Q2 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 19 , Apr22700 NANGA SYSTEMSGmbH is the ultimate partnerwhen it comes to digital transformation. Its specialises in the optimisation and implementation of Application LifecycleManagement (ALM), Product LifecycleManagement (PLM), Systems Engineering (SE), Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), and projectmanagement tools and processes. Collaboration, agility, ITSM, andDevOps also play an important role. Indeed, with numerous prestigious clients under its wing, it is unsurprising that the company has plans for expansion. With clients including Volkswagen, Stihl, ZF, Bosch, Airbus, and Samsung, it’s safe to say that the software and IT consulting company, NANGA SYSTEMS GmbH, has accomplished great success. As a successful and independent IT consulting company, NANGA SYSTEMS is equipped to work on projects of all sizes, with a specialisation in large-scale projects. Indeed, the company truly understands technology, boasting an abundance of knowledge surrounding tools, buzzwords, processes, and cutting-edge software. With over 45 employees in five different countries, NANGA SYSTEMS has taken its work worldwide. Most recently, it has been undergoing a period of great expansion, which has led the company to gain more clients. Henceforth, it has enacted a stringent customer service process, which allows the team to efficiently work with each client. Each project begins with an intense round of strategy consulting, as it is imperative to gain a deep understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. ‘Perfect project completion always begins with a great project start and the associated exchange of information and expectations,’ comments Dominik Kassel, the company’s founder and CEO. Prior to the founding of NANGA SYSTEMS in 2014, Kassel gained experience during his time at university, where he founded a company within the software sector. In addition, he spent time working as a Senior Technical Sales Specialist, which further bolstered his expertise. It is such experience that guides Kassel through the highs and lows faced by NANGA SYSTEMS – ‘I think it's important to look at things from both sides, and experience is one key to being a successful leader.’ Consequently, he views challenges as an opportunity to grow, learn, and develop both professionally and as a person. Whilst the company has faced numerous challenges during its time operating, this attitude has enabled NANGA SYSTEMS to thrive. ‘Without adversity and difficulties, you don't move forward,’ he writes. In essence, this approach subverts the natural instinct to give up and walk away when things get tough – instead, it exudes a sense of perseverance, determination, and a genuine passion for the company. This attitude has also greatly influenced the team – working within a flat-hierarchy, the team is able to communicate effectively amongst themselves, no matter what position they may be in. Implemented by Kassel, this style of leadership has resulted in a great amount of respect being held throughout the company, making it a pleasant and happy place to work. ‘I think our success and many long-term employees who identify themselves with the company, validate my leadership style,’ he asserts. Within an industry that is fast-paced and constantly changing, the high staff retention rate is a monumental benefit. The international turn towards digitisation has created a healthy market that is expected to grow further. Therefore, NANGA SYSTEMS can expect to have a rather busy future ahead. Over the course of the upcoming year, the company plans to continuously expand, learn, and evolve in order to meet the demands of the current market. In addition, it will also be enacting its plans to expand globally. Contact: Dominik Kassel Company: NANGA SYSTEMS GmbH Web Address: nangasystems.com IT Consulting CEO of the Year 2022: Dominik Kassel