Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Aug22136 55. Most Innovative Online Healthcare News Platform 2024 For 16 years now, IPN (Irish Pharmacy News) Communications Ltd has excelled in providing pharmacists with the latest pharmacy news, updates, and educational tools. Covering breaking news through to expert advice, features, and much more relating to this profession, the monthly Irish Pharmacy News magazine is distributed to pharmacies across the country via physical and digital formats. Aside from this, the business also proudly hosts the annual Irish Pharmacy Awards in Dublin, whereby more than 650 professionals and companies in the pharmacy world come together to celebrate their success and innovation. We speak to Aoife Hunter for more. Across the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, it is vital for those working within it to stay up to date and informed about goings-on, which in turn gives patients the best possible care. Thanks to its combination of physical and digital distribution, this publication reaches the greatest possible number of readers, benefiting the Irish pharmacy profession immeasurably in the process. IPN Communications’ comprehensive coverage through its magazine, its wide target audience, and hosting of the esteemed Irish Pharmacy Awards all distinguish it within this space, something further achieved through its commitments to education and training, and a dedicated fostering of a community spirit. Nurturing such distinction is important in an industry that is subject to an array of national and international influences, with these shaping the wider landscape and impacting the professions of pharmacists constantly. Examples of current trends include an increasing reliance on digital technologies, present through online prescription services, health consultations being delivered over the phone, and health-related mobile apps; pharmacists taking on more responsibilities, such as clinical services, vaccinations, and health advice; shifts towards a patient-centric care approach spanning care interventions and a personalised service; and finally, a heightened awareness of the importance of sustainability. One of the key ways that this is achieved is through the company’s Irish location, with it being able to successfully leverage the country’s robust pharmaceuticals sector and convenient location in the middle of Europe and the US, this in addition to it having an exemplary pool of talent at its disposal, a supportive government behind it, and access to emerging technologies. Commenting further on the advantages of this company’s Irish setting, Aoife explains, “Ireland’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant cities, and renowned educational institutions provide a stimulating environment for professionals in the pharmacy and healthcare fields. Access to cultural and educational resources enhances quality of life and contributes to a thriving professional community.” She continues, “these benefits make Ireland an attractive location for companies and organisations in the pharmacy and healthcare sectors, with specific advantages that contribute to their success and growth in the region.” On the back of this “stimulating environment” referenced by Aoife, the company has crafted an internal culture that is equally as inspiring, with the two-fold approach that defines the culture consisting of the elements of transparent communication and continuous reinforcement. Elaborating further on what a culture such as this can do for businesses like IPN Communications, Aoife tells us, “by prioritising a positive and inclusive internal culture and upholding it throughout the recruitment process, companies can attract, retain, and empower talent that contributes to their overall success and growth”, and this is something carried out by the company in textbook fashion. Shifting gears to the future of the business, Aoife provides us with insight into what the coming years are set to hold for IPN Communications, with a particular focus being placed on Irish Pharmacy News’ “Ask the Expert” feature, a series which focuses on healthcare professionals sharing their knowledge for the purposes of benefiting all. Aoife explains, “by facilitating dialogue and [the] exchange of insights between pharmacists and doctors, the series promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and a holistic approach to patient care.” She gives details, “topics could range from common medical conditions and treatment options to emerging trends and advancements in healthcare.” In closing, IPN (Irish Pharmacy News) Communications Ltd has a clear commitment to both pharmacists and patients in equal measure, striving to deliver the best possible services to its network of pharmacists, so that they in turn can do their jobs to the best of their ability, serving patients with confidence and excellence. Contact: Aoife Hunter Company: IPN (Irish Pharmacy News) Communications Ltd Web Address: Jan24665