Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 23 these traditions alive. Shineth Trading’s business has grown hugely as a result of its ability to support, educate, and benefit such a wide swathe of individuals. Its products, incredibly creative and something that anyone would be proud to wear, grow, or partake in, ensure that Molina can keep doing the good work she is currently undertaking in being a supporting pillar of both nations that she calls home. Its collections of plants, therefore, are another part of this tenacity. Although they are not wearable like its jewellery collection, that doesn’t mean their beauty won’t still get the purchaser a variety of compliments. It's clear to see from the health of this arm of its business that the plants available for sale brighten up people’s lives and livelihoods, being well maintained and looked after from seedling to sale by Molina herself so that each of them benefits from her green-fingered touch. Offering a variety of unique and utterly impeccable bonsai plants, as well as unique flower seeds and flower buds that would be hard to find anywhere else and especially hard to find in such good quality, her market segment has credited her time and again for the excellence with which she promotes her products and delivers impeccable products. With a staunch dedication to high quality at every turn – both in terms of products and customer service – this company promises that it will always strive to serve the customer with a level of unmatched respect, one that allows Molina to help them find exactly what they need quickly and efficiently. More than that, however, Shineth Trading also hopes that its customers know they can always get it touch with it after the fact if things aren’t quite right, as it will always go to any lengths necessary in order to resolve a comment, query, or concern that a client may have. Between the T’boli women who weave the fabric it uses and the preservation of cultural and ecological health in the region, it has obviously been keeping up lofty goals throughout its time in operation. But, despite any trials, tribulations, or challenges, Shineth Trading has always pulled through the other side by using its usual tenacity and unshakable resolve in the face of hardship, thinking of the people it can help and has helped to aid it in making it out the other side. Its cultural and economic influences are being felt all over the market as a result, and it looks forward to continuing this positive impact long into the future. Company: Shineth Trading Contact: Molina Bansil Ohlsson Website: