Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

40 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22583 International shipping is a large and growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. It is under increasing pressure to comply with the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions, and all steps made in the right direction are welcome and appreciated. But Lade AS, and its flagship project: Vindskip®, are truly blowing its competitors out of the water with its daring answer to the issue. Company Lade AS was established in 2010 with a singular vision; protecting the climate on the seven seas, accomplished through its state-of-the-art design for a new breed of hybrid merchant vessels. Its vision is the innovative ship, the Vindskip®, a forward-thinking design to meet future demands for fuel economy and emission control by utilising today’s technology. As set forth by the Paris Agreement, The shipping industry must reduce its emissions by at least 95% to contribute to the required 2050 global net zero. The world fleet is mainly powered by diesel engines using heavy fuel oil, which it will need to move away from. Over the next few years, the decarbonising of the shipping industry will require alternative methods and practices with higher energy efficiency, improved logistics and likely new fuels altogether. In recent years, Lade has noted the growing trends in new builds for using new fuels. A sizeable shift is being made toward liquefied natural gas, which will reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate SOx emissions. The Vindskip® is a step further. Lade has successfully patented a state-ofthe-art Wind Power System, which is its ability for the above water and underwater hull to generate and transform an aerodynamic lift into a positive force working in the longitudinal direction of the vessel. The ship is also designed to utilise an advanced computer program that calculates the best sailing route to exploit the available wind energy potential via a constant feed of meteorological data. All to make those sailing the Vindskip® capable of harnessing the energy needed to propel the ship efficiently and seamlessly. Beyond international mandates for slashing emissions, the Vindskip® is also poised to take advantage of a fast-growing market: transport of sustainable electric vehicles. Its award-winning design perfectly represents its landbound equivalents, highlighting the aesthetic and capabilities of more environmentally friendly cars as it transports them to overseas markets. It communicates fuel efficiency and sustainability through its expert systems (to take advantage of the clean power of wind) alongside its futureproof design. It will have a car-carrying capacity of 7,000 ECU, meeting cargo owners’ expectations about sustainable transport and regularity. Designed to reduce the CO2 emission per transported car per 1000 km. Meeting cargo owner's low fuel consumption requirements without detriment to any other distribution factors. Lade – via Vindskip® - has established strategic cooperation with the OSM Group, a knowledgeable and dedicated ship management company offering sustainable ocean transport to overseas EV markets. It endeavours to become a ship-owning company and has plans to sign its first new building contract with a shipyard to begin the construction of its first Vindskip®. Lade has truly designed the future, melding renewable energy into the traditionally diesel focussed shipping industry in a way that is both outstanding and entirely possible. Its futureproof design, from its aesthetics down to the most minute of details, stands as a testament to the brilliance of the Vindskip® design team and a determination to do right by the planet. Worthy of not just the awards for Most Innovative Sustainable Naval Architecture Studio 2022 and the Sustainable Merchant Vessel Design of the Year 2022, but all praise it will undoubtedly accrue going forward. Contact: Terje Lade Company: Lade AS Web Address: Most Innovative Sustainable Naval Architecture Studio 2022 & Sustainable Merchant Vessel Design of the Year 2022: Vindskip® Lade AS