Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

42 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Jun22018 With a founder based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a teambased all over the world, Noise is a branding and digital creative agency that strives to create brands, content and digital products that make a real impact across the globe, inspires an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, awakens a love of the outdoors, and gets more people movingmore often. Noise is an international creative agency that works at the intersection of branding and digital. It strives to challenge the industry by doing things differently, pushing the edges of creativity, worshipping unconventional ideas, and advocating for a little bit of rebellion. They believe big and small stories are worth telling and their team puts their heart into everything they do. From different worlds, different cities, and different cultures, the Noise team is made up of strategists, designers, producers, art directors, illustrators, and creatives. They are also skiers, surfers, hikers, tree huggers, wave lovers, runners, and adventurers. They are unsettled souls constantly in search of new places and experiences, on high peaks, in majestic oceans, and on new paths. They are fresh-air fuelled creatives, nurtured by nature and determined to protect their outdoor playgrounds. As a plus, people also say they are fantastic human beings. With a people-first approach, the team is raw and they bring their whole selves to work. They are true to who they are and put people first, business second. They encourage open, honest, fun and surprising communication, using encouraging and inclusive language as well as asking lots of questions and showing a keen interest in their partners. Their values around positivity and happiness reflect a culture of open, kind and honest discourse where different points of view are welcome, dissent is encouraged, kindness is the standard, and ego is kept in check. They ensure everyone feels free to make bold decisions and share authentic opinions in a safe space. Co-founder and Managing Director of Noise Studio, Ida Bjerga tells us, “We brand and refresh company identities by taking their core mission, vision and values as inspiration for an entire strategic visual language. This usually entails logo design, identity systems, brand guidelines and creative direction, which we use as the building blocks for campaign design, websites, digital products, packaging and experiences. Ultimately, Noise is in the business of storytelling and problem solving, and the channels we choose to do this through are branding, campaigns and UX UI design.” The agency also carefully selects the partners they work with, and put a strong emphasis on the importance of working with brands that share the same values as them. They are proud to work with ambitious environmentfocused, sports and outdoors companies in rapid growth or major change in order to create powerful brands and digital products, including Protect Our Winters, Duotone Sports, Nomads Surfing, Tenzing and Exhale Coffee to name a few. Ultimately, the team at Noise is tired of seeing the same minimalistic design, and they feel the urge to create something that is somewhat different and slightly offbeat. Something that stands out. By integrating the viewpoint of graphic design with the action sport and outdoors expression, it aims to create brand assets and merchandise that represent it and at the same time are full of fantasy and magic. Company: Noise Studio Contact: Ida Bjerga Email: [email protected] Website: Most Innovative Branding Agency 2022