Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 43 , treatments that target skin brightening and anti-aging. Further, the course is split across three modules – such modules can be taken individually or together, and upon completion, supply the taker with a CPD certificate. The company is looking to expand these courses on an international scale, supplying them in Greece, the UK, and Switzerland, with the aim to implement more effective treatment techniques. In addition, the company is looking to acquire a partner that shares its philosophy, as the company, in 2022, hopes to advance to the next level. Contact: Per Kjaersfeldt Company: mesoskinline Web Address: Jun22225 Mesotherapy Company of the Year 2022 mesoskinline is a company that creates andmanufactures innovative mesotherapy solutions. Supported by over 25 years of experience, the company has advanced the industry, establishing techniques that require no downtime. As such, in 2022, mesoskinline is looking to further its success through partnering with a company that shares its ethos. Developed in 1952, mesotherapy is a unique technique that endeavours to rejuvenate the skin through non-invasive and nonsurgical micro-injections. The treatment claims to tighten, brighten, and improve the overall appearance of the skin by utilising a range of injectables designed to target specific issues. Mesotheraputic injections, for example, can be used in the treatment of cellulite, for which it is injected into the fat layer beneath the skin to break down fat cells. Whereas, for other treatments, such as brightening dark circles, it can be used as part of a treatment plan. Indeed, the treatment itself is versatile, and has become incredibly popular across the globe. Behind these treatments, however, are dozens of companies that create the solutions used. One such business is mesoskinline. From its magical line of MESO cocktails to its intensive training courses, mesoskinline is on a mission to transform the industry by supplying aestheticians with the necessary skills and products to provide advanced services to clients in a safe and efficient manner. This goal is supported by its stringent set of core values – mesoskinline uses only high quality, natural ingredients, and creates its products in its medical lab in Naples, Italy. Its products ensure that no downtime or anaesthetics are needed. Moreover, it strives to be the very best in the industry. mesoskinline lies on the cutting edge of innovation, developing the latest products in collaboration with some of Europe’s leading laboratories and researchers. Simply, the company is ahead of its competition. mesoskinline boasts over two decades of experience in the creation, development, production, and distribution of medical devices, aesthetic, and skincare solutions for beauty and medical institutions. The company fills a major gap in the market, as many cater to botox, fillers, or laser treatments, and caters to an audience that is searching for something more. There is a growing demand for effective treatments that do not contain perfumes, hormones, latex, or parabens. Abiding by such parameters, mesoskinline guarantees that its products are entirely vegan and cruelty free. In addition to its range of products, the company supplies a plethora of CPD certified training courses, such as its Certified BB Glow Online Course. This course provides its students with an advanced knowledge surrounding non-invasive mesotherapy