Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , May22580 SCNordic A/S has made itself a pivotal part of demand response in the energy sector since its inception. Having seen the market fluctuate rapidly for reasons social, financial, geopolitical, andmore, it has cut its teeth on keeping abreast of such trends, showing its industry just how demand response is such a vital component in the build-up of renewable energy. This has bee, and will continue to be, absolutely crucial in the fight to wean the world off of the volatile and environmentally damaging fossil fuels it has grown to depend on. With an array of demand response technologies available to its clients, SC Nordic A/S has made itself a household name in complete, holistic, and well-integrated digital solutions. Nominally, its efforts have created some of the best in the business software-as-a-service options when it comes to market integration, integration with existing programmes, and user utility, no matter how experienced or inexperienced the client may be with such software. This is all a part of its commitment to optimisation. In essence, it wishes to see the power grid supply businesses of today become the businesses of tomorrow by offering the optimal setup of both by-the-second to day-ahead services; each of these are emboldened by an aggregate setup that facilitates a true unity of different applications, profiles, and renewable energy types. The platform itself, TrueGreen, is the SC Nordic A/S flagship and foremost point of pride, with dedicated control modules that are implemented to manage all sorts of different appliances for its customers, handling smart grid and demand response with ease, sophistication, and self-sufficiency. The benefit to this is that a client can trust in SC Nordic A/S and its technologies, allowing its own staff to funnel their own efforts elsewhere, making the business more streamlined and productive whilst the TrueGreen platform handles ventilation, EV chargers, heat pumps, cooling compressors, and so much more, making any business that much more future proof. A win-win solution for its clients, SC Nordic A/S is proud to say that its platform has become a household name over the time it has been in operation. Critically, its clients have made use of TrueGreen and the support of this company in order to identify opportunities, calculate and present business opportunities, calculate and present wider business plans or goals, implement each of these well, and manage the resources of the company in a holistic manner. Each of these solutions help to update the internal processes of a client so that the external work they do for their own end customers can be that much more sophisticated, and this has secured SC Nordic A/S its place as the industrial partner for the implementation of demand response solutions across the board. As a part of this, it actively engages with technical resources for the identification of demand solutions, the delivery of complete Best Smart Grid & Demand Response Solutions Developer 2022