Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22580 Zone Denmark is a Scandinavian success story. It has been indulging its passion for interior design for 20 years, picking upmore than 50 international awards along the way, with a presence inmore than 30markets, and generating growing interest and sales tomatch. But first and foremost, the Zone Denmark story is one about passion as a business strategy. Tomark the occasion of Zone Denmarkwinning the EU Business Prize 2022 for theMost Innovative Kitchen Interior Design Brand, we’re going to tell you the story. Simple form of expression that makes an impression Zone Denmark, as its name suggests, is a brand rooted in Danish design. Taking a closer look at the design of everything from dishwashing sets and waste bins to trivets and soap dispensers, what you clearly see is: pure Scandinavian lines, subtle minimalism, and convivial organic shapes. These are the hallmarks of Zone Denmark which have won over homes and hearts in an ever-increasing number of countries around the world. Passion translated into design At Zone Denmark, they believe in the effect of curiosity and positive energy. So much so, that it has been adopted as a business strategy. The entire team behind Zone Denmark has been handpicked, from the designers and manufacturers to the marketing executives. What they all have in common is a genuine enthusiasm for the brand and a desire to develop it in a changing world. They simply believe that positive energy is key to flourishing as an innovative design brand nowadays. The ambition behind all new products from Zone Denmark is that they should not only be pleasing to the eye of the beholder, but also pleasant for the hand to touch. They should successfully combine aesthetic value with practical use. Every time. Getting the balance right enables Zone Denmark to deliver designs Most Innovative Kitchen Utensils Design Company - Denmark that are broadly appealing in terms of both their appearance and price but, most importantly, that are also a pleasure to live with. Life must be beautiful During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were forced to stay at home more, which resulted in a rising interest in home decor and furnishings. All of a sudden, the home became an office, school, fitness zone, eatery, and news hub all rolled into one, as well as a personal safe zone amidst all the uncertainty. Zone Denmark developed a need to be surrounded by reassurance and beauty. For the company, this had a direct and positive impact on sales of sensor soap dispensers as well as bath and wellness products. The brand provides, in this way, a snapshot of what life is like for people living in the modern world. “Our designs are infused with heart and soul. They are targeted at consumers living in a modern world full of big dreams, small practical challenges, good intentions, and dubious habits. We strive to make living life slightly easier, a bit more fun, and a lot more beautiful,” says Michael Bruun, Design and Brand Manager at Zone Denmark. Multi-level sustainability Zone Denmark interprets the trends of the times in close collaboration with innovative Danish designers and design teams. Over time, a handful of designers have become inextricably linked with the brand and are now responsible for the design profile they are known and loved for across much of the globe. Sustainability is naturally a part of their agenda. This involves finding new and more environmentally friendly types of materials, but it is just as much about the designs themselves. “What is typical of the best designs is that you never tire of looking at them, using them, and living under the same roof as them. On the contrary,” explains Michael. Therefore, material selection and long-term aesthetic value are two key aspects in the