demand in green resources can be extended to several different energy types, too, based on the revenue and costs mix in a by-the-minute mainframe that puts the power back in the hands of the customer and supplier. Being based in Denmark, SC Nordic A/S has had the unique opportunity to experience the renewable energy and gas sector from the perspective of country with two independent power grids. Making up this double infrastructure is the one half of the grid connected to the pan-European energy grid, and the other that is connected to the Scandinavian network; with this in mind, SC Nordic A/S was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by both grids. This, when combined with the extensive coverage of renewables, creates the perfect environment for the development of a demand response and management service that will enable full market integration through its work. Moreover, the European legislation that enables independent aggregators to facilitate and promote resources has further emboldened this company’s rise to the top. With the modern energy and fuel sector being the perfect place for SC Nordic A/S to thrive, it is excited to announce that it has been taking on board a variety of new clients over the course of the pandemic, and taking full advantage of the growth environment its market has provided in order to help an expanding number of new customers. With Denmark as its springboard, it has thusly been able to achieve its goal of breaking into the international marketplace, operating across Scandinavia with most of its development team being based in India. This diverse, eclectic, and agile team have each contributed to making the success of SC Nordic A/S possible through their hard work and tenacity, and it thusly wishes to extend its thanks out to its young, keen-minded young team and to each of its clients for having their faith in it proven well placed. Having established vital partnerships, combined its worldleading technology with outreach to larger organisations, and begun a Europe-wide growth spurt, SC Nordic A/S is looking forward to the development that the next few years will bring to it and its peers. Company: SC Nordic A/S Contact: Morgens Birkelund Website:

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Best Iced Coffee Brand 2022 A company fuelled by ingenuity and run by people who are excited to serve the coffee drinking market of Europe in a fun, enthusiastic, and diverse manner, Cool Creative Company has gained a reputation for delicious coffee and great customer service. Over the years it has been in operation, its research and development has all been funnelled into the creation of the most impeccable flavours and blends of coffee, creating drinks to be enjoyed over ice that have become household staples in its home nation of Denmark. Iced coffee, over the years, has become a beloved staple of coffee drinkers worldwide. From a refreshing summer treat to a regular pick-me-up, it’s an invigorating, fun, and adaptive drink that can be made with all manner of flavours and blends. Cool Creative Company sees iced coffee for the expression of fun and enthusiasm that it is, and wants to channel this enthusiasm into the brand it has created, with its brand Havafiesta Iced Coffee becoming an instant hit in the Denmark market segment thanks to its bright colours, fun tone, and creative ethos. Within two years, Havafiesta has enjoyed massive growth, expanding from specialty stores to big supermarkets and even presence in an online store. This online footprint helped it grow even further during the pandemic, as people went on the hunt for new and exciting coffee blends to keep them excited and enthusiastic even when stuck indoors during the multiple lockdowns that have occurred over the past few years. Nominally, with 9 different flavours, each of which has become a staple of market for being delicious, innovative, and refreshing, it has developed a true pride in serving coffee drinkers both in its home nation and further afield, serving an ever-expanding market that is gaining ever-more traction. A huge part of its consistent growth has been its ability to reach out to customers. Using the established online footprint it has achieved through its web store, it has been using social media to promote itself even further, with its team using such channels to create personal and down-to-earth interactions with the customers who buy from it. Moreover, this Jun22242 has endeared it to its peers, many of whom it has collaborated with since its inception to bring both companies more business by way of competitions, giveaways, and more, forging partnerships that will last a lifetime. Its ready-to-mix products have also become an instant hit with its client base. Separating it from its peers by way of the innovation in industry this has created, it allows customers to buy a concentrated coffee mix and make their own iced coffee in seconds, creating drinks perfectly to their own taste by mixing the liquid with milk. With caramel, vanilla, chocolate orange, salted caramel, natural, coconut, chocolate mint, hazelnut, and avocado flavourings all available, its concentrated solution and wonderfully caffeinated beverages endear themselves to coffee lovers both with the quality of the taste and the excellence of the blend. Recently, it has begun to work on expanding out to different countries in the Scandanavian region. With every summer comes a renewed demand for iced coffee products, as well as new flavours and experiences that coffee lovers can enjoy in order to make a treat out of a drink that is – more often than not – already part of a daily routine. In addition to this, and in a fortunate turn, it did not experience any drop in demand due to the pandemic; if anything it experienced an uptick thanks to the closure of many customers’ favourite cafes meaning that they needed to seek their caffeine fix elsewhere, up to and including making their own. Therefore, it would like to extend its thanks to its market segment for their willingness to make it and its coffee one of the things they have been so eager and willing to try. Excited to see the constant glowing reviews and excited positivity that has resulted from many of these new clients finding its store, it hopes to welcome many more people into the circle of those have discovered it in the future, and is honoured to have been the recipient of such fervour. Moreover, it promises its clients old and new that it will not be resting on its laurels. As it moves into the future, it will be looking into further innovations in coffee and iced coffee beverages, looking into how to create and sell even more products that are fuelled by the utmost ingenuity. Having made itself a true staple of a Danish coffee-lovers weekly shop, and a provider of products that can be enjoyed both as an indulgent treat and

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 11 as an important staple of the everyday little pleasures that a customer can enjoy, its creativity has been greatly emboldened by fulfilling the wants and needs of its clients, after all. Much of the time, when it creates a new product, the driving force behind this product will always have been the customer. Whether it’s filling a newly emerging demand in the market or directly responding to a piece of feedback, its internal culture is one of hard work, discovery, and an undaunted approach to challenge that has allowed it to establish an incredible rate of growth. Constantly, it gathers its staff in order to have them all put their heads together and come up with ways to rethink products and develop new ideas. This results in a culture wherein everyone’s ideas are heard and valued in equal measure, its flat organisational structure ensuring that no singular person’s opinion is put above anyone else’s. Cool Creative Company’s commitment to working in this manner has allowed it to cultivate a business that values different backgrounds, perspective, and ambitions – whilst still maintaining a cohesive business goal – ensuring that whilst everyone is on the same page, everyone has made different contributions to the current chapter of Cool Creative Company’s story. Lastly, with a lot of plans for its future expansion into Europe, it promises that the Scandinavian countries will soon not be the only countries wherein it is a household name. Planning on becoming a big European name within a relatively short time period, it forecasts great success for its upcoming campaign by using its German and Swedish market footholds as a springboard towards enlarging said market segments. From Germany and Sweden, it is looking to expand into France, Finland, and the Netherlands, as well as increasing its line of products to include chai tea, cacao, and even bubble tea in the very near future, all of which will be serving growing demands for such beverages in Europe. Company: Cool Creative Company Contact: Steffen Kastbjerg Clausen Website:

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Best Emerging Travel Company - Sweden Swedish Lapland, or Lappland in the native language, is an incredible place to visit. It is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun or the Northern Lights, and it boasts a rich culture that is integral to the nation’s identity. As a result, Triple X Adventures AB is hoping to make exclusive trips to this fascinating location more accessible to travellers from across the globe. Forget beach holidays, they’re a thing of the past. Adventure is the new trend. People are searching for vacations that will reinvigorate their souls, provide them with new experiences, and supply them with an abundance of special memories. Therefore, Lapland, Sweden, complete with its midnight sun, has become an incredibly popular tourist destination. Home to the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, a rich culture, and a diverse landscape, for a remote getaway, there’s no better place than Swedish Lapland. Triple X Adventures AB is the area’s leading travel company, offering a unique and personalised experience to every traveller. Nestled at the heart of the environment, the Jun22033 company provides action-packed, culture infused programmes, that are inspired by the world that surrounds it. Simply, Triple X Adventures hopes to show its clients that it truly lives and breathes its events. As a result, this represents the authenticity of the company’s offerings – it knows first-hand what Swedish Lapland has to offer and strives to implement its magic into every holiday. In effect, it is no ordinary travel company. Its adventures are centric to three key elements – action, discovery, and experience – and can come in the form of pre-existing packages or bespoke experiences. Specialising in creating memories that will last a lifetime, such trips include activities like ice fishing, the chance to meet reindeer, or even explore the landscape from above through a helicopter ride. The packages begin at 2,700 EUR and include direct flights from Germany or connecting flights from