Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 5 effort to ensure the brand’s sustainability. But what is important to Zone Denmark is also the ability to design furniture and home accessories that can be used in more than one place in the home and serve multiple functions. For instance, a stylish, movable bookcase can be used as a bedside table, hallway furniture and a plant pedestal in the living room. Multifunctionality has long been a hallmark of Zone Denmark, and an increased focus on usage value and sustainability is strengthening the brand further. The future is green Zone Denmark has long since stopped using plastic bags in its packaging. 100% FSCcertified cardboard is used, all printed material is made with soy, and great strides have been made in terms of sorting and recycling individual components. But it’s not going to stop there. “Our planet is crying for help, and the future belongs to the brands that listen. Like many other brands, we are in the midst of a process where we need to get better. Fortunately, we will very soon – in 2023 – be presenting new innovations that will make a positive difference to the environment, and also to how end-users feel when purchasing them,” reveals Michael. The company’s ambition is to take the green mindset to a new level as Zone Denmark develops its brand and moves into new areas. Want to find out more? If reading about the Zone Denmark brand has intrigued you, you can find out more by visiting the company website. About Zone Denmark Address: Gl. Skivevej 70, Viborg, Denmark Ownership: Part of F&H Group A/S Size: Nine-figure revenue Set-up: Own subsidiaries in selected markets. Global profile promoted via sales agents, distributors, direct retail and B2C customers. Prizes and awards: 50+ recognized international design awards Contact Details Company: Zone Denmark Email: [email protected] Website: