Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22580 Nordic GinHouse is a collaboration between the best small, local distilleries and the most renowned sommeliers, master distillers andmixologists. They come with different backgrounds from different Nordic countries, but they share the same ambition: To bring out the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin from the Nordic Gin House brings its unique distinction with local spices and a sense of national taste. Only 4 years old and already a global renowned range In Europe alone, there are over 17.000 distilleries that produce gin and many of them with several brands in their bottling hall. Nordic Gin House was established in 2018. The company’s unique Nordic gin saw the light of the day for the first time at the world premiere 4th April 2018 in Denmark at the head office of the local distributor. The customers are mainly specialty shops, high-end Supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cocktail clubs. But at the same speed as the awards keep coming in, Nordic Gin House is expanding with local sales and marketing representatives in EU, US, Canada, South Africa, and Asia turning the range into a global super premium spirit’s brand. The range has expanded into 4 different variants: The Classic, a Navy strength, a Pink gin and a milder version called Lounge københavn klassisk gin. The great taste comes from a great collaboration. With more than 35 years of experience in the Wine and Spirits industry, Jakob Vallentin has an excellent product and market knowledge and a comprehensive network among the operators in the market. Jakob Vallentin founded the Nordic Gin House in year 2017 based on an ambitious vision:” Create World’s most popular Nordic Gin Concept”. A task that demanded just that: Experience, ambition and the best network. To make a unique Nordic gin as a tribute of Danish capital, the Nordic Gin House developing team: Jeppe Nothlev (European best bartender, Ruby), Jakob Kocemba (Sparkling tea, member of London Sommelier Society), Steinar Jensen (Cocktail Expressen, Diageo head trainer), Jon Bertelsen (Master Distiller, Det Norske Brenneri), Patrik Axelsson (Master Distiller, Nordic Distiller ), David Asmussen (Creative Director, Market Square) all teamed up with CEO, Jakob Vallentin. Working intensely for 7 months with several quality distillations and combinations the team had no doubts when they presented the final result. They had crafted the most potent classic gin in the world. “We wanted to produce a gin, which was a tribute to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. A city that is potent in many ways. With respect for the London Dry Gin history, København Klassisk Gin is a potent gin with one of the highest amounts of juniper “. Balanced with coriander, angelica root, thyme, cardamom, and something so distinct as pine and liquorice root. But most importantly: distilled with a remarkably high quality of alcohol, which brought our product all the way to the top end of high-quality gin. Minimalist design, maximum taste. With one of the highest levels of juniper berries in the world, københavn klassisk gin is delivering flavor the original way. The creatively craft small batch gin is a modern variation over a classic theme, the distillation process and its micro vaporization brings out the best of the Nordic spruce, juniper, citrus and licorice root in a unique combination. World’s best base makes the world’s best range. Regardless of you want to try the original classic, the potent Navy Strength perfect for mixing, the milder Lounge with Rose Hips or the contemporary Pink gin you will notice that the quality is sublime. The bottle is inspired by traditional pharmacy bottle, a premium and distinct look that capture the simplicity and minimalist design heritage of Denmark. A design that does not go unnoticed. Award winning taste and a range of four that has already won three international design awards. World’s most awardwinning gin range comes from Nordic Gin House