Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Shineth Trading, having grown from a side business to a fully realised enterprise, boasts services in personalised and empathic accounting for small businesses, jewellery making and textile products from T’boli weavers, and plants from ethical sources – including bonsai – has won a variety of awards over its 4 years in operation. Since gaining such traction with its dedication and hard work, it has secured itself the above award and the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2022. Owned and run by sole trader Molina Bansil Ohlsson, originally from the Philippines, Shineth Trading is a company that has cut its teeth on excellent service, scalable growth, and a dedication to positive impact. Nominally, her commitment to running a business that makes corporate social responsibility a founding pillar of the business is exemplary, and it is this that has allowed her to grow it from something she began as a side project Jun22213 in her spare time to a fully grown enterprise. Having moved to Sweden in 2007 – to Gothenburg, specifically – she started a family and worked hard on her passion for people and prosperity, resulting in a private company that offers small personal digital agency solutions, jewellery, bonsai, flowers, unique plants, and bespoke decorations. By covering such a wide swathe of markets, Molina ensures that she is always offering something that her market is hankering for, and takes great pride in being what they need, and providing what they want. Moreover, there is always something that she can offer to her community, be it personal digital solutions in accounting and the like for small and medium sized businesses to beautiful, nature inspired jewellery and exemplary growing plants that are guaranteed to make a glorious green addition to any home or office. “It would be fair to say that my family and friends in Sweden have offered crucial support in helping make my dreams possible.” - Molina Bansil Ohlsson Offering these services with ethics, diligence, and creativity in mind, she sources everything sustainably and promises that her core goal is to benefit her customers and community. Believing in the highest levels of working ethics, her commitment to applying its professional and holistic service runs through every element of the business. Its plants, jewelleries, and other such products are all sourced ethically and made by hand, using handmade T’Nalak fabric, designs, and themes that focus on the themes of nature and allow the wearer to feel emboldened by its power. This fabric and these techniques are unique to Molina’s culture back in the Philippines, specifically in the municipality of Lake Sebu. Thusly, she is bringing this rich cultural element to another country; sharing her traditions with her new home in Sweden and working with silver to create items that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful, her efforts empower the women of her hometown and serve her new community. Collaborating with the women of Lake Sebu to create her products, she brings their work to wider markets, helping them to improve their lives and livelihoods without having to bear the burden of the additional fees and headaches incurred by attempting to trade overseas themselves. In essence, she has made herself a springboard for her home culture to reach further afield. The positivity this brings into the world is twofold. One, it helps her hometown and home culture to gain traction overseas, allowing the sharing of culture and the growth of the Lake Sebu economy from the money gained from overseas purchases. Two, it helps the European market to get an insight into Filipino culture, showing those who perhaps have not been so exposed to it just how diverse and beautiful it is, and how they can help to support the people who have kept Most Dedicated Jewellery & Accessories Business - Western Sweden