Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 9 solutions, and the isolation of potential resources. Clients, therefore, can expect a truly comprehensive view of the business landscape with the help of this programme, something that allows both a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture and the ability to narrow down to the tiniest details. It can also handle project management across the implementation of various demand response solutions, the technology for ongoing management, and the integration with existing demand response that a client may already have access to. Of course, with the recent turmoil in the geopolitical state of the world, SC Nordic A/S has had to stick by its clients more staunchly now than ever. Thus, it has been responding to this by upping its efforts in helping clients to develop new revenue streams and saving by engaging with demand response, supporting the use of renewable power instead of the traditional fuel for the grid that is currently under immense pressure due to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, such as carbon resources like natural gas. TrueGreen’s use in the management of demand in green resources can be extended to several different energy types, too, based on the revenue and costs mix in a by-the-minute mainframe that puts the power back in the hands of the customer and supplier. Being based in Denmark, SC Nordic A/S has had the unique opportunity to experience the renewable energy and gas sector from the perspective of country with two independent power grids. Making up this double infrastructure is the one half of the grid connected to the pan-European energy grid, and the other that is connected to the Scandinavian network; with this in mind, SC Nordic A/S was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by both grids. This, when combined with the extensive coverage of renewables, creates the perfect environment for the development of a demand response and management service that will enable full market integration through its work. Moreover, the European legislation that enables independent aggregators to facilitate and promote resources has further emboldened this company’s rise to the top. With the modern energy and fuel sector being the perfect place for SC Nordic A/S to thrive, it is excited to announce that it has been taking on board a variety of new clients over the course of the pandemic, and taking full advantage of the growth environment its market has provided in order to help an expanding number of new customers. With Denmark as its springboard, it has thusly been able to achieve its goal of breaking into the international marketplace, operating across Scandinavia with most of its development team being based in India. This diverse, eclectic, and agile team have each contributed to making the success of SC Nordic A/S possible through their hard work and tenacity, and it thusly wishes to extend its thanks out to its young, keen-minded young team and to each of its clients for having their faith in it proven well placed. Having established vital partnerships, combined its worldleading technology with outreach to larger organisations, and begun a Europe-wide growth spurt, SC Nordic A/S is looking forward to the development that the next few years will bring to it and its peers. Company: SC Nordic A/S Contact: Morgens Birkelund Website: