Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 19 costs, reducing their own personal carbon footprint, and making themselves part of a growing international movement, clients have expressed nothing but goodwill and excitement for Freetrailer and its evergrowing niche. Today, there are over 2900 trailers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany just waiting to be hired out, and the customer list includes a vast array of companies, each of whom contribute to the mutually beneficial environment of the sharing economy, such as IKEA, Europris, Obs Brygg, Bilka, and City Self Storage. The stock market has also erupted for Freetrailer. The value of stocks and shares in this company has gone through the roof in recent years, with the stock being listed in 2018 in Denmark to the reaction of an 100% increase and continuous upward trajectory. Indeed, having worked hard to make itself such a household name and going concern in the nations in which it operates – between the stock market success and tangible market growth – it is excited to say it has successfully developed its own niche, with over 600 stores having joined the concept in order to benefit from the cost-effective advertising of having their vehicles be used to a good end. Critically, it has also been so effective thanks to its integration with modern technology. Nominally, Freetrailer is aware that in order to succeed in the increasingly digitised world that has resulted from the pandemic, one must have a solid online presence, personality, and foothold. It has done this with the creation and launch of its app operated interface, through which customers can download it and be on their way to the nearest free Freetrailer in a matter of minutes, requiring no physical contact and making itself totally Covid-19 safety measure compliant. In 2021, therefore, each of its trailers were used 325 times a year, compared to the private owned trailer industry, averaging a usage time of 10 hours a year. Its diligent, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff dedicate themselves to client satisfaction, and it repays them with the utmost career satisfaction, providing social enrichment and upward progression in a company that has over 750,000 active rentals in the last year alone. Excited to diversify further in the future with electric cargo bikes being added to its roster, it looks forward to joining new markets, in new cities, with new people, and will be continuing to work hard to make the sharing economy a staple of the future for countries everywhere. Company: Freetrailer Contact: Sara Lyngsøe Website: