Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

20 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , The provider of extensive, high-quality, and OEM vendors compatible transceivers, Nexgen A/S has been serving its customers with an exemplary dedication ever since its founding. It also offers several other telecom solutions, positioning itself as a true partner to its customers’ technology needs and working hand in hand with distributors to deliver them reliably, sharing its operational processes and the depth of its technical knowledge to achieve client satisfaction. All in all, Nexgen has developed a range of the best transceivers on the market, from Coding box (iCode) – to Passive Mux/Demux, and Patch cords. It prides itself on working together with distributors and other solution providers in order to meet the Tier 1 Telecom operator standard that it wishes to deliver to its clients, meeting and exceeding expectations in order to make itself truly competitive and stay ahead of the game. At present, it has cornered the European market, but its excellence is also getting noticed elsewhere, as it has made inroads in the Middle East, North American, and Indian markets. Nexgen's constant focus on customer needs has allowed it to build strong relationships that result in customer loyalty, glowing reviews, and more business from previous customers who have recommended it to colleagues and partners. With this steady growth, the company can continue its mission to make its transceivers compatible with any OEM brand of equipment so that its customers can build a reliable and cost-effective telecommunication network. The relentless commitment to innovation that fuels Nexgen has enabled it to offer a comprehensive package of on-site and remote technical support to help its clients perform the ever-crucial test phases that will be the deciding factor to ensure a safe installation and prevent critical failure on their network. Jun22485 Ultimately, it is the commitment to the customer that has given Nexgen such an unwavering reputation for quality. The onsite technical support provided by Nexgen ensures that there are never any bad surprises when plugging transceivers into network equipment. The Nexgen on-site support ensures that there are never any nasty surprises when plugging transceivers into equipment. More importantly, NexGen transceivers allow to boost network equipment (Extended reach, DWDM, Bidi,...) at very low cost. There is no need, for example, to invest in more expensive equipment to face the sudden additional bandwidth demand the Covid-19 pandemic has generated in the telecommunication sector. Covid-19 has heightened the need for increased broadband speeds due to the number of people now working from home, and it has also expanded the need for larger and more stable network infrastructure capacities at all levels, each of which can be greatly aided by the telecommunications services that Nexgen delivers. In essence, this has made Nexgen an even more valuable partner than ever for the growth of its customers, enabling them to better support their staff and business objectives. As a new player in the field, Nexgen has not been an unknown for long. Hitting the ground running, it has seen its industry go through a lot, from increased sector turnover to an expansion in US based investors and companies acquiring most of its European based competitors; something that Nexgen has been watching with interest. Being a 100% European owned company, it is now setting itself apart from its competitors by staying on this path, while so many of them are now American owned despite being European operated, meaning much of the profit from such peers go to the US economy. In contrast, Nexgen contributes to the European economy and builds trust in the market with its Scandinavian pedigree of reliability, logic, security, punctuality and conflict resolution. Indeed, the charm, knowledge and charisma of its staff give it an excellent image in the market segment, which has enabled it to develop a list of clients for whom it is the one-stop shop for transceivers. As a result, it has been able to use the resulting reputation for exceptional customer service to continue moving towards a better future, becoming a leading telecommunications operator, a trusted company and a key partner for businesses across the continent and beyond. Company: NexGen A/S Contact: Sales Team +45 (0)32 72 66 76 Website: TelecomSolutions Provider of the Year - Denmark