Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

54. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Jan24701 The Brand Geeks is an award-winning marketing agency dedicated to bridging the gap between business and branding. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024, the innovative company provides marketing and branding services for a diverse clientele across Ireland. Whether its a startup seeking a logo or a corporate group requiring a branded uniform, The Brand Geeks delivers an end-to-end service with high-quality products designed to exceed expectations. For its relentless creativity, we have honoured The Brand Geeks with an Irish Enterprise Award for Business Branding Experts of the Year With its holistic approach, The Brand Geeks provide a wide range of services from innovative digital marketing to exceptional promotional products. For nearly a decade, the company has BUILT customised websites, designed with style and accessibility in mind. The Brand Geeks create websites that are cross-platform, user-friendly, and simple to update to ensure clients remain in complete control of their brand message. Offering responsive websites, e-commerce, SEO, and much more, The Brand Geeks provides businesses with the tools to amplify their online presence and boost engagement. Co-founders Chris and Louise McGillycuddy share a background in hospitality and understand the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience. In a highly competitive industry, The Brand Geeks team is unique in its dedication to customer satisfaction and exemplary services. Chris McGillycuddy says, “We regularly collaborate with people online so that we can stand out in different geographic areas and industries. On the outside, there is a fun side to the business but behind it, there is a focused team of experts who can carry out the biggest branding jobs with ease. We strive to under promise and overdeliver and with a growing customer base, we aim to grow the team to be able to do this. One of our USPs is that when you come to us for branding, we can do everything in-house. We can also troubleshoot and brainstorm with customers so they can use us as a wing of their own marketing department.” In addition to its digital work, The Brand Geeks also designs stunning promotional products, printing services, and branded signage to increase brand visibility and stay ahead of the competition. All its high-quality products are made in ethical factories and the agency is committed to paving the way for Irish businesses to embrace sustainability. In recent years, customers have become increasingly environmentally aware and wish to invest in companies that reflect these values. The Brand Geeks is dedicated to lowering its carbon footprint and implementing sustainable practices in order to reduce its environmental impact. By attending sustainability events across Ireland, The Brand Geeks can ensure the company works with likeminded businesses to address local challenges. With a strong social media presence, The Brand Geeks is unique in its fun-loving persona which reflects a collaborative and supportive workplace culture. Chris shares, “We have been very lucky with the people that have joined us and look forward to being able to strengthen the team further in 2024. Our culture in the office is all about the customer and their deadlines. As you can imagine with print, there are times when we are pushed last minute and that can challenge us, but it is also part and parcel of what we do and we love it.” In the coming year, The Brand Geeks will be launching a new initiative to support larger companies with onboarding staff and help them express appreciation to their customers and employees with exciting swag boxes. The Brand Geeks is currently in the process of expanding its services to create more products in-house in order to reduce turnaround times and enforce stringent quality control. The Brand Geeks also has a SaaS marketing portal software that it sells to companies to help them streamline their marketing with social media management, emails, and Google Business Profiles. Moving forward, the agency plans to use this software to assist politicians with their campaigns and allow them to stay in touch with their constituents. Recognised in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, The Brand Geeks prides itself on its strong B2B social media and unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. Through its holistic approach, the agency enables clients to maintain brand control with innovative branding and marketing to tell their unique story. Under the passionate leadership of Chris and Louise McGillycuddy, The Brand Geeks provide magnificent promotional products and services designed to propel business success. We look forward to seeing what fresh innovations the agency will deliver to Irish companies in the near future. Contact: Chris McGillycuddy Company: The Brand Geeks Web Address: Business Branding Experts of the Year 2024