Stockholm, hand-picked experiences, premium accommodation and meals, and much more. Indeed, the Project X package is Triple X Adventures’ most inclusive option, boasting an impressive range of treats and activities. From the moment the guest arrives, they will be treated to an exciting and attentive service. This package includes all meals, a VIP on-site shuttle, and professional advice and coaching. Moreover, with this option, it is guaranteed that the client will have the opportunity to partake in popular activities such as snowmobile safaris, husky safaris, ice-kart racing, and a trip to the Arctic Spa. However, not only does Triple X Adventures supply these unique holidays, but it also supplies leading car manufacturers with ice tracks and development centres, aiding in the improvement of vehicular safety. In essence, from developing ice track designs to operating in event logistics, Triple X Adventures offers a full-service package for brands and businesses that want to undertake driving experiences, events, or tests in the cold, icy conditions. The team, which acts as a large family, utilises their local expertise to make these journeys all the more special. They possess a love for the area – one that spills into each guest’s adventure – and want to promote it through sustainable methods. In turn, the team works collaboratively, and bolsters its connection through regular team outings. Triple X Adventures prioritises maintaining a positive, enthusiastic, and sociable team as it believes that this results in the best possible

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 13 outcomes for clients. This approach is further seen within its recruitment processes, for which it searches for flexible and friendly individuals who are passionate about people and nature. It is these services that have pushed the brand to a great level of success. In just over three months of business, the company has established a loyal clientele and has created a respectable turnover. For a fledgling company in a competitive industry, this is impressive, and it serves as a testament to the company’s highquality services. Much of this success stems from its devotion to client-centricity, for which it endeavours to consistently go above and beyond to cultivate a mind-blowing vacation. The tourism industry in Sweden is dependent upon companies such as Triple X Adventures, and in recent years, the market has grown exponentially. The tourism industry is not only financially important for Sweden, but also an important job and integration engine in the country. It is with this firmly in mind that companies across the nation strive to introduce tourists to the country, even in winter months, to drive this machine forwards. However, in spite of the influx of travel businesses in Sweden, it is safe to say that Triple X Adventures is a clear stand out. Henceforth, the future is set to be flooded with success for the emerging business. Triple X Adventures is on a never-ending search for ways to better its services, with a particular focus upon exclusivity, accessibility, and affordability. So far, it has acquired partnerships with esteemed brands from Sweden, like Polaris, CTEK, 8848 and the Hotel Laponia, which have helped to boost the company’s profile. It remains in regular contact with these partners in order to share ideas and visions which will further its mission to create an outstanding experience for its guests. Contact: Benjamin Fichtner Company: Triple X Adventures AB Web Address:

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Emerging Cyber Security Firm of the Year 2022 & Innovation Award for Blockchain Security Analysis 2022 ‘How useful is a rain jacket if it is only 80%waterproof ?’ this is the mantra that drives Danish Blockchain Lab to provide the best possible blockchain security solutions. As hacking threats rise, the company is on a mission to help its clients to guarantee that their projects are entirely secure. Therefore, its current plans include scaling up in order to provide such clients with long term support. In recent years, cybersecurity threats have skyrocketed. This is, in part, due to the rise in and rapid development of technology. Hacking has become increasingly prevalent, with methods evolving from ‘lone wolves’ to large-scale, organised hacking groups that target prestigious organisations. Indeed, such hacking groups have been known to steal millions of dollars and get away with it. At this current time, blockchain products and companies are at an even greater risk due to blockchain technology being relatively new. According to Policy Advice, hackers broke records in 2021 by stealing $14 billion in cryptocurrency, with many of these attacks being carried out through breaches of exchanges and blockchain wallets. It is, therefore, imperative that businesses and products centred around blockchain take the necessary steps to build an effective digital security framework. Danish Blockchain Lab, headquartered in Copenhagen, is a company that works with businesses to secure, protect, and defend both the companies themselves and their ideas. Danish Blockchain Lab strives to do this by implementing effective security solutions. By working with world-leading security blockchain architects, ethical hackers, and academic researchers within cryptography and economics, the company ensures that it provides the best possible security solutions to its clients. Moreover, Danish Blockchain Lab works closely with its clients in order to create a bespoke system, and it does this by focusing on security holistic. Jun22033 Many vulnerabilities are hidden in the configuration and integrations, therefore Danish Blockchain Lab first has to understand the client's product fully in order to identify any potential weaknesses or threats. From there, the company uses its highly powerful blockchain security analysts to cultivate a solution that will guarantee efficacy. Once this stage is successful, the project progresses into the implementation stage – the most crucial stage – for which Danish Blockchain Lab ensures that its blockchain architects and security experts provide full-time assistance to its clients. Henceforth, behind these operations, Danish Blockchain Lab boasts a team of consultants that have backgrounds in hacking and ethical hacking. These people are the best of the best and possess the rare ability to get into the minds of potential hackers. The team’s dedication is greatly beneficial within such an important industry. Of similar importance is the company’s home at the IT University in Denmark – operating within this setting means that Danish Blockchain Lab has the opportunity to work with internationally esteemed cryptographers. There aren’t many blockchain security analysis businesses within the area, and in turn, this opens doorways to collaboration. This has led Danish Blockchain Lab to work on projects in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. One such example is that of its partnership with FYEO, who it works with in order to provide automated security monitoring such as Domain Intelligence, Crypto wallet-monitoring and even leaked credential monitoring. FYEO is a company that specialises in working with blockchain and Web3 companies, and it maintains a highly regarded Domain Intelligence solution and has a database of over 22 billion leaked credentials from the dark net. Of course, these are elements that make the company unique and enable it to carve a place for itself within the market. The company’s philosophy further contributes to this position. Danish Blockchain Lab believes that the crypto space is a discipline that is not only binary, meaning human creativity can be difficult to defeat by focusing solely on automated security. The company saw a flurry of business during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this turbulent period, cybercrime boomed, and many companies found themselves vulnerable to hackers. In addition, Danish Blockchain Lab leveraged the Covid-19 pandemic to source new talents, as it then able to broaden its talent sourcing market to most of Europe and broaden its client base to the US, South America, and Asia. Going forward, it is planning to scale up its business to provide a greater amount of support to its customers. This evolution is coming with a focus on risk score management on behalf of potential clients. As a consequence, Danish Blockchain Lab will be able to notify its potential clients ahead of time if it obtains any evidence that they have been mentioned on the dark web, on other hacker communities, or if it gets a hunch they may be in line for a potential attack. Contact: Niklas Agerbech Company: Danish Blockchain Lab Web Address: Danish Blockchain Lab

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16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Sønderborg might not seem like somewhere you’d find authentic Indian cuisine, but Curry Leaves has ensured that those looking for such delicacies are well satisfied. Their delightful dishes have tantalised tastebuds for years and been justly recognised in EU Business News’ Scandinavian Business Awards 2022. We take a closer look to uncover precisely what the secrets are behind their enviable success. Finding a taste of India in Southern Denmark doesn’t quite sound right, but people have come from around the world to sample the delights that Curry Leaves offers its customers. The team’s traditional homecooked meals, nestled in the heart of one of Denmark’s finest towns, have been a hit with residents and tourists alike. When it comes to finding tasty and delicious food, with great service to boot, there really is no better option. Since first opening their doors, the Curry Leaves team have aimed to make Indian food applicable for fine dining over a casual evening. As a country, India boasts enormous range in what is on offer and the team try every day to showcase this variety to their guests. Making everything themselves and using traditional family recipes to provide an authentic experience is at the heart of the experience offered by the team. Guests are guided through a scintillating smorgasbord of delectable dishes, each more tempting than the last. To some, being based in Denmark might seem an odd choice, but the team have taken the opportunity of being a new, vibrant, and fresh approach to really bring about exciting change. In this part of Scandinavia, Indian food is still new, and so the priority is to ensure that guests understand the vastness and the depth of Indian cuisine. No matter if they enjoy spicy food, or would prefer something with a little less kick, guests can find the ideal path forward. As a relatively new experience for many, being based in Scandinavia has proven to be the right choice for the Curry Leaves team. Jun22017 People are generally very open to exploring the background of new cultures that they have no experience of. Some customers had never tried Indian food before they had come to Curry Leaves. Now they are much loved and easily recognised regulars. It’s a credit to the team’s tireless efforts to welcome people into a world which is not entirely like their own. In many ways, Curry Leaves is more than just a business to this talented team. It’s a passion for food which they are sharing with others. This attitude is key to the mindset behind the team, allowing them to really connect with the unique demands of each customer who walks through their doors. It’s this element which sets Curry Leaves apart, allowing the team to provide an exemplary experience in every respect. The team offers two different services, each tailored to suit the needs of different markets. Firstly, there is a delectable buffet, bringing together a variety of different dishes from a mild and creamy Butter Chicken to the spicy flavours of the world-renowned Vindaloo. The second option is a personalised a la carte experience where the Curry Leaves make the dish of your choosing, carefully adapting the recipe to suit your wishes for spice and taste. The breadth of flavours available in India mean that the team has had to work hard to ensure that every region is represented, and every meal is as authentic as it possibly can be. Recently, the team has considered broadening their horizons by narrowing their focus. Events are already being planned to present guests with meals and cultural offerings that are specific to regions of India, or unique styles of food. Having such a range of options on offer can create a culturally messy menu, but these evenings of focus provide the chance for guests to really dig into what sets each region apart. Whilst Curry Leaves has been open, the team have seen an extraordinary transition in people’s eating habits. Now, more than ever, people are seeking out vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and that happens to be an area where Curry Leaves excels. The various recipes and dishes produced by the team match their non-vegetarian dishes, with more and more options joining the menu by the day. Both a la carte and self-service buffet reflect this changing trend. The team actually offer a vegan night every two months wherein their self-service buffet is vegan. As a restaurant, it’s little wonder that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the way in which the business was run. With people unable to come through the doors, takeaway orders became incredibly popular. The community of Sønderborg made the effort to ensure that the local eateries and cafés throughout the region were kept busy throughout the pandemic, and this is something for which the team at Curry Leaves will remain thankful for. It’s a testament to their skill and their position within the community that so many turned to them when they needed food that would offer comfort and warmth. This warmth flows through the entire business, with the team brought together almost like a family. Respect at all levels is crucial and has built a work ethic which is incredibly hard working. This is an environment where it’s not enough purely to Best Indian Restaurant 2022 - Denmark

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 17 do the job – it’s one where success comes from having fun throughout. As such, when looking for new staff members, the aim is to find open and smiling people, who like to meet new people and enjoy working with food. By building a family within the business, Curry Leaves presents a family atmosphere to all who come to taste true delight. The future is bright for the team, with a market that has reacted warmly to the incredible meals on offer. At the moment, ideas for sharing the delicacies created by the Curry Leaves team abound, with new restaurants opening, or even cooking classes. This would allow guests to learn how to make stunning Indian food all for themselves from a selection of chefs renowned for their cooking. Nothing tastes as good as authentic cooking, designed to be enjoyed and savoured in good company. That’s precisely what is on offer from the team at Curry Leaves. Their sterling efforts have ensured they’re a standout in the Danish restaurant scene. Having delighted thousands upon thousands of diners, they are always looking to improve. We can’t wait to see what stunning ideas they’ll have to tantalise tastebuds in the coming months! Company: Curry Leaves Email: [email protected] Web Address:

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Like its name suggests, Freetrailer is a company dedicated to the provision of free rentable transportation and removal options across several European and Nordic countries. Embodying simplicity, excellence, and friendliness, it hopes to help clients day in and day out by being there for themwhen they need a fast and free way to get their things from point A to point B. Critically, the effective and outstanding way it has been achieving this has allowed it to prove its concept to its region and the world at large, propelling it into the spotlight of its industry and setting it up for vast amounts of future growth. Freetrailer is, in essence, a company with a clear mission. From the very first day in operation, it has worked hard to make its mission – making sharing easy – a reality, making it super easy and free for everyone to rent what they need when it comes to transport options and removal options. This includes trailers, e-bikes, and more, available to borrow for free across 600 different locations across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany! This front-running company takes great pride in leading from the front of its industry, hoping to lead by example in showing just how far a singular dedication to putting the client first can take you; indeed, this philosophy has led it to great heights of success. It hopes to use this as a springboard for continued growth, expansion, and development, proving itself to yet more of an ever-expanding client base as it goes. The renown it has grown from conducting itself in this manner – becoming a household name in Europe, and, indeed, the wider world – has resulted in an enhanced ability to contribute to a sustainable environment through the promotion of a sharing economy. By encouraging, enabling, and giving access to a community-based atmosphere of sharing current resources instead of adding new ones to the market, it prevents the unnecessary creation of waste and contributes to conservation. Thus, share markets and ecosystems reduce the impact on the environment that the commercial market creates, and it allows clients to positively join in on this movement. Inspiring its customers to think more Jun22436 sustainably once they see how quick, easy, and cheap it is to join in with the concept of renting from a shared market instead of buying something new that they then must keep, maintain, and keep with them even after they’re done using it, it shows clients how they can live life less encumbered. Furthermore, having been founded in the year of 2004, it has had plenty of time to learn and grow from its mistakes. Since its founding at the turn of the century, it has been working hard to collect and act upon client advice, feedback, and critique, taking each peace of feedback to heart in order to improve its services at every turn, rejecting stagnation and committing itself to making the business a better experience each time a client comes back to it. In this way, it proactively shows its appreciation for its clients and their loyalty, and customers have made it their go-to solution for transport and removal vehicle hire time and again as a result. Consequentially, consumers and retailers both have thoroughly embraced Freetrailer as part of the market, with the initiative becoming the toast of the industry in transportation means and supply. Retailers also benefit from sharer markets such as those operated by Freetrailer, as they gain goodwill and rolling traffic advertising by contributing their vehicles to the fleet of Freetrailer, making themselves a contributor and invaluable piece of the puzzle in a growing modern marketplace. Indeed, it sees sharer marketplaces and ecosystems becoming more and more popular as the world continues towards a more sustainable future. After all, it is less and less the cast that the world needs new products, and more and more the case that the world needs a way to get products from people who no longer use them to people who currently do need them. Saving money on transport Most Innovative Removals Start-Up - Norway

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 19 costs, reducing their own personal carbon footprint, and making themselves part of a growing international movement, clients have expressed nothing but goodwill and excitement for Freetrailer and its evergrowing niche. Today, there are over 2900 trailers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany just waiting to be hired out, and the customer list includes a vast array of companies, each of whom contribute to the mutually beneficial environment of the sharing economy, such as IKEA, Europris, Obs Brygg, Bilka, and City Self Storage. The stock market has also erupted for Freetrailer. The value of stocks and shares in this company has gone through the roof in recent years, with the stock being listed in 2018 in Denmark to the reaction of an 100% increase and continuous upward trajectory. Indeed, having worked hard to make itself such a household name and going concern in the nations in which it operates – between the stock market success and tangible market growth – it is excited to say it has successfully developed its own niche, with over 600 stores having joined the concept in order to benefit from the cost-effective advertising of having their vehicles be used to a good end. Critically, it has also been so effective thanks to its integration with modern technology. Nominally, Freetrailer is aware that in order to succeed in the increasingly digitised world that has resulted from the pandemic, one must have a solid online presence, personality, and foothold. It has done this with the creation and launch of its app operated interface, through which customers can download it and be on their way to the nearest free Freetrailer in a matter of minutes, requiring no physical contact and making itself totally Covid-19 safety measure compliant. In 2021, therefore, each of its trailers were used 325 times a year, compared to the private owned trailer industry, averaging a usage time of 10 hours a year. Its diligent, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff dedicate themselves to client satisfaction, and it repays them with the utmost career satisfaction, providing social enrichment and upward progression in a company that has over 750,000 active rentals in the last year alone. Excited to diversify further in the future with electric cargo bikes being added to its roster, it looks forward to joining new markets, in new cities, with new people, and will be continuing to work hard to make the sharing economy a staple of the future for countries everywhere. Company: Freetrailer Contact: Sara Lyngsøe Website: