Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Like its name suggests, Freetrailer is a company dedicated to the provision of free rentable transportation and removal options across several European and Nordic countries. Embodying simplicity, excellence, and friendliness, it hopes to help clients day in and day out by being there for themwhen they need a fast and free way to get their things from point A to point B. Critically, the effective and outstanding way it has been achieving this has allowed it to prove its concept to its region and the world at large, propelling it into the spotlight of its industry and setting it up for vast amounts of future growth. Freetrailer is, in essence, a company with a clear mission. From the very first day in operation, it has worked hard to make its mission – making sharing easy – a reality, making it super easy and free for everyone to rent what they need when it comes to transport options and removal options. This includes trailers, e-bikes, and more, available to borrow for free across 600 different locations across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany! This front-running company takes great pride in leading from the front of its industry, hoping to lead by example in showing just how far a singular dedication to putting the client first can take you; indeed, this philosophy has led it to great heights of success. It hopes to use this as a springboard for continued growth, expansion, and development, proving itself to yet more of an ever-expanding client base as it goes. The renown it has grown from conducting itself in this manner – becoming a household name in Europe, and, indeed, the wider world – has resulted in an enhanced ability to contribute to a sustainable environment through the promotion of a sharing economy. By encouraging, enabling, and giving access to a community-based atmosphere of sharing current resources instead of adding new ones to the market, it prevents the unnecessary creation of waste and contributes to conservation. Thus, share markets and ecosystems reduce the impact on the environment that the commercial market creates, and it allows clients to positively join in on this movement. Inspiring its customers to think more Jun22436 sustainably once they see how quick, easy, and cheap it is to join in with the concept of renting from a shared market instead of buying something new that they then must keep, maintain, and keep with them even after they’re done using it, it shows clients how they can live life less encumbered. Furthermore, having been founded in the year of 2004, it has had plenty of time to learn and grow from its mistakes. Since its founding at the turn of the century, it has been working hard to collect and act upon client advice, feedback, and critique, taking each peace of feedback to heart in order to improve its services at every turn, rejecting stagnation and committing itself to making the business a better experience each time a client comes back to it. In this way, it proactively shows its appreciation for its clients and their loyalty, and customers have made it their go-to solution for transport and removal vehicle hire time and again as a result. Consequentially, consumers and retailers both have thoroughly embraced Freetrailer as part of the market, with the initiative becoming the toast of the industry in transportation means and supply. Retailers also benefit from sharer markets such as those operated by Freetrailer, as they gain goodwill and rolling traffic advertising by contributing their vehicles to the fleet of Freetrailer, making themselves a contributor and invaluable piece of the puzzle in a growing modern marketplace. Indeed, it sees sharer marketplaces and ecosystems becoming more and more popular as the world continues towards a more sustainable future. After all, it is less and less the cast that the world needs new products, and more and more the case that the world needs a way to get products from people who no longer use them to people who currently do need them. Saving money on transport Most Innovative Removals Start-Up - Norway