Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 41 , The pipeline is full for the rest of 2022 and the following year, with Robert looking to lead the trailblazing company to further successes. And with its cutting-edge technology in its facilities, and ever-growing team of reliable and passionate industry experts, those successes are all but guaranteed. Contact: Robert Axelsson [email protected] Company: Hydrodip Industrial Coating & WTP Ab Web Address: May22544 Best Water Transfer Printing Facility 2022 Industrial painting solutions are an often overlooked but a vitally important aspect of the market. It requires specific tools and skills to perform correctly and well. Hydrodip’s newCEO, Robert Axelsson, was kind enough to provide a glimpse into howhis company operates within its field and all it has accomplished. Hydrodip is Sweden's most complete facility for industrial coating , offering something unique to the Scandinavian market by providing all major coating methods on an incredible scale. Hydrodip strives to remain ahead of the curve in its products and services. Its goal is to set the standard that the rest of the industry will follow. Its commitment to being a market leader directs it to continuously updating its production facilities and processes. It is hyperfocused on ensuring that top-quality products are manufactured and distributed efficiently. The results are plain – its offerings establish a new standard within industrial coating by providing unbeatable quality, efficiency, and even delivery insurance. Its well-established routines, order, and consistent practices and manufacturing ensure that Hydrodip constantly delivers the highest quality industrial paints at competitive prices. All are developed with the latest in accredited technological advancements and industry practices. Hydrodip hosts a substantial offering of paint solutions combining wet painting, Water Transfer Printing, and powder coating with its ability to work on nearly every type of material – from metal, plastic, and glass, to wood, artificial leather, rubber, and ceramics. Beyond its wholly equipped studios, its catalogue holds over 10,000 patterns to choose from; Hydrodip provides options for even the most complex or specific customer needs. Its studio combines automated tools with manual craftsmanship to create a powder coating that suits customers’ specific needs. Using its powder coating solution, customers gain durable and even coatings in a sustainable and solvent-free way. Its facilities are both ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified, and its teams can apply all sorts of patterns to different materials, and customers can choose a custom design to suit their brand. Its modern and automated production line combines a Vision Guided Robot System that can handle several different products simultaneously, even if they differ in types of paint used, colours, strokes etc. The business, subsequently, takes large volumes of painting projects at once – all without sacrificing quality or efficiency in any way. Satisfaction is assured when Hydrodip is chosen. With its combination of established routines and processes, manual and automated production line Hydrodip offers all significant coating methods. It delivers the highest quality with optimal efficiency and brilliant satisfaction rates. Robert Axelsson took the role as CEO a mere eight months ago, but he came into it with an audacious 100-day plan to drive through massive changes. Under his leadership, Hydrodip is launching a brand new powder-coating facility which is on track to have the business reach its 2022 100% revenue increase target. A target Robert looks to achieve in 2023 as well. He is also overseeing an extensive recruitment campaign and a myriad of exciting new projects